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: : : : Nightmares From the Deep: The Cursed Heart FAQ/Walkthrough

Nightmares From the Deep: The Cursed Heart FAQ/Walkthrough

by The Lost Gamer   Updated to v1.3 on
Version 1.3 2/24/2014

            __--~~                 ~~--__
        _-~~                             ~~-_
     _-~                                     ~-_
    /                                           \
   |                                             |
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  |                                               |
 |                                                 |
 |                                                 |
 |                                                 |
  |                                               |
  |  |    _-------_               _-------_    |  |
  |  |  /~         ~\           /~         ~\  |  |
   ||  |             |         |             |  ||
   || |               |       |               | ||
   || |              |         |              | ||
   |   \_           /           \           _/   |
  |      ~~--_____-~    /~V~\    ~-_____--~~      |
  |                    |     |                    |
 |                    |       |                    |
 |                    |  /^\  |                    |
  |                    ~~   ~~                    |
   \_         _                       _         _/
     ~--____-~ ~\                   /~ ~-____--~
          \     /\                 /\     /
           \    | ( ,           , ) |    /
            |   | (~(__(  |  )__)~) |   |
             |   \/ (  (~~|~~)  ) \/   |
              |   |  [ [  |  ] ]  /   |
               |                     |
                \                   /
                 ~-_             _-~

Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2014

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Walkthrough
  003a. Chapter 1: Haunted Exhibition
  003b. Chapter 2: The Ghost Ship
  003c. Chapter 3: Skull Island
  003d. Chapter 4: The Fortress
  003e. Chapter 5: The Lighthouse
  003f. Chapter 6: The Catacombs
  003g. Chapter 7: Underground Bay
004.  Collector’s Edition Bonus Adventure
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called “Nightmares from 
the Deep: The Cursed Heart”. This walkthrough will work for 
the standard edition of the game and the collector’s 

To contact me, use my email address:

002-Video Walkthrough

I made a video walkthrough for this game, which may be of 
help, because it is a visually-based medium, unlike this 
text-based guide.

The videos come complete with my live commentary.


To start the game, click on play. There are two difficulty 
modes. In regular mode, items that you can interact with 
glimmer (making them easy to see), and locations where you 
can interact with items are indicated on the map.

In difficult mode, there is a penalty for clicking in the 
wrong spot during hidden objects scenes. The hint and 
tutorial buttons fill at a slower speed during difficult 

004a-Chapter 1: Haunted Exhibition

The game begins in a museum, with four different areas. You 
start in the main hallway. The door to the left leads to 
your office, and the door to the right leads to the 
basement. You can also go forward to the exhibition hall.

In regular mode, there is an optional tutorial at this 
point, which you can turn off at any time.

Opening the Crate

Click on the delivery man to talk to him, then talk to the 
girl. She is your daughter. She wants to examine the crate 
that just arrived. Move your mouse to where the cursor 
turns into a forward arrow, then click to go forward.

Talk to the delivery worker, and he leaves after finishing 
with the crate. Talk to your daughter, and she says that 
you'll need a crowbar to get inside the crate. She gives 
you the keycard to your office.

Go backwards, then zoom in on the door to the left. Use the 
keycard on the lock to unlock it, then click on the door 
handle to open it. Go inside the room. Above the lamp is a 
key holder. Zoom in on it and take the basement key.

Leave the office, then zoom in on the door to the right. 
Use the basement key here, then turn the key and use the 
handle. Go down to the basement. Pull the light switch to 
light up the room. The crowbar is on the right.

Take the crowbar and go to the exhibition hall. Use the 
crowbar on the crate twice to open it.

Finishing the Exhibit

Inside the crate is a note, saying that Remington's body 
has three accessories: a cutlass, a gun and a necklace.

The cutlass is in a box on the left here. Zoom in on the 
box for a puzzle. You want to click on the one cutlass 
which is not below any other cutlasses. There is an open 
crate on the left here. Do this eight times in a row to get 
Remington's cutlass.

The gun is inside a cardboard box on the right. Click on 
the box. There is a knife on top of it. Use the knife on 
the box, then open the flaps to find the gun.

