Nightcaster review
NightCaster: spencer twin review

The good:

A wide variety of spells, enemies, and you age in the game (nice touch).
The enemies are hard enough to get your goat, but not drive you insane.
(Too late for that, my friend.) O, and I think that the cloaks are simply fa-abulo-o-us!

The bad:

Aaron's physical postitioning is really hard to control, as in turning.
He turns in pretty much 90' turns: it's either he's facing you or he's NOT.
And Aaron's face needed to be rendered better... HE HAS NO LIPS!!!
(Sister: That was spooky, man.)
It's too short! More game time, God trash it!
(sister adds: That Orb... the voice... esp. when you die...
"Of course I can't hear you, you idiot! -- I'm DEAD!!!")


Okay, the only creatures that really bugged the heck outta me were the Ice Golems
(Big blue rocky guys that fall apart when you get to far away) and the other ice
jobbies that cast ice spells on you. O yea, and Frost
1) Roxors! He is so awsome! DWARVES FOREVER! and
2) How are we supposed to even guess that we are supposed to attack the silly axe???!!!
Although, if you read enough Tolkien, you should really have been able to guess,
I suppose... Go for the axe!

Over all, I enjoyed the game quite a bit. But it needs to be longer. :*( *sniffle*

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