: : : : : : : Tricks and Tips for you and your dog

Nintendogs: Best Friends Tips

Tricks and Tips for you and your dog
Sitet your dog's head, then slide the stylus down to the dog's nose. Simple!

Lay Down:While the dog is sitting, do the same thing up top.

Shake1:Take one of the front paws while standing, and move it up n' down.

Shake2o the same thing up top, except sitting.

Shake3:While lying down.

Shake4:Last but not least, while on it's back.

Spin:Grab the dog's tail, and piddle with it and your dog will spin around in silly circles, chasing it.

Beg:While the dog is standing, slide the stylus up it's neck and the dog will sit up on it's hind legs in a begging motion.(P.S. Your dog might not do if it's not yet obiedient.)

Dance:While the dog is in beg motion,pick up one of his/her arms until it's on hind legs.(standing,like you)Then, the dog should waddle around like a penguin. It might sound stupid here, but trust me, it wont look like how i'm desrcibing it. K?

Now For Some Tips(dun da daaaa!)
Treats when your'e on a walk: On the map you'll see boxes with a ?(question mark) on them. Draw your walk pattern over that, and your bound to find another Nitendog out for a walk, OR you'll find an item like a stick or a doll, or blah blah blah. Also, you might see a box or trash bag. PULL YOUR DOG AWAY FROM IT! It's nasty trash and it will really cramp your dog's style, dude! Plus there's brown buildings with a bone on top where you can find greaqt discounts, like dog food is a $1.30, while here, it's only like, pff $0.60!

Ok, this was great n' all you have to read the next little box below this one. So bye-bye!Arevadache`! Toodleloo!And however the heck you say "Good-Bye" in other languages.