Ninja Gaiden Black review
Ninja Gaiden, fully loaded with extra features

The good:

Added two more difficulty levels, Ninja Dog(very easy) and Master Ninja(Insanely Hard) which really up the replay value, not too mention certain things are unlocked by playing through on these difficulty levels. They also added a few new enemies and even a new weapon.

They also added another new feature missions, which included different challenging fights.

The bad:

Master Ninja could be considered a tad way over the top in difficulty. Very Hard was hard enough.

Camera angle can be a trouble to focus at times.


I had anticipated Ninja Gaiden Black for quite sometime as I thought it was a sequel to the hit 2004 action game created by Team Ninja, I soon came to realize that it however was a remake, I bought it anyways and was not disappointed. Ninja Gaiden Black had everything Ninja Gaiden and much more.

If you had played Ninja Gaiden before then you would know the main plot, but for those of you who haven't it's a story of vengeance.

The Hayabusa Ninja clan have for centuries guarded two Supernatural blades in their village in Japan. The Dark Dragon blade was carved out of the bones of an evil Dark Dragon, and legend has it that if the seal guarding it is ever broken, the sword will absorb all of the evil and suffering of the world, granting its owner great power, in exchange for them becoming evil. The clan also guards the Dragon Sword. Carved out of the teeth of a Dragon, the sword is said to have been used to slay Dark Dragons in times gone by.

With the head of the village away training, the Dragon blade and the village itself is left under the charge of his son Ryu. Ryu visits a friend named Murai who left the Hayabusa clan to start his own clan. The friendly meeting is interrupted when Ryu learns that his village is under attack. He returns in time to witness monsters destroying his village and everyone in it, and a demonic samurai killing his childhood friend Kureha. The Samurai is wielding the Dark Dragon, and Strikes Ryu down, surviving only with the help of the Dragon swords power. Ryu then takes up the Dragon sword and sets out on a quest of revenge.

A Look at the gameplay in Ninja Gaiden Black

The heads up display shows your health, the orb shows which Ninpo you currently have equipped and the flames represent how many more time you can use Ninpo. The controls handle just the same as Ninja Gaiden.
  • A is jump.
  • B throws your selected projectile weapon.
  • X is normal attack.
  • Y is strong attack, holding down Y charges up your ultimate technique.
  • Left thumb-stick is your basic movement.
  • Right thumb-stick controls the first person camera.
  • Left trigger blocks and while moving you roll which is definitely a handy technique.
  • Right trigger centers your camera.

Combat is pretty detailed, there is a number of ways to defeat your foes whether it's with melee weapons like the Dragon Sword or Nunchaku, projectile weapons such as the shuriken or Bow or by Ninpo. Ninja Gaiden Black offers various ways to get past your obstacles.

Graphics are as beautiful as ever if not a bit more vibrant then Ninja Gaiden, the details and realism of the characters is almost uncanny but amazing nonetheless. I love the sound, good during combat and I simply love the music, very fitting for this type of fast paced action game.

Amazing graphics indeed...

Let's get on to some of my favorite features in Ninja Gaiden Black and that would be added content, first of all there is a new weapon called the Lunar which is basically a bo staff. Along with that are a few new enemies which spice up the combat of course.

If you are worried about replay value don't be, two new difficulties have also been added. Ninja dog mode is for those people that don't want to go through the trouble of some challenges and just want to enjoy the game or veteran players looking for a vacation. and master ninja mode which is just insanely hard but for those bored of the game definitely a little something to work at.

Ryu battling a... giant Ogre?

And of course there is Missions, over 50 missions are included offering a ton of different and very challenging battle phases.

Ninja Gaiden Black has the same beautiful graphics and detailed sound that Ninja Gaiden has plus a very high replay value. So whether you are a veteran that wants a new challenge or new to the series, Ninja Gaiden Black is definitely worth it.

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