Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends Tips

Theorys of certain items!
People say that you can get an asteroid only at night i got one 6:30 in the morning, you can only get new years tiara on newyears i got it december 3rd,you can only get a pumpkin collar on halloween i got one on august 5, so my point is you can get any item at any time but items farther away from your house and the more trainer points the more exclusive and rare the gift! I have a peach cart now with over 22,000 trainer points! Beginners better get to work! An easy way to get trainer points is to leave your ds on brushing your dog and you get 3 tp every minute leave your ds on charge all night with the sound down NOT closed! Closing your ds will pause it and is a waste of time! It only takes 2 weeks of doing this to et 5000 + trainer points I hope my extremely long tip helped! lol =)