Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends Tips

A cheat for heaps upon heaps of money
Do the maximum number of contests (3), save it so you keep all the money. Then turn off the power, easy enough, eh? Then turn your ds back on, but click the little ds logo under all the options (pictochat, download play, ect.) and go to the date, set the date back TWO days, then go to the time adjustment, and put the time at 23:59, then turn off the ds. Go and turn your ds back on and go to play nintendogs. Pet your dog, yadda yadda ya, until the minute is up. You can now do the three contests and learn 3 tricks all over! Vouila, money in grosses.

NOTE- when you do this, when it goes to another day, you have to wait an extra 30 minutes to take your dog on a walk, so before you do this cheat, be sure to go on a walk!