Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends Tips

A better way to get items on walks :)
If you want better items when you are on your walks, here is what you do.

-Feed your dog NATURAL dog food (NOT canned or regular).
-Give him MILK to drink.
-Rub his BELLY and EARS.

Doing those will make your dog feel more confident on the walk.

(These next ones are optional)
-Put the "Lucky Collar" on your dog (If you have it).
-Bring out the "Clover Clock" (If you have it).
-Play Flower Waltz before you leave the house (If you have it).

Doing these will INCREASE the chance of finding rare items.

If you don't have the "Lucky Collar", the "Clover Clock", or the record
Flower Waltz, that's ok. Just make sure you do the other three, so your dog
is more confident on the walk.

When you are mapping out your walk (The places where you will go), try and
hit as many "?" as you can. You might find more (and better) items the more "?" you hit. Now if you find something like.. Ex: A Space Shutle Toy, A Globe, ect.. and you think it's worthless.. think again! The Space Shutle Toy is worth over 500$! So even if you think you found something worthless, check the Secondhand shop to see how much it is.

Hope this has helped!