No More Heroes review
A new kind of Hero

The good:

-Unique Style
-Over-the-top gameplay
-Insane Characters
-Eccentric Story
-Great Replay Value
-Great Customization
-Multiple Difficultys
-Amazing Boss Fights
-Very Funny Humor

The bad:

-Repeated Enemies
-Town is dissapointing
-Motorcylce is a joke
-Linear in terms of the missions


No More Heroes is another eccentric creation from the mind of Suda 51, who created another gem of a game, Killer 7. From a first look, it may seem like a trashy excuse for a hardcore game on the Wii, but with a closer look, it's a diamond in the rough in terms of the shovel ware that comes to this console.

The story is simple, yet complex in ways. You play as Travis Touchdown, a porn mongering, lazy, badass that wins a beam sword (yes, it's taken from a lightsaber, get over it) and wants to become the greatest assassin in the world. You have to fight through ten of the best assassins in the world in hopes of becoming your dream. There are also complex storylines that intertwine with Travis, but that is edging on the side of spoilers.

The gameplay is the meat and bones of the game. You use your beam sword to kill enemies in very violent, yet entertaining ways. You press the A button to execute your different beam sword combos. They are different from sword to sword, and different depending on your stance. You can upgrade your sword throughout the game from different plans and items you get after beating a boss. After you get an enemy's health down, you can finish them off with the flick of your wrist, and corresponding with the action commanded on the screen, you will get some very satisfying deaths. The B button acts as a stun. When you hold it down, you will stun the enemy with either a spinning kick to the face, or an elbow to the face. When they are stunned, you are able to do some wrestling moves you either learn from different chests in the game, or from videos you buy from a local store. It is almost a seamless procedure from the attacks of the sword, to the wrestling move you can put enemy's down with. There is also different special moves that can be performed by Travis if you can line them up with the slots at the bottom of the screen. They are very useful and can make harder difficulties alot more easier. Some of the bnotables are that you get a darker side, and you can walk slowly up to enemies and kill them with a single button press. Another is one where you are very fast and invulnerable and every time you hit someone, you can finish them off with a different finisher, a choice of yours.

The graphics in this game are average, but the style it presents itself in is great. The characters are comic book looking, and the blood spills from any body part, and looks amazing as well. The graphics of the surroundings and town are pretty bad. It takes some time for the game to load the buildings of town, and they looks bad while they're doing it.

The character are great, everything you expect from Suda, and has the same feel as Killer 7. The voice actors deliver the lines that the character say perfectly, and it really makes them feel alive. They each are out of the ordinary, and it is just another reason to love the game.

Speaking of characters, the bosses are the best. They are each insane in their own way, as expected from assassins. Whether it is a crazy bitch with a baseball bat, or an old lady with a shopping cart calling you a prick, they all have their own way of making you hate or love them. The fights themselves are a mix. Some, like a giant affroed girl samurai, are incredibly hard, while some like a delivery/super villain are easy. You may want to throw your Wiimote from the difficulty of this game. Speaking of which...

The difficulty can vary, depending on which one you choose. If you find the hardest difficulty easy (which I doubt very much), then you can try to make it harder by doing a run through with the weakest sword in the game. Or if you find it hard, you can go through with the best sword through the easiest difficulty. There is much to be done with here, and it will have you coming back to try to challenge again.

The customization is pretty incredible. You can change all of the clothing items on Travis if you don't like them. All of the include his glasses, shirt, jacket, belt, pants and shoes, along with customizing your sword with different mods on it, and getting new ones all together.

The replay value is incredible. You can go through the game with different difficulties, and either try to just destroy the entire thing, or try to push your inner-gamer to the limit with the great amount of difficulty that Bitter can cause you. The game itself, after you beat it through once, can take 10-15 hours, but when you first go through, can take 20-30 hours.

This game may be one of the funniest I have ever played. Travis's moves nae are great enough for laughs, but the cutscenes really make it entertaining, with a rather dull main story. This makes the game very acessible for the "hardcore" gamers that think the Wii is a joke.

To some minor negativities, the enemies you face are just the same model with different weapons and different difficulties. This isn't really a big deal, but it can get annoying fighting five of the same people. Another minor one is the motercycle. It is used to get around town, and that should be fun, but isn't. You can't use it in any mission beside one, and the section for that is horrendous. The collision detection is horrible on that one mission, and it seems that if you survive it, it is all luck.

A big complaint is the town. It is really only used as a hub for all of the missions. You can't go around killing people, you can really do anything except for find some stupid collectibles and do some boring side-missions. Way to miss out on great potential Suda.

What would redeem the bad town is great, free roaming worlds in the missions that you could have some great fun in. You can really take different paths on it, but have to follow one way and beat enemies as you go. The gameplay is really distracting you of this, and it is very good that it is there.

All in all, this is a great game that deserves the recognition that the big titles like Metroid and Mario Kart are getting, while this is better. This should be a system seller, but Nintendo hates it's third parties, so it isn't.

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