No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle review
"This is not a match anymore Sylvia, This is a *bleep*ing war!"

The good:

*Improved graphics.

*Better Gameplay.

*More Swords.

*No traveling but teleporting.

*Higher difficulty

The bad:

*Compared to what was promised to us, the game falls short in time.

*Little Replay Value.


No More Heroes 2, the game that was not meant to exist, did break through Nintendo and Suda51. To give a basic idea, Suda was in a position of "No, I wont make another no more heroes", but he was forced to dish out fan service, so we get this, and what is No More Heroes?.

To answer that, I first must go to what kind of game it is. This is a hack 'n slash game, meaning, you go cut people, and repeat, and does not gets boring. With 4 katanas at your disposal, tons of new roulette tricks, you are in for a killing spree.

Lets start with the history or plot, travis best friend bishop, is murdered, and his head delivered in a paper bag through his window, of the no more heroes hotel, starting the "*bleep*ing War" like travis says. For those who come in late, and are starting from 0 in this game, Travis is the protagonist of no more heroes one. Here he climbed the 10 ranks of the Assasins union, to get a "Course" of sorts with Sylvia. Yes the same Sylvia who shows up at the beginning of the game, and the same who is again sponsoring the UAA.

Soon you learn who is responsible for the death of Bishop and the mess starts, as soon as you are in the stage, you will learn that Travis has improved and a lot. He now imports and exports a whole new set of Lucha Libre movements (and I said it in spanish to not disminish the sport, the fans, and the ways of the sport). Not only that but travis has grown to be a walking menace, land 3 chocolate bars,and holy! you become a tiger? I wonder if Big Head has to do with this? Several other roulette specials are avaible, from making you go so fast that your enemies move in slow mo, to death star beams that instant kills any enemy.

Travis left his motorcycle to repair so he now teleports in a literal way to the desired spot, subsequently you now have an easier time going from A to B, but at the cost of free movement.

Travis now needs truly cash, but not for the missions, since they are free now, but because Area 51 and Naomi (who is now using more "revealing clothes" and she got an "upgrade" and it's a very obvious one). One who will sell you clothes, pants, belts, shoes and handwrist/Glove, the other will sell you 2 of your 4 katanas, but they are woth every penny.

In order to gain cash yu now play some retro NES games, yay!. The range from coconut collection, to cooking steak, and they all give cash depending on how good you are.

Since Thunder Ryu is dead, a new guy is in town, and he wears pink, he is the new gym owner, but dont carry away by his not so manly looks, his traning is all but for sissy people, to train our strength he throws you objects of different speed and height, and size too! For your vitality/stammania, he puts you in a transporting line, but with a nice trick, randomly he will change the direction and speed of it, making you react.

To go inside of the game, travis is now facing improved enemies, comapred to the last game that is, they can grab you, and gang up on you, they are much more dangerous than the enemies of the previous game.

The bosses ahve been improved as well, every boss has a theme, even better,, some of them have unique themes, the Margaret boss figth exports , the Reaper girl theme, some stages export more usbtitle music, making this quite a good game.

Closing comment:

I'm giving a 4.7 to this game, since it left me dissapointed, I was expecting a battle royale, but I got to fight 2 assassins simultaneusly AND then to play once as Henry. That puts away a point, and other point is the lack of freedoom to explore and the last one is the gltiches, if they had a whole year or 2 years to test this, why couldn't they see that:

Using the Ebony at max length to finish an enemy makes the game crash, the other is that at random your bought clothes will dissapear in the blink of an eye meaning you need to buy them AGAIN and go through the process of gaining the cash AGAIN for buy that specific piece of clothes, WTF is the matter with you Suda?!

If you are still waiting for this game, or are thinking of buying it, do so this game is awsome, considering its flaws.

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Xelagh Apr 18, 10
I really want this game now!!!
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