The Nightmare of Druaga: Fushigino Dungeon review
The Playstation 2 had a lot of games, and many of them are good. This one...isn't.


The Nightmare of Druaga is a cross between a generic role-playing game and a roguelike. You can store equipment, transfer abilities between weapons and upgrade your weapons and items, just be prepared to lose them when you die. Yeah, whenever you die, you lose all your stuff, but then, I was just like, whatever and reloaded. I got my items taken away ANYWAY AND HAD HALF MY GOLD F***ED. A game is supposed to penalize you SLIGHTLY when you die, so you don't lose interest, or get heavily stressed out, which is why this is the worst title for the Playstation 2.

Well, you can inscribe your items to keep from losing them. The catch? You're limited to how many you can inscribe, improving over time but initially starting you at a very low ONE. At least there were shops where you can buy vital goods from, which was practically the only living mercy of the entire game. There were also quests to take part in. Normally a good thing this aspect is made worse in this game since that taking part in them, for whatever reason, restarted you at a mere level 1 and confiscated all your items. The only reason you would do them was because you got good items that were practically necessary to beat the dungeons. And I'll leave you to ponder over whoever would send you to fetch something they accidentally dropped...in a dungeon on the bottom of the NINTH FLOOR.

Druaga was overly linear. It had a very cliched plotline, save the girl. The bad guy is...whatever. I won't spoil anything, not that there's anything to spoil. Anyways, you play as Gil (funny how they normally put this at the beginning) and rescue Ki. You NEVER get to do anything else besides the occasional fetch quest, which felt more mandatory.

The gameplay introduced something new to me. I found the speeds to be intuitive at first, but it still ends up as one of those games where you're just hitting each other until one of you dies. So in essence there isn't a whole lot interesting to fighting enemies. Never mind, that actually isn't a new experience. While you're dealing with that boredom, you have to worry about your protection. It's kind of retarded because only affects your vision. This goes from "Oh, haven't seen that in a game before" to "Great. I have to sacrifice one of my ultra items to stay longer" fairly quickly.

The entire game quickly becomes tedious. While I'm more into action games rather than any kind of turn-based, I usually bring out the positives in any genre. This game barely does and they aren't worth pointing out. Except the shops and upgrades. And inscriptions, that did really help.

Alright. So basically I have a scoring system of a thousand points here. They are as follows.

022/320 - Gameplay
Basically impossible to actually enjoy, being brutally unforgiving and retarded
095/260 - Music
Probably one of the best things about the game. It was atmospheric, but it lacked everything else, especially in being utterly forgetful.
005/020 - Graphics
Cheesy animations, blocky movement that could not hide itself. Nothing appealing to the eye.
030/180 - Plot
Again, cliche. Just, so, cliche.
044/220 - Integration
Not really well done. Just dungeon crawling in general to rescue a princess. Whatever.
0196/1000 - Shitty.
Well, that's my first review. I hoped you enjoyed my rant and found me intuitive. I will probably be doing more reviews like this.

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