The necklace requires a gem. Open the pirate's mouth to 
find this gen. Then, go to your office. Read the book in 
front of the computer monitor to get the password for the 
safe. Click on the mask on the wall to find the safe. Open 
the safe by spinning the dial, according to the password.

The password is is R4, L9, R6, L1 and R8. As the safe 
indicates, "R" is "right", or clockwise. "L" is "left", or 
counter-clockwise. Every time you spin the dial, the thing 
you spun it to appears on the monitor.

Inside the safe is the necklace. Put the gem in the 
necklace, then take the necklace.

When you place the gun, necklace and cutlass on the pirate, 
the lights are destroyed. Go to your office and use the 
crowbar on the red emergency box three times to get an axe 
and a flashlight.

Go to the basement. Use the flashlight here to look around. 
On the right is a hidden objects screen. Find all the items 
on the list. Yellow items are hidden by certain actions; 
for example, to get Ticket #3, you must open the book, and 
to get a lit candle, you must use matches on the candle.

Alternately, you could play a game of Mahjong, by clicking 
the button in the lower/left. In Mahjong, you match tiles 
that have the same symbol, as well as an edge not touching 
another tile. Each pair of orange tiles corresponds to an 
item on the list of hidden objects.

Solving the challenge gets you some fuses. Open up the 
metal door in the back to see the fuse box. The fuses go in 
the lower/right corner. Put the red fuse in the red spot, 
the blue fuse in the blue spot and the yellow fuse in the 
yellow spot. Finally, turn the red switch to restore power.

Go back to the exhibition hall to find that the pirate has 
disappeared! Your daughter says he dropped something. 
Examine the bottom of the crate and move the wood shavings 
aside to find a signet ring.

Go to your office. There is a wooden box on the right. Move 
the wood shavings out the way to find a locked chest. Use 
the ring on the chest to open it.

Leave the office. Your daughter is on the second level! 
Click on her, and a pirate ship crashes into the museum. 
The pirate kidnaps your daughter and leaves.

See the ladder in the mess on the right? Click the ladder 
to put it up against the ship. Click on the top of the 
ladder, then use the axe on the wood twice to make a hole 
big enough to enter. Go forward into the pirate ship, and 
it will sail away to Skull Island.

003b-Chapter 2: The Ghost Ship

Since the ship is sailing, we’ll be stuck onboard for a 
while. Talk to the pirate to get a map of the ship. The map 
shows that you can either go forward or down from this 

The way downwards is blocked by an iron bar, so we have to 
go forwards. First, though, look at the post on the left. 
Clear away the green stuff to find a starfish. Pick it up, 
then go forward.

Talk to the pirate to get a map.

The daughter is here! Talk to her, and Captain Remington 
takes her to the main deck. He locks the door behind him, 
that scoundrel! We’ll need three keys before we can open 

Through the Ship

Time to pick up some items. A skeleton arm is in a barrel, 
and a hacksaw is on one of the support masts. Look at the 
hole in the ceiling. You find a corkscrew.

Go backwards a screen and use the saw on the iron bar 
blocking the hatch. After using the saw twice, you can go 
down to the next room. This room has a chemical set, a 
messy table covered by a cloth, and a flowerpot puzzle. 
Click on the flowerpot to start the puzzle. Find all six 
things on the bottom of the screen to get a hammer.

Go forward to the next room. Left of the stairs are some 
loose boards. Click to pry them away. A key is inside a 
bear trap. Use the skeleton arm on the trap to set it off, 
so you can get the key.

Zoom in on the barrel to the right to get a starfish. This 
barrel needs a tap.

Zoom in on the barrel in the middle. Use the hammer on the 
boards to reveal an octopus. It is protecting a coin. Click 
on the coin for a minigame. The octopus will press certain 
teeth; you need to duplicate the pattern and press the same 
teeth. Press the button on the bell to see the pattern 

When you repeat four patterns successfully, the octopus 
lets you get a gold doubloon.

Onto the next room! There is a hidden objects scene here, 
which gives you some coal. Place the coal in the oven here. 
Now you can cook something, if you need to.

