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Travis Touchdown is back in No More Heroes


Travis Touchdown is back in No More Heroes. No More Heroes 2 is available for the Wii, and it is one of the best games for the Wii. No More Heroes 1 was renowned for being one of the best mature titles for the Wii, having great motion controls, and a great cast of characters and the story not being taken too seriously. No More Heroes 2 is exactly the same way and here is why.


No More Heroes 2 starts out with Travis Touchdown an anti-hero who fell from the ranks of top assassin after quitting in which he lives a peaceful life in Santa Destroy. However you the main player takes on an assa...


"This is not a match anymore Sylvia, This is a *bleep*ing war!"

The good:

*Improved graphics.

*Better Gameplay.

*More Swords.

*No traveling but teleporting.

*Higher difficulty

The bad:

*Compared to what was promised to us, the game falls short in time.

*Little Replay Value.


No More Heroes 2, the game that was not meant to exist, did break through Nintendo and Suda51. To give a basic idea, Suda was in a position of "No, I wont make another no more heroes", but he was forced to dish out fan service, so we get this, and what is No More Heroes?.

To answer that, I first must go to what kind of game it is. This is a hack 'n slash game, meaning, you go cut people, and repeat, and does not gets boring. With 4 katanas at your disposal, tons of new roulette tricks, you are in for a killing spree.

Lets start with the history or plot, travis best friend bishop, is murdered,...

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