No Man's Sky is a sci-fi survival adventure set in procedurally generated universe shared between all players online. The player character begins their journey on a randomly generated planet and is free to explore their world and even the cosmos aboard their spacecraft at their leisure.

While the in-game universe is designed to be persistent, No Man's Sky is not intended to be a multiplayer experience where players can join up one another; indeed, the game is playable offline singleplayer as well. While it may indeed be possible for players to eventually run into one another, the game designers largely expect players to impact their surroundings for others to witness in different ways.

One key example is the Atlas, an in-game knowledge database that catalogues player findings across the galaxy that can contain well over billions of star systems with their own planets and ecosystems. Players are encouraged to seek out materials and blueprints to craft equipment and even spacecraft necessary to traverse the planets they wish to explore.

Gamers had high expectations of No Man's Sky - perhaps a little too high. As the first procedural-based videogame ever to be published, it would've been better if the game was less hyped. No Man's Sky is a robust videogame, but it may become a little monotonous for some after playing for several days.

Don't miss our walkthrough filled with great tips like:

  • How to leave your starting planet.
  • How to build your first hyperdrive along with advanced hyperdrives.
  • Indepth exploration tips on planets and moons.
  • Indepth tactics on planetary and interplanetary travel.
  • Information regarding the Atlas Path.
  • Tricks and exploits, such as the inventory duplication exploit.

Just check out the walkthrough links to the right side of the page!


No Man's Sky developer cleared over misleading consumers in UK

No (Man's) Problemo

Wed 12:55pm, by Leo Chan | 4 comments
No Man's Sky begins laying Foundation for future updates

Paving the way for base building, and hopefully much more down the road

Nov 25 at 11:09am, by Leo Chan | 9 comments
No Man's Sky "was a mistake," Sean Murray claims e-mail and Twitter hacked

Bogus apologies for a not so enjoyed game

Oct 28 at 10:55am, by Philip Moody | 8 comments
No Man's Sky is under investigation by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority

Government agency has received "multiple complaints"

Sep 28 at 11:45am, by Philip Moody | 10 comments
August NPD: Xbox One remains top console as summer ends on high note with strong new games

No Man's Sky blasts off even without the help of digital sales

Sep 16 at 9:34am, by Leo Chan | 6 comments
No Man's Sky day one patch adds multiple endings, requires new save file to experience

Early copies say goodbye to your save files

Aug 08 at 11:13am, by Philip Moody | 4 comments

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