There is a bucket above the hatch here. Click on the bucket 
to move it, then open the hatch and go downstairs. This 
room has a cabinet with locked materials inside. According 
to the note, you need a special chemical compound to open 

The only other thing of interest in this room is the back 
wall. Click on it for a puzzle. With this puzzle, you have 
to sort everything into crates. There are four crates. One 
is for gold materials, one is for boots, one is for 
weapons, and one is for navigational materials. Put each 
item into the outline.

Solving this puzzle opens the door to another room. Pick up 
the cannonball from the floor, then talk to the pirate. He 
has something stuck in his peg leg. Use the corkscrew on 
his leg to learn that it is a key. You’ll have to remove it 

At the far end of the room is a hidden objects challenge. 
Go through it to get a chisel.

The Captain’s Quarters

Now that you’ve seen all the rooms, you can enter the 
Captain’s Quarters. All you need is the hammer, the chisel 
from the armory, and the two starfish (one from the water 
room, one from the room you first appeared in).

Go to the room where you found your daughter, the one with 
the locked door. Look at the hole in the ceiling to see 
her. Click on her, and Captain Remington closes the hole. 
What a meanie!

Use the chisel on the starfish here, then use the hammer on 
the chisel a few times until it is free. You now have three 
starfish. Use the starfish on the door to the captain’s 
room. This starts a puzzle, where you have to spin the 
starfish to get matching colors.

The color on the top is red, and the color in the 
lower/left is green. That makes the lower/right color blue.

Solving the puzzle opens the door to the captain’s room. He 
has an undead parrot, which is guarding a key. He has a 
globe and a locked cabinet. He also has a hidden objects 
challenge in the back/left, which gives you a tap when you 
solve it.

On the desk at the right, you can find the captain’s 
journal. The entries in black were written in the 1700’s, 
while the entries written in red were written recently. 
There is a doubloon inside the journal that you should 

Examine the table in the back. There is a creature here, 
which protects the treasure chest. The creature wants 
twelve doubloons. Give your three doubloons to the 
creature. Every time it gets a doubloon, it tells you a bit 
about Captain Remington.

Go backwards twice. The pirate here has the chemical 
solution you need to get the items inside the cabinet on 
another screen. Talk to him. He wants you to get him some 
grog, in exchange for the chemical solution.

Go down the hatch. A hidden objects challenge is here. 
Solve it to get tweezers.

Go forward. Use the tap on the barrel on the right to get a 
plug. Spin the tap to get a bucket of water. Go forward and 
put the water inside the pot on the stove. According to the 
grog recipe, we need three more ingredients.

Go downstairs and forward to the pirate with the peg leg. 
Use the tweezers to get the key out of its leg. Go 
backwards twice, and a hidden objects challenge is here. 
Solve it to get crackers.

Return to the captain’s quarters. Use the plug on the 
dresser in the back to open it. Inside a book is the 
captain’s secret stash of rum. Then, use the cracker on the 
parrot, so you can get the key in the cage. That makes 
three! Go back a screen. Use all three keys on the locked 
hatch door. The door unlocks, and you can go on the deck.

003c-Chapter 3: Skull Island

Oh no, you’re too late! Captain Remington has taken your 
daughter to the island. Specifically, he has her inside the 

The deck has a cannon on the left, and on the right, there 
is a cannon rammer trapped in some wires. Leave the deck 
and go forward to the pier. On the right is a fishing pole 
without a hook, and on the left is a postboard. Zoom in on 
it and take the map of Skull Island.

Go forward, and halfway up the stairs is a crypt. Talk to 
the dead pirate in the cage, then click on the dead pirate 
on the stairs. This starts a hidden objects challenge. Find 
all the items to get a can of bait.

Also on the stairs here is a rock. Zoom in on it and move 
the rocks aside to get a doubloon. Look in front of the 
crypt to get a candle.
On the side of the crypt here is a covered-up pattern.

Go up the stairs here, and you’re at the top of the 
fortress. Sadly, the doors are locked. Talk to the skeleton 
in the bird cage, and it says you need to use a cannon to 
get inside. Also, it gives you a knife.

