NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Tips

My Dream
here is some info for using my dream:

-Nightopians and Nightmarens r called A-LIFEs (instruction manuel)
-you can only have 2 of each nightmaren
-their personality will change w/ the weather
-you can give an A-LIFE to a friend but only if u have each other's friend code
-when u have both nightmarens and nightopians in my dream, u might find an egg
-nightopians need to be fed blue chips or they will die
-nightmarens might eat nightopians so throw a blue chip to stun them and move the nightopian somewhere safe
-the landscape of my dream will change depending on what A-LIFEs u paraloop
-u might get an item from certain accomplishments (mostly missions). if one disapears, dont worry it will most likely come back
-there is a dream drop behind the door to the dream plaza (can remember the name)

A word of advice: some ppl like having nightmarens in their my dreams so dont kill them umless they r yours. though if u want u could protect a nightopian.