Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends Tips

go to the gymnasium(available only while walking)with any of your dogs. practice by going around the place so you are going in a circle. ONLY do the first 8 things, it should be jump, jump, jump, jump, tunnel, jump, tunnel, jump. if your dog is good at them then enter it at the agility trial(note: if your dog is in a tunnel and wont move, touch the dogs position in the tunnel and slide the stylus in the direction of the end of the tunnel. repeat until it is out.). when you get a trophy, go back to the gymnasium with the same dog. practice until its not scared of the seesaw. then go back home, and repeat the agility trial. hopefully you will keep winning. every time you get 3rd or better in the agility trial, go back to the gymnasium to try the new thing.