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Surviving Horror 2014 Part II – Nightmares that go bump in the night


Nightmare Creatures is something of an anomaly. On paper, it would seem like the perfect horror themed hack and slash game. After all, it had horrific enemy designs and the Gothic architecture certainly adds to the atmosphere quite a bit. Not to mention that being able to carve them up like Thanksgiving turkey is always something that titillates the senses. I mean seriously, cutting up monsters? That'd be so cool, especially in 3D!! But whether the technology wasn't there or something went wrong in development, the final product simply lacks the necessary polish to allow everybody to fully ...


nightmare creatures

The good:

creepy london set in 1834
two chractors to control
storyline is good

The bad:

sloopy control system
the pathetic monsters
no puzzles
time limit
repetive gameplay
not resident evil
grainy graphics


nightmare creatures sure the game is eponymous but for the wrong reasons the gameplay is a nightmare poor handling camera from hell laughable not this stinks like rotten meat but worse why must a game look so promising then suck so badly wheres the expolration loved in tomb raider why fighting moves this makes the game sink slower than a plug hole fine i dislike combos in game if it must include it make it like hard edge which succeded in gameplay and fun ng can be quite? fun or is that torture the london darkness makes you want to try and perserve but after about ten minutes the boredom ca...

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