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Nintendogs: Best Friends Unlockables

Unlockable Dogs,items and themes
You can unlock these stuff/dogs with the amount of trainer points(I think that's what u call them), or by getting these specific things by taking your dog on a walk.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Boxer dog10,000 trainer points
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog35,000 trainer points
Chihuahua dog50,000 trainer points
Dalmatian dogFind the fireman's hat during a walk.
Jack Russel Terrier dogFind the Jack Russel Book to unlock this breed at the kennel.
Miniature Pinscher dog30,000 trainer points
Miniature Schnauzer dog16,000 trainer points
Pug dog14,000 trainer points
Shih Tzu dog2,000 trainer points
Shetland Sheepdog4,000 trainer points
Shiba Inu45,000 trainer points
Siberian Husky20,000 trainer points
Toy Poodle8,000 trainer points
Desktop roomGet 6,000 owner points (costs $20,000).
Outer Space roomGet 18,000 owner points (costs $100,000).
Seaside roomGet 12,000 owner points (costs $50,000).
Urban Living room25,000 trainer points
Ranch House room40,000 trainer points
Balloon300 trainer points
Jump rope300 trainer points
Milk and dog food cansou can get carton milk and a dog food can when you get over 300 points. It appears randomly in the pet shop
Windup Toy10,000 trainer points
Natural Dog Food Bag10,000 trainer points
Pull RopeGet 300 trainer points. Note: This is obtained at the Discount Store while on a walk.
Gold barTaking a toy poodle (ONLY!) on a walk (this is super rare to find. Be patient).