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Nintendogs: Best Friends - Fun for the younger generation

The good:

Yes, this game is very interactive, heck, the dog responds to just about every one of your actions.

I have a little sister that owns a Nintendogs game, and she enjoys it every single day. Right now, she owns eight dogs, and just immerses herself into it every day.

So, for the younger generation, this game is great, they should like it for a long time.

The bad:

I was very entertained for the first couple of weeks that I bought this game, it was fun and all, but after a while it got too repetitive. I did just about the same thing every day. Basicaly, it got boring...

I just fed my dogs, entered in the contests, and saved my money. When I could, I got a new room, and that was about it. I HIGHLY suggest if you're looking for a simulation game, and you are 13+, go and buy Animal Crossing: Wild World (I have a review about it).


All in all, this is a great game, just for the younger people. If you are getting this as a present for someone, I would suggest getting them this and another game, that way they could play this every other day, and have time to do other things they enjoy. If you are getting this for yourself, and you don't plan on purchasing more games within the month, save up your money and buy a PSP.

But if you must get this game, make sure that you get something to accompany it, it will get boring after a while. If you're not sure, I REALLY suggest that you get Animal Crossing: Wild World, it's a LOT b...

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