Use the platform (in the lower/right) to reach the eye 
socket of Skull Island. You can’t see inside because it’s 
too dark, but you can pick some fruit. Pick all the fruit 
to get limes.

Go back to the deck of the pirate ship, and use the knife 
on the cannon ramrod to free it. Time to set the cannon. 
Zoom in on it; the instructions are carved into the ship 
wall here.

First, flip the cannon over. Put the gun powder (on the 
left) in the cannon, then put the cannonball inside. Use 
the ramrod on the cannon, then flip the cannon over again. 
Aim the cannon, then use the candle on the fuse to fire it.

The cannon fires and blows open the door to the fortress. 
Before going there, let’s wrap up with the pirate ship.

In the Captain’s Quarters is a hidden objects scene. Go 
through it to get spices. Along with the rum from the 
Captain’s Quarters, and the lime from the eyehole, you have 
all the ingredients for grog. Go to the kitchen area and 
zoom in on the stove.

The instructions are here. Pour in the water if you haven’t 
done so already, then put in rum, then put in limes, then 
put the spices in. Click the ladle to stir it. Use the 
bottle on the grog to get it.

Return to the pirate. Give him the grog to receive his 
fancy chemical. Go downstairs and place it in the chemistry 

On your way off of the ship, solve a hidden objects 
challenge on the deck to get a scraper. Go forward to the 
crypt and use the scraper three times on the mosaic on the 
side. It is missing a tile.

003d-Chapter 4: The Fortress

Go up to the fortress. Thanks to the cannonball you fired, 
the doors are now open! Go inside and click on Captain 
Remington. He causes a large circular stone to fall and 
block your path.

A hidden objects screen appears once Remington leaves. 
Solve it to get a tile. Go back to the crypt and put the 
tile in the mosaic. You have a puzzle to recreate the 
mosaic by swapping tiles until you have a complete picture 
of Remington and a woman.

When you solve the puzzle, you get a fire disc. Look at the 
front of the crypt. Put the fire disc in the arms of the 
angel on the right to open the doors.

Go inside the crypt. Look at the empty frame to see that 
the picture is missing; read the book below the frame to 
learn more about Countess Mary, who is buried here. Look at 
her coffin to see that plants protect her hand.

There is an iron rod on the wall, by the windows. Pick it 
up, then do the hidden objects screen for a vial. You need 
this for the chemistry challenge on the ship, so go all the 
way back to the infirmary and place the vial on the table.

With the vial and chemicals in place, you can do the 
puzzle. Follow the instructions on the paper. First, turn 
the handle. Take the lid off and put yellow chemicals in. 
Put the lid back on, then turn the grater-like device. Add 
blue chemical, then click on the retort stand. Add the red 
chemical and pull out the stopper to get the special vial 
of iron-destroying formula.

Go to the hold and open the cabinet, if you haven’t 
already. Use the vial on the iron chains here to melt them. 
You can open the cage and get the marriage certificate.

On your way off of the ship, there is a hidden objects 
challenge on the deck. Solve it to get a fishing net. Then, 
continue to the fortress. Use the metal rod (from the 
crypt) to move the big stone out of the way, then use the 
vial on the chains to melt them.

You can now get inside the fortress. Look at both doors on 
the left to see that they are locked. Look above the 
fireplace to see that a steering wheel should go there, and 
look at the floor to see that there is a fish puzzle.

Grab the fishbowl from the table in this room, then go back 
a screen. Solve the hidden objects challenge here to get 
dead flies. Return to the crypt. Use the flies on the 
plants which guard Mary’s coffin. This causes the plants to 
close. Each plant needs its own fly.

When the plants are closed, solve the hidden objects 
challenge here for a fish hook.

Go down to the docks and look at the fishing pole. Put the 
hook on the pole, then use the bait on the hook. Click on 
the now complete pole to catch a fish. Put the fishbowl on 
the dock, then use the fishnet on the fish to get it inside 
the bowl.

