Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Cheats

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon cheats, and Codes for N64.

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Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Cheats

Ninjitsu 360° Blade Slash
Rapidly rotate the Analog Stick in a 360° motion while rapidly tapping the B button. This produces a Ninjitsu 360° Blade Slash that will kill all the enemies around you.

Slower Fall
To make Goemon or Sasuke fall at a much slower rate than normal first get to a high place such as the top of Mt. Fuji or the top of the inside of the Yamato Shrine, then equip your self with Sasuke's ice attack or Goemons coin throw and jump off. While in the air press the B button as fast as possible. This trick works best with Goemon because his rate of attack is faster.

Unlimited items or gold
Find a location that contains multiple items or gold, such as the first room in Oedo Castle. Then, collect the items, leave the room, and re-enter. Now the items will be available for recollection.

Boss mode
Collect all forty-five Fortune Dolls to unlock a boss mode selection on the options screen.

Boss Mode
If you collect all 45 of the Fortune Dolls throughout the game, it will unlock a special boss mode under the options section.

Hidden picture
Enable the "Boss mode", and complete the Boss sequence to get a picture of the Mystical Ninja gang.

Unchangeable Hair Color
In the middle of using Goemon's touch-and-go skills, get killed by an enemy (if you have more than one life). If you do this, you will come to life again with golden hair. However, if you want to change the character, you can't change the hair color.

Move Impact's Head
At the end of the Impact's intro sequence, when the red and yellow stripes are spinning behind Impact, you can move Impact's head by pushing the analog stick in any direction.

Avoid Attacks
If you change your character just before your enemy attacks you, the enemy will go right through you.

Fall Without Pausing
When falling from great distances in Mystical Ninja you will hit the ground and pause getting up. To avoid this, press the Weapon button before hitting the ground and you'll be free to move as soon as you land.


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how to get sasuke ( last player )
1.first of all, go to duck creek in the zazen town shopping district, and talk to the lady fishing ( i forgot her name ) and she will get you to do a task. you need to get her 3 blue fish,5 yellow fish and 8 red fish, after that she will give you the anchilles heel.whilst staring at her, turn left and go up a ladder.

2.go on to the bridge and fight benkui by throwing the anchilles heel at him 3 times in less then 99 seconds.

3.after you beat him he will give you sasuke, but you have to find his 2 batteries.i think the first one is in the ghost toys castle.once you turn on the power switch in the ghost toys castle, play the crane game and collect the wind- up camera ( it allows you to see ghosts a destroy them, it also allows you to see things you normally would'nt see!!!)( avalible for ebisamaru).

4.complete the ghost toys castle area and go to chukognu region, the second one is on top of the massive tree at the izomu shrine,use the wind-up camera at the top of the tree and it shall appear,collect it and you should see a short clip of the 2 batteries making sasuke.he is equipted with a mini sword ( similar to yae's) and some fire cracker bombs (every one you use, you lose 1 ryo)
Where do you get the silver keys in the Oedo Castle
Key 1: Turn left and get over the chasms by using the Chain Pipe, at the end is a Silver Key for you! Return and unlock the door with it.

Key 2: Go forward and enter the first room you see. Destroy all of the enemies in this room and a Silver Key will appear, grab it! Return to the previous room and cross the moat using the platforms (Or your swimming skills) to reach the door.

Key 3: Go into the large dojo room and tiles will start to attack you, defeat three of them and the key will appear, right in front of the locked door.