No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle review
Travis Touchdown is back in No More Heroes


Travis Touchdown is back in No More Heroes. No More Heroes 2 is available for the Wii, and it is one of the best games for the Wii. No More Heroes 1 was renowned for being one of the best mature titles for the Wii, having great motion controls, and a great cast of characters and the story not being taken too seriously. No More Heroes 2 is exactly the same way and here is why.


No More Heroes 2 starts out with Travis Touchdown an anti-hero who fell from the ranks of top assassin after quitting in which he lives a peaceful life in Santa Destroy. However you the main player takes on an assassin in the first few minutes of the game, because he wanted revenge on you. You kill him, however he, and his groups of assassins still take revenge on Travis by killing his friend Bishop. Because of that Travis goes out, and climbs back to the top of the assassin ranking killing everyone and finding out everyone who had to do with the death of bishop and annihilating them.

As you go through the game. You witness assassins who seem to be innocent such as the school girl: Kimmy Howell or other assassins can be insidious such as: Charlie MacDonald. They are all a great cast of enemies, who add a great amount of story and atmosphere throughout the game. Also to add to the story, Ubisoft decided to add two extra playable characters which are: Henry and Shinobu. Both of the characters had an interesting role to play in the game and both shouldn’t be and weren’t taken seriously, which is something I also enjoyed.

However there were some things that I did not appreciate within the story for the game. For starters I did not like the way they depicted the story, by showing it through a short of cinematic cut scene with a women who just tells what happened. I don’t know why, but I didn’t like that. Also the only other thing which I did not like about the story was, the story. About half way through the game, the game takes a dramatic twist. And not going to ruin it, but Ubisoft seems as if they tried to expound the story by adding a twist, which I also did not like. Everything other than those small problems, I really liked the story itself, it wasn’t too complicated it was simple and they didn’t try and change that. Which is why I give it a 8/10

Game play

The next part of this review is the game play. If you have played No More Heroes 1, basically the concept goes like this. You get assailed by sometimes innumerable amount of enemies in the harder difficulties, and of course your job is to vanquish them with your wii remote. The controls were near perfect. Simply pressing the A button to attack was easy, and B button to dodge and movement and everything else. However the motion controls needed a bit help. I really disliked how my wii sensor sometimes would not track my controls as I was going to do a finisher to an enemy, or a boss battle; which would make me have to start all over to hurt them. I also didn’t like how the short amount of time you could play as Henry and Shinobu, but not to spoil the information, I won’t say anymore about that.

However there were a great amount of great things about the game play. For starters as already stated the motion controls were nearly perfect, I also really liked the boss fights. Their AI was pretty good, being very obstinate, because they had certain weaknesses which needed to be taken advantage of in order to hurt them. Also I really liked the enemies in the game. They weren’t too hard to kill, but they were too facile either, but if you let them surround you. It would take a mere 2 minutes to kill you, while of coursing laughing at you. Another thing to add to this is that there was a particular boss fight which I enjoyed, and that was the one in which you fight against a robot, using your own robot. This fight was interesting and fun, but honestly I hear people rage about how awesome it was, but I for one did not find it that awesome. I found it to be mediocre.

Last but not least the thing which I found good was the two different characters you use besides Travis: Shinobu and Henry. I found this particularly more fun because the way the gameplay worked for them. They both had their own unique fighting style that made them more deluging, and entertaining at time than how much Travis could be. The last thing to say is that this game has a sort of 2d mini games included in order to earn cash. I didn’t find that too great, and all, but I did find that they were at times really addictive, and that they actually had provided a role in the game, which was to make money. Overall, I believe the game play deserves a 10/10; a game which game play does not disappoint is a good game none the less.


The next part is the graphics. The graphics are no were near as good as game likes Metal Gear Solid 4, or Uncharted, however these graphics easily beat Haze, and other crappy games for both the xbox and ps3. For starters the graphics have a cartoonish, anime style feel and look to them, which make it really delightful for your eyes. There were some down sides, I really did not like the graphics for the 2d games. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I do not like 2d game, but rather it’s because I feel the developers became lazy, and did not want to add more games that were seen from the first one. However that’s really the only complaint I have for the graphics section; other than that I give the section a 9/10.

Enjoy ability

The final part of this review is the overall enjoy ability. Was this game enjoyable? I would say yes. This game actually made me want to play it more, and more, but then you may be wondering: Is this game enjoyable for 39.99 or whatever its retail price was, then I would say no. This game would never be as good as its retail price. This game is fun in many ways. I really enjoyed the game play, the graphics, the sound track, but this game is not like what the first one had. This game feels like it’s missing something, which is why it didn’t keep me craving for more like some other do, and it did not fill my appetite if I would have bought it for its retail price, however it was worth minimum of 15 dollars, which is why I give it a decent 6/10.

Overall I give this game a solid 8.25/10, I would suggest buying this used from gamestop, or ebay, but there is no reason you should buy this game for more than 15 dollars at best.

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