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[edit] Background

In Nintendogs, you can raise up to three adorable puppies and play with them to your heart's content.

You can also teach your pups new tricks! Just speak into the built-in microphone and they'll respond to the voice commands youve taught them. Not only that, but you can even play Nintendo over the DS's wireless connection!

[edit] Gameplay

Three virtual pets, which the player names, raises, and trains the three realtime 3D pooches. They'll respond to voice input through the DS microphone (with which you can assign them their own names), and go about their doggish business around the clock while the DS is in its sleep mode. If two sets of Nintendogs are in close proximity, furthermore, they'll passively communicate through the handheld's wireless hardware unbeknownst to either owner.

[edit] Features

With Nintendogs, you can put a puppy inside your Nintendo DS. Pick from multiple breeds, ranging from Labradors to Dalmatians, and then take care of and train the puppy using the touch screen and microphone.

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Feb 25, 15 12:20pm
Still love this. Play it every now and then. NintendogsDalmatianandFriends
KaytiieeM blogged
Jul 19, 13 5:07pm

Nintendogs is a the best simulated game that have been made to perfection. Not only is it just great graphics but it has the real life elements to bringing up a dog! The only thing is, you can't have puppies and I don't die, but why would you want your virtual dog to die and also why wouldn't you want your dog to have puppies... DAMN YOU NINTENDO! Also the time you need to take out of your day to look after you dog is a bit annoying as well, of course you can leave your dog to starve if you have plans for the night, But don't worry your dog will still be their when you go back on it because Nintendogs never die! But they do like to run away and eat from a bin if you don't feed it.

So that's probably the only downfall you have to this game,

The three competitions you can enter are

- Obedience
- Agility
- Disc Throwing

You get to teach your dog 3 tricks everyday, they get harder the more you progress through the stages. To teach your dog a command for example you would make your dog come to you, swipe your styles down on the dog to make him/her sit and then click on the light bulb in the top right hand corner. You the will say the name of that command "Sit". After you have done that a few times it will learn the command and you won't have to make it sit down anymore by using your styles, you would only have to get your dogs attention and say "sit" and he/she will sit down.

To start your training for agility you would have to go to the gym. When you take your dog for a walk it's the first building to your right and slightly down. When you walk your dog to the gym you will be able to practice jumping over the things and running through the tunnels, on the 2nd stage you will and a bigger things to jump over and a see-saw to run over. The 3rd stage you will have to run between some posts. To make your dog successful at this, make sure you take your dog to the gym after completing each of the first three stages, Also make sure your dog is confident with the obstacles before you start your race.

The best place to teach your dog about catching a Frisbee is in the park, continue to throw is to the dog and call your dog back using its name. NintendogsDalmatianandFriends
Oct 8, 10 1:33pm
Love my dogs. NintendogsDalmatianandFriends
Jul 23, 10 4:00am
this keeps freezing NintendogsDalmatianandFriends
May 9, 10 11:35am
Cute little hats do look look cute on dogs! NintendogsDalmatianandFriends
Apr 10, 10 11:17am
Not my favorite game... but still kinda fun! NintendogsDalmatianandFriends
Feb 13, 10 9:28am
i need help here! NintendogsDalmatianandFriends
Nov 21, 09 2:16pm
I barely play it, but I know how to teach your dog to do a back flip. NintendogsDalmatianandFriends
Aug 13, 09 7:14pm
Still playing it... NintendogsDalmatianandFriends
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