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A land of potential

The good:

It manages to show off the capabilities of the WiiU's controller well enough to make you wonder how developers are going to utilize it. In a group setting, this game is a lot of fun.

The bad:

The lack of online play is a missed opportunity. Most of the single player games are passable if not a bit lacking, and one of them is pretty much broken. So really, it's only fun with a group of people. Hope your friends have Wiimotion Plus Wiimotes... Oh, and there are some calibration issues here and there.


Released in 2012 by Nintendo, Nintendo Land is a collection of mini games that, in some way, shape or form, utilizes the features on the game pad. Whether it's motion control, the touch screen or the fact that games on the WiiU can also be viewed on said touch screen, every feature gets a chance to demonstrate themselves. So as a tech demo, it's actually not too bad, but unfortunately, I'm not reviewing it just as that - I'm also reviewing it on the merits of being a retail game. You know, a game you buy in a store, not a game that's packaged with the console! On those merits, Nintendo Land...

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