Return to the inside of the fortress. Use the fish on the 
puzzle on the ground. With this puzzle, you have to rotate 
all the rings, so there is a clear path from the fish’s 
area to the center of the area. Solving the puzzle gets you 
a ring.

Use the ring on the left door to open it. You can now go 
out to the terrace. Go into the open doorway to see 
Remington and your daughter. Remington locks the door.

Zoom in on the gondola, which leads to the lighthouse. In 
between the two gears is a portrait piece. Take it, then 
return to the crypt. Put the portrait piece in the frame to 
talk with Mary’s ghost. Her portrait was ripped into four 

The piece that you found is in the upper left. Click on it 
to get a map legend. Then, solve the hidden objects 
challenge here for an oil can.

Return to the terrace. Use the oil can on the gondola, so 
you can use it. Take the gondola to the lighthouse.

003e-Chapter 5: The Lighthouse

Here at the lighthouse area, you can go left to the 
shipwrecks or forward to the lighthouse. If you want to 
return to the terrace, click on the wooden part of the 
gondola in the lower/right.

Examine the statue here. Take the pliers which are hanging 
from the beams, then go left to the shipwrecks. Pick up a 
rock here, then head towards the lighthouse. Use the rock 
on the window so you can get the key. Take the key, and the 
small root by the window. Use the key on the lock to open 
the door.

Go into the lighthouse. There are several things you can do 
here. Zoom in on the light fixture. Take the cog, and open 
the oil container. Use the oil can on the container to put 
oil here. You need to light the oil and use a lens here, 
before the lighthouse is in working condition.

Read the book at the lighthouse to learn more about Captain 
Remington. Look on top of the table and take the small cog 
here. Also, take the steering wheel part which is leaning 
against the base of the table.

Open the small door below the lamp. It is a hidden objects 
challenge! Solve it to find a crank.

Return to the gondola. When you try to use it, it falls 
apart. Put the cog and crank here, so you can use the 
gondola to return to the mainland. At the mainland, go all 
the way to the docks. Examine the postboard and use the 
pliers to get the small cog.

Return to the lobby (inside the fortress). The door on the 
right requires the two small cogs that you have. Put them 
into the eyes of the mask for a puzzle. With this puzzle, 
you need to put the gears back onto the board. The left 
gears go on the left, while the right gears go on the 

The mask’s mouth opens when you’re done. Put the wedding 
invitation inside. Go into the ballroom now. Talk to all 
three ghosts, and they tell you about the failed wedding 
between Captain Remington and Countess Mary. They also 
point out a special tile in the floor.

Pick up the boat hook from the ballroom floor. Do the 
hidden objects challenge in this room to get a statue hand, 
for the statue at the base of the lighthouse.

Return to the lighthouse area. Put the statue hand onto the 
statue, then go to the shipwrecks. Use the boat hook on the 
floating chest to draw it close. Inside is a torn page and 
a lens. Take them, and solve the hidden objects challenge 
here for a steering wheel part.

Go to the top of the lighthouse. Solve the hidden objects 
challenge here for flint. Zoom in on the light fixture and 
use the flint to light the oil. Close the lamp.

You can now zoom in on the lenses. Use the lens here for a 
puzzle. Click on one of the lenses to rotate it. Rotate all 
the lenses, to form a complete picture. When you’re done, 
the eye socket of Skull Island is illuminated.

Go to the eye socket and solve the hidden objects challenge 
there for a steering wheel part. Now, go to the lobby. Use 
all of the steering wheel parts on the shell-like part of 
the wall to reveal a new area.

This is the captain’s hidden room. Solve the hidden objects 
challenge on the left for a shovel. The table to the left 
needs ingredients so you can make green dye, and you need a 
lever to use the cloth at the back.

On the right side of the room is a desk. On the desk, you 
can get a tiny ship for the globe in the captain’s 
quarters. Read the book to get a lock of hair and to learn 
about the voodoo ritual that Remington plans to use on 

On the wall on the right is a pirate map. Use the map 
legend here. Take steps according to the instructions in 
the upper/right to find that the treasure is located near 
the wrecked ships.

