Nintendogs: Dalmatian and Friends Tips

How to teach cool tricks
First go to 'go out' than 'info' and change your mic sensitivity settings to 'high' so your dog can hear you without you sounding weird.

Second don't teach your dog tricks by what they are called because there are a lot of 'S' tricks e.g. change from sit-down, lie down-lie, beg-up, shake-high 5 and so on. Saying 'beg' as up ruins 'jump' so once you can do a 'back-flip' delete 'jump' and use 'back-flip' as your 'jump'. Yes that actually works.

Thirdly I figured out how to do a 'handstand'. It will take a while but get your dog to 'lie down' than get in to 'beg'. The quicker you say them the more chance you have of teaching your dog.

Finally, once you have mastered all the above you can teach your dog to hold tricks longer by telling them the command and patting them until you get that sparkly stuff. Repeat this heaps and you'll be winning those obedience trials.