Ninja Gaiden review
One of the best action games to date

The good:

Action packed storyline

Some nice extra features like the classic version of Ninja Gaiden.

It also provides quite a nice challenge with it's variety of difficulty settings.

The bad:

The camera is a little difficult to focus. Forcing you to hit right trigger(default controller setting) to center it.


Team Ninja comes out strong with Ninja Gaiden. The Hayabusa Ninja clan have for centuries guarded two Supernatural blades in their village in Japan. The Dark Dragon blade was carved out of the bones of an evil Dark Dragon, and legend has it that if the seal guarding it is ever broken, the sword will absorb all of the evil and suffering of the world, granting its owner great power, in exchange for them becoming evil. The clan also guards the Dragon Sword. Carved out of the teeth of a Dragon, the sword is said to have been used to slay Dark Dragons in times gone by.

Ninja Gaiden starts out with the head of the village away training, the Dragon blade and the village itself is left under the charge of his son Ryu. Ryu visits a friend named Murai who left the Hayabusa clan under mysterious circumstances to start his own clan. The friendly meeting is interrupted when Ryu learns that his village is under attack. He returns in time to witness monsters destroying his village and everyone in it, and a demonic samurai killing his childhood friend Kureha. The Samurai is wielding the Dark Dragon, and Strikes Ryu down, surviving only with the help of the Dragon sword. Ryu then takes up the Dragon sword and sets out on a quest of revenge.

A little look at the game.

In the heads up display, you have your health bar and Ninpo, the flames represent how much Ninpo you have left a flame turns gray after you've used Ninpo. And the symbol inside the orb tells you which Ninpo you have equipped.

Heads up display

Pressing the white button brings up the Karma Display which is basically the point system for Ninja Gaiden. And black brings up your map. Navigating the menu screen simple you have your Weapons screen, Ninpo, Item, Map and Info; which contains various scrolls.

The controls handle pretty well...
  • Left thumb-stick is your basic movement.
  • right thumb-stick enters 1st person mode giving you a better view of things, though it's not recommended you do this during combat.
  • A is jump.
  • B uses whichever projectile weapon you have out.
  • X and Y are normal and strong attacks respectively, you'll learn more about combos and such between these two different attacks when you progress through the game.
  • Left trigger is roll which is a pretty big part of the game, I find myself ducking and rolling out of attacks all the time. So you should find this to be pretty useful.
  • As I said before you don't really have too much control over the camera, hitting right trigger centers the camera which is basically the only control you have on it.

As for the game-play, Ninja Gaiden pits you right into the action. I found it fairly easy for a first time player, starting out only facing a few enemies every once and awhile but the game got comfortably more difficult as I progressed. A large variety of bosses from demonic samurai's to skeleton dinosaurs really put your skills to the test

One of the many giant bosses.

different kinds of enemies call for different weapons you can also mix your melee weapons with some Ninpo and projectile weapons such as shurikens, there are a few places where you need to find some items to progress but other then that it is pretty straight forward as to where you need to go. Granted there are some puzzles solve but mostly your obstacles lie within the enemies and many bosses that stand in your path.

Ninja Gaiden moving to 3D looks beautiful, the action bits of the game are clean and sharp and the cut-scenes are some of the best I have ever seen. For instance in one of the cut-scenes Ryu was standing in a large sanctuary when suddenly a creature burst through the window, the glass particles and everything was very detailed.

The cinematics of the game are truly beautiful.

The over all sound is pretty good. Justin Gross does a fabulous job of voice acting Ryu Hayabusa although his emotions are pretty much one-track. The music is fast paced and is really fitting and really gives one the feel of the fast paced action.

And of course one of the most outstanding parts of Ninja Gaiden is it's overall difficulty and difficulty settings. There is Normal(the easiest setting), Hard and after completing the game on one of these setting Very Hard is unlocked. Taking only a few hits can pretty much get you knocked out so avoiding most all attacks is key in combat. After you've started a game on a certain difficulty you can't switch later on in the game, so make sure ready for the challenge.

With the immersive graphics, detailed sound, action packed storyline, great controls be sure to check out one of the best action games to date.

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