Time to start looking for ingredients to the green dye. Go 
to the eye socket of Skull Island. Pick the plant and use 
the shovel to dig up the root. Solve the hidden objects 
challenge for a metal spike.

The other ingredient we need is by the shipwrecks, where 
the buried treasure is. Pick up the plant and use the 
shovel to dig up the treasure and get a doubloon.

Return to Remington’s hidden room and put the plants on the 
left table. You get to make green die by following the 
instructions. Grate the smaller root, peel and cut the 
larger root, and use tweezers on the flower.

Put three spoonfuls of grated root into the bowl on the 
right. Put three slices of root into there, then put four 
petals. Use the eyedropper on the bowl three times, then 
grind the bowl. Put the green liquid into the bowl on the 
left, then use the paintbrush on the bowl.

You now have green paint. Go to the terrace and look at the 
door. Use the green paint here for a puzzle. Click on the 
various tiles to change the picture on them; form a 
complete picture of the door’s guardian. When you’re done, 
the door opens.

The daughter is here, floating in midair. Zoom in on the 
chest in the lower/left to get a bone lever and a portrait 
piece. Also in this room is Remington’s necklace, which is 
protected by some sort of shield, and a hidden objects 
challenge you can solve to get a lizard’s tongue.

On the right is a table. Put the torn page in the book here 
and read the book to see a voodoo regeneration recipe. We 
have two of the four ingredients. Put the lizard tongue and 
the hair down here.

Return to Remington’s hideout room. Use the bone lever in 
the slot by the cloth. This reveals a painting and another 
lever slot. Go to the eye socket of the island and solve a 
hidden objects challenge there for the second bone lever. 
Return to Remington’s room and use the second bone lever 
here to open the way to the catacombs.

003f-Chapter 6: The Catacombs

Examine back wall to learn you need a skeleton key, and 
examine the right wall to learn you need an urn. On the 
left side of the room is a hidden objects challenge which 
gets you a dragon claw.
Go back a screen and solve the hidden objects challenge 
here for an ear.

Return to the tower. You can now make the voodoo potion. 
Put the four ingredients down on the table, then start the 
puzzle of putting things together.

Put the ear on the skull, then click on the skull’s eyes 
until they are both red. This gives you some potion. Put it 
in the bottle. Take the key on the table and use it on the 
lock to the cage. Click until the mouse falls above the 
snake. Put the snake tongue in the snake’s open mouth.

Open the two drawers below. Put the voodoo doll (in the 
right drawer) on the table. Use the bow (in the left 
drawer) on the hair, then use the hair on the doll. Put the 
dress (on a hanger in the upper/left) on the doll. Open the 
left upper door to find a button to use on the doll. Use 
the dragon claw on the right upper door to get a pin. Use 
it on the doll.

When you’re done, you get the regenerative potion. Hooray! 
Go to the crypt and put the painting piece in the frame. 
Mary says to use the potion on her hand. Her hand is in the 
right coffin. Use the potion on it to get the symbol.

Return to the tower. Katie is gone! Solve the hidden 
objects challenge for a wooden arm, then zoom in on the 
chest in the lower/left. Use the symbol to open it. Inside 
is a doubloon, a skeleton key and a pact. The pact is 
between Captain Remington and the Sea Devil, Davy Jones. It 
says that the way to end Remington’s immortality is to 
return the deposit, which is kept in the chest guarded by 
the dwarf.

The chest will not open unless the dwarf has all twelve 
doubloons, so let’s go on a doubloon hunt.

Go to the top of the lighthouse. Solve the hidden objects 
challenge there for a stone spyglass. Then, look at the top 
of the table. Put the wooden arm here for a puzzle. Put the 
correct arm and head on the figurine, so they match the 
drawing, then adjust the tentacles so they match the 
drawing. When you do this correctly, you get a doubloon.

Go back two screens. Put the spyglass on the statue here. 
It lights up a stone at the base of the lighthouse. Go 
there and use the metal spike twice to get a doubloon.

Go to the Captain’s Quarters on the ship. Examine the 
globe, and put the tiny ship there. You have a puzzle, in 
which you must move the ships around so each ship’s flag 
matches the tile it is on top of. Solving the puzzle gets 
you a doubloon.

