The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge Cheats

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Beat Giant Spiders fast
When you are fighting any of the giant spiders, right when you hit it and it starts to burrow underground, charge the soul robber. After the baby spiders come out, so a soul spin. If you mess up, dont try to charge it again, just smack away. The super charged soul spin will attract the spiders to you, which results in the spiders being killed faster. You can defeat almost all of the spiders at that time by doing this.
Defeat Lock quickly
During "The Crypt Creeper" chapter, you will have to fight Lock before you enter the crypt. This can make getting an S on time and damage hard, but there is a way to avoid a long confrantation and loss of health. First, catch up with Lock (He's fast, but dosen't have much places to run), then quickly go into your inventory screen and use a blue soul. Now quickly use a Soul Spin attack next to him. He should lose a large ammount of health. Continue this a few more times untill he's done.

(Note: This will be more effective when your Soul Robber is powered up. Try saving up enough money to buy an upgrade during the "Hanging Tree" chapter.)
Easier defeat for Barrel
In "Pearl in the Pumpkin Head", you'll have to facedown with Barrel. Many have complained that fight being very hard, mostly due to the fact that the red skeletens throw homing bones at you relentlessly as the fight progresses. An easy way to fix that is to go find the red skeletens doing so, turn into Santa Jack, and use a Re-Possess present on them. Now leave them and focus on Barrel. And avoid killing the regular skeletens, or they'll be replaced with red skeletens again.
Tips for Nightmare Ranks
When going for S Nightmare Ranks, you dont have to get all 4 ranks an S at the same time. For example, You can go through the level and get an S in time and an S in combo, but a D in damage and !-Count. You can go back into the level, get a D in time and combo, but get an S in damage and !-Count, you will still get an Overal S Nightmare Rank for that Level. Its much easier to go through a level and go for an S in time, go again through the level for an S in Damage, ect, than it is to try and get all S at one time.

Also, after you beat Oogie for the last time (Chapter 24) you will be given an overall rank, which unlocks certain costumes. If you get a C rank, you can improve your other level ranks and beat Chapter 24 again. If you were able to increase your overall game rank to say, a B, you will get that costume. So dont worry about having all levels at an S before you beat Chapter 24. You can change your overall rank even after beating the game.


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Destroy the Mayor's car!
When you reach the Mayor's house (In "The Mayor's Madhouse" chapter), you'll find the Mayor's hearse car sitting by the stairs in the foyer of his home, and you can deastroy it with your Soul Robber or Pumpkin fire. Great way to get combos (Around 60) and money!
easy money but low and other high
to get souls easy for the pumkin king use ur taunt on the resisdents of halloween town and u get 2 souls but hey its worth it it gives easy money and take corpse kids quiz and get alot of perfect score but when u get it u have to walk away from him or he won't give u anything if u get the same score so go to wiches shop look around or just go in and out so u can take his quiz again and do this over and over easy souls got me a soul robber lvl 3 on my 3rd chapter and i got pumkin king lvl3 on my 6th chapter
Unlimited red souls
Collecting every trophy in the game will allow you the ability to use an infinate number of red souls as the Pumpkin King.
Unlockable costumes
Pumpkin King: Defeat the Mega Spyder boss.

Santa Jack: Defeat the possesed Dr. Finklestein.

Pajama Jack: Complete the game with an overall ranking of C or higher.

Dancing Jack costume: Complete the game with an overall ranking of B or higher.

Thespian Jack costume: Complete the game with an overall ranking of A or higher.

Phantom Jack costume: Complete the game with an overall ranking of S.

(Note: Only the Pumpkin King and Santa Jack costumes affect how Jack plays.)