No More Heroes review
No more heroes!

The good:

  • Good storyline.
  • Some interesting cell-shaded graphics.
  • Great character ideas.
  • Weapons are interesting and all are different.
  • A great range of superpowers.
  • Controls are easy too get the hang of.

    The bad:

  • Enemies are too easy too kill.
  • Speaking is not synced.


    No More Heroes is an action/adventure game. It's set in a place called Santa Destroy. It's about a man called Travis Touchdown who one night meets a girl called Sylvia. He kills a biker but he doesn't know it was actually an assassin. This assassin was the 11th ranked assassin in Santa Destroy. Now he thinks there's only one way to go - all the way to number one!

    Sylvia is part of an association for assassins. This association deals with the ranking of assassins. You don't really learn much about them but after you go up a rank you must pay to officially become the next ranked assassin. Travis' weapon is a katana (a type of sword) but not the type you're thinking of. It's a beam katana instead of a blade.

    You can customize Travis' clothes and his glasses but nothing else. There's a big part of this game that really annoyed me, it took only one hit to kill an enemy. It just made the game too easy but the bosses were quite hard to be fair. There's nothing really hidden in this game except a few clothes in the bins but basically they're all easy and basic to unlock. I was really happy in this game that they didn't include cheats. It just makes games better without cheats.

    I really enjoyed the graphics in this game. They were all cel-shaded and it worked out pretty well. I was really disappointed though in the UK and Japanese version the blood was censored whereas the American version wasn't.

    The controls are easy in this game. Its just A to swing your katana, the directional pad to dodge and the nunchuk to move.

    The plot is pretty good in this game. It follows throughout the story and links. The main characters are Travis and Sylvia. I like Travis, he seems like a normal guy and someone you could actually relate to. I didn't like Sylvia too much, she was dangerous but kinda boring.

    I would have really liked online in this game, it would have worked out well with a world ranking. I think if it did it would be one of the top games of 2008.

    There are some funny things in this game. Not really that hidden but they are kind of. Like Travis has a pet cat who you can put in a fan.

    This game's voice acting is pretty good but they're not really synced. Some of it is but sometimes it's off and really noticeable. It's not too bad but kind of annoying.

    Travis has some pretty cool superpowers but they are weird. For example one of them is called 'Strawberry On The Shortcake', where his hair will turn blonde and with one hit he gets the death option. You get a superpower when you kill an enemy; a slot machine thing will come up. If three of the same symbols show up at the same time he will get to use them. After getting it he will shout the name of the superpower and things will go dull and bleak.

    The weapons in this game are all katanas but they're all different. You get them from a person called Naomi. You can buy them and you can unlock more by finding secret items from boss battles.

    This game isn't that repetitive. On each level there are quite a few different ones per level. So it didn't really get too repetitive for me but many other people have said to me it's repetitive.

    This game didn't last me that long, it lasted me around 9 hours. But it could have easily been beaten in around 5 it took me longer because I messed around in Santa Destroy a lot.

    I'd recommend everyone to get this. It's a great game, it may be a little pervy but it's still good. I really enjoyed it and I keep replaying it. There aren't that many bad features, there aren't any glitches but it doesnt have an online mode. But overall it's a great game!

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