Give your doubloons to the dwarf guarding the chest, if you 
want. You need three more doubloons.

003g-Chapter 7: Underground Bay

Mary’s necklace is in the stone thing in the tower. Take 
it, then return to the catacombs. Use the skeleton key on 
the glowing skull on the back wall to open the door to the 
underground bay.

Mary’s necklace goes on the worktable to the right. We 
can’t fix it right now, because we don’t know the pattern. 
Take the portrait piece, then put the necklace down. Click 
on the necklace several times to remove the broken pieces.

Return to the crypt. Remington has stolen Mary’s body! He 
left a doubloon behind in the tomb, so make sure to pick it 
up. Put the portrait piece in the frame, then click on the 
necklace to copy down the design.

Go back to the underground bay. Put the design on the table 
to start a puzzle. Find the four pieces that make up the 
necklace, and put them into place. You may have to rotate 

When all the pieces are in place, you get the necklace. Put 
it in the pillar in the center of the room to open the 
doors. Continue to the next room, where Remington is 
performing his ritual with Mary’s body and your daughter.

Click on Remington to get him to approach you, then click 
on him again to talk with him. He refuses to believe the 
truth about Mary, unless he hears it from her.

Go back a room. Solve the hidden objects challenge by the 
crab to get a portrait piece. Go back twice to the hideout, 
and solve the hidden objects challenge here for a pickaxe.

Go to the ballroom and use the pickaxe on the tile on the 
ground. This reveals a pouch with a doubloon.

Return to the crypt. Put the painting piece in the frame to 
get the complete portrait of Mary. Return to Remington in 
the underground bay and give the portrait to him. She 
speaks to him for a bit. Talk to him after this, and he 
gives you a pearl.

Remington has decided he wants to move on to the afterlife, 
so we have to end his deal with Davy Jones. That means we 
must get whatever he has in his treasure chest. Go back a 
screen and solve the final hidden objects challenge for an 

Go back two screens. Use the urn on the right wall for a 
puzzle. In this puzzle, you want to put all the urns in 
place, according to the patterns. From left to right, the 
pattern for each column is red dots, cracked top, green 
sail and white sail logo. From top the bottom, the pattern 
for each row is yellow dots, swords, gray color and roman 

Solving the puzzle gets you the final doubloon. Return to 
the Captain’s Quarters and use all the doubloons on the 
chest. Use the pearl on the chest to get Remington’s heart. 

Go all the way back to Remington. Click on him, then put 
the heart in his chest. He regains his mortality and dies, 
like his beloved Mary. After this, you save your daughter. 
The end!

004-Collector’s Edition Bonus Adventure

The collector’s edition of the game comes with a bonus 
adventure, which is about our hero and her daughter 
returning home from Skull Island.


Talk to your daughter, then look at the small beach area to 
the left. Pick up the bottle and smash it on the rocks 
(either the rocks on the left or the rocks on the right). 
Read the message inside. Someone was trapped in a 

Pick up the map and the glass shard, then board the ship. 
Talk to the pirate to learn that you were nominated 
captain! The pirate needs his eye before he can sail. Back 
away from the pirate, then take the ladle hanging from the 
beam on the right. Use it to get the eye in the crack on 
the deck (in the lower/left).

Give the eye to the pirate. It needs a destination, so give 
it the map. Now all it needs is a compass! Use the glass 
shard on the netting, then complete a hidden objects 
challenge for a compass. Give it to the pirate, and you 
sail off to the shipwreck.

Lower Deck

Before exploring the shipwreck, talk to the pirate for some 
rope. Go to the dock and examine the lantern. Inside is a 
map. Take it, then board the ship. The only room you can 
enter right now is the mess on the right.

In the mess is a chest, protected by a seahorse lock. There 
are also many fireflies. You’ll deal with those things 
later. For now, solve the hidden objects screen to get a 

On the wall is a buoy. Click on it to remove the old rope. 
Use your rope on the buoy to get a buoy with rope. Also, 
take the hook which is lying on the bar.

Go back two screens. Open the crab cage and use the hook on 
the key to retrieve it. Use the buoy with rope on the raft 
to the right, in order to get a hidden objects challenge. 
Solve it to get a crutch.

Go back onto the ship. Use the key on the left door to get 
access to the captain’s room. The captain here is impaled 
by five swords. Put the pearl on top of a sword to speak 
with him. He was cursed by Davy Jones, and if you can get 
all five pearls on the five swords, he will be freed.

Solve the hidden objects here to get a knife. Look at the 
desk on the left to get a rock and some newspaper. There is 
a record player here, with a broken record.

Go back a screen. Use the crutch on the ladder. It falls 
down, so you can go upstairs.

Upper Deck

Both doors here are locked, so go forward to an outside 
area. Take the butterfly net on the right. There are two 
chests here. One is locked with a numbers puzzle, while the 
other is latched. Use the knife on the latched chest to pop 
open the latch. The lid goes up, and you get a pearl. A 
seagull steals it!

Solve the hidden objects challenge here for a needle.

Go back to the mess hall. Use the butterfly net on the 
fireflies to capture them. Then return to the docks. Use 
the net of fireflies on the lantern to get a lantern. Then 
do the hidden objects screen to get a sledgehammer.

Go to the upper deck. You can now enter the rooms here. The 
left door has a key stuck partway inside. Put the newspaper 
under the door, then use the needle on the lock. The key 
falls on the newspaper. Grab the newspaper to get the key; 
use the key on the door to unlock it.

Inside, the room is dark. Put the lantern here, so you can 
see things. There is a map puzzle here which needs tiles, 
and there is a hidden objects challenge. Do the challenge 
to get a trophy!

Leave the room. Use the sledgehammer on the right door 
several times so you can get inside. Read the book on the 
table to get a tile, and look at the pictures on the left. 
One is a picture of trophies.

A shelf on the cabinet in the back needs a trophy. Put your 
trophy there, then arrange the trophies so they match the 
picture. When you do this, a drawer in the right cabinet 
opens up. Zoom in on that area. Swap the books to form a 
picture of a ship, and you get a lever.

Leave the room. Use the lever on the flashing light, on the 
left. Pull it to lower the ladder to the crow’s nest. The 
seagull is here. Throw your rock at it, and the seagull 
flies away. You can take the pearl and the map tile from 
the seagull’s nest.

At the top of the pillar on the right is a small door. Open 
it to get two number tokens. Solve the hidden objects 
challenge on the right for a broken record. Go down, then 
forward to the outside area.

Solve the hidden objects challenge here for a map tile, 
then look at the case with numbered tokens. Put your tokens 
here. You are challenged to put four numbers in the four 
corners. The sum of the numbers must equal the number in 
the middle. Solutions are 7 (0 1 2 4), 13 (0 2 4 7), 21 (2 
4 7 8) and 26 (5 6 7 8). Solving the puzzle gets you a 

Go back to the captain’s cabin now. Solve the hidden 
objects screen for a seahorse emblem. Examine the record 
and use your record pieces here. You get a jigsaw puzzle. 
Put all the pieces into place to form a full record. Pieces 
can be rotated. Solving the puzzle gets you a pearl.

Go to the mess. Use the seahorse emblem on the chest to get 
a fish head. Solve the hidden objects challenge for the 
final map tile.

Go to the trophy room and use the map tiles on the map. 
This starts a jigsaw puzzle. Swap tiles to form a picture. 
There is a dotted line around the edge of the map, which 
helps you get the pieces into place. Solving this puzzle 
gets you a pearl.

There is a hidden objects challenge now. Solve it for a 
trophy base. See the fish trophies on the wall? Put the 
trophy base in the middle, then put the fish head over it. 
This reveals a hidden area with a sword handle.

Return to the captain. Put the pearls on all the sword 
handles. One sword is missing a handle; put the sword 
handle on it, to finish it. When all the pearls are in 
place, the captain is freed from his curse.

He gives you a map, in thanks. Return to the pirate ship 
and give the map to the pirate. He will sail you back to 
the museum, where you started the game.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2014.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).