Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing FAQ v1.0
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Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing FAQ

by Da Hui   Updated to v1.0 on
                   Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing                   
This FAQ was made for the NES FAQ Completion Project. You could contribute to  
this yourself! Just check out Devin Morgan's web site about it:                                                         
T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                                              
   1. - Controls
   2. - Strategies
   3. - Cars
   4. - Tracks
   5. - Disclaimer
1. - C O N T R O L S                                                           
        Up    - Shift Up
        Down  - Shift Down
        Left  - Steer Left
        Right - Steer Right
    A      - Accelerate
    B      - Brake
    Start  - Pause
    Select - Give Up (This will end the race)
2. - S T R A T E G I E S                                                       
   You have to shift up and down yourself if you choose a 6Speed.  This 
   requires you to pay attention to your speedometer and the track.  Once the 
   RPMs hit the red zone in the meter, you should shift up.  If you are slowing 
   down, you should also shift down when the meter hits the bottom.  You also 
   need to shift up before you start racing.  Below I will list at what speeds 
   you should generally shift up.
     1st Gear - 0MPH
     2nd Gear - 40MPH
     3rd Gear - 96MPH
     4th Gear - 136MPH
     5th Gear - 164MPH
     6th Gear - 200MPH
   Turning is fairly difficult in this game and requires a bit of practice.  
   For the most efficient turning, you should practice racing "the line."  What
   this is, is the fastest line around a turn. This requires you to start on
   the outside of a turn, for example start on the left hand side for a right
   turn.  While in the middle of the turn, you should be on the inside.  While
   exiting the turn, you should be on the outside again.  That line will allow
   you to take the turn at a faster speed which will also give you a greater
   corner exit speed.
   Be careful for those other cars on the tracks.  Don't do something stupid 
   such as hit them when they are easily avoidable.  If you hit them, you will
   slow down and feel shame for your mistake as everybody else speeds off.  I 
   suggest passing them on straightaways where you have time and don't have to
   worry about turning while passing other cars.
Learning the Tracks
   This isn't too difficult considering the fact that the map of the track is
   always on the screen.  They also give you a warning when you are approaching
   a turn.  However, learning the track is one key strategy to winning any 
   race.  This will help you prepare for each turn and learn the key passing
   points for each track.  Also pay attention to each of Michael Andretti's 
   tips before each track.  
3. - T U N I N G                                                               
There isn't much to tuning in this game, but I will list all of it anyways.
Gears - Automatic will automatically shift for you. A 6Speed will make you 
         shift yourself. Check out the strategies section for more information
         about shifting.
Tires - There are three different types of tires. Hard doesn't give you as good
         traction but they will last longest. Soft will give you better 
         traction but won't last as long. Wet will give you better traction in
Wings - You get a choice between three wings. The smallest angle (ten degrees)
         will make your car lighter and faster, however you won't be able to
         turn as well. Twenty degrees will be a split between speed and turning
         and thirty degrees will give you more turning ability than speed.
4. - T R A C K S
South Africa
 MMMMMMM:              MMMM             rMMM;                                  
MMM2  MMMMMMB      MMMMMM               .MMM2                                  
MM      MM8MMMMMMMMMW@@M               MMM8                                    
 MMMMMM                  WMW           MMa                                     
  MMMMMMMMM         MMMMMMMMM          MMMM                                    
                             MM2                                         WMM   
                              BMM                                          MMM 
                                MM                                          iMM
                                MM                                           .M
                              MMMM                                           WM
                             @M0                                           MMM 
                             MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM              XMMMa  
                              XMMMMMM0MMMMMMMMMMMMMM0MMMMMMMMM        MMMMM    
                                   8M iiiiiiiiiiiiii MS       MMMMMMMMM        
         MMMM    MM0                                                           
        MM      MM                                                             
          MMM   .MM                                                            
         MM       0MM                                                          
       MM0         MMZ                                                         
     MMM         MM                                                            
   iMMS         MM  iXX8                                                       
  MMB            MMMMMMMM      MMMMMMM                                         
,MZ                    @MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.....................................X  
 MMMMMMM                                                                    MMM
    WMM                                         2MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMW         MM
  MMM                                          MM                  MM       MMM
                7MM                                                  :MMMMMM   
                rMM                                                     MMMM   
                 BMMM8W0                                               ZMMS    
                   MMMMMMMMMMMMM;                                      MM      
     r...i              MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.X                            MM:     
  MMMMMMMMMMM                           8MMM                           ,MMMMMM 
  MMX    SMMMMX                           MMMM                              @MM
 MM.         MMM   MMMMMMMMMi              MMM                             7 MM
MM           MMX   MM8    MMMM          MMMMS                      MMMMMMMMMMM 
 MM.        MM   SMM        MMM,... MMMMMBM                 :rMMMMMMMrMaMMM2   
 :MMr        MMMMM            MMMMMMM                MMMMMMMMMM      ZM        
   MMMMM:                                       MMMMMMMMMMMM    MMMMMMM        
        , MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                                                    
     :MMMM7              MMMM          .MMMMM                                  
    MMM                     MMX       MMMMMMMMMMM ,     S MMMM                 
  @MM                      MM;      MMM       i.SMMM    MM   WMMMMMMM          
 MM        @MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM       MM             MM    MMMi      SMMM         
 MX      WMMM,7XXXXXXXXXX2i       MM              ;MM    .MMM00M     8MM       
MM       MM                       M                MMMM     iMMMMM2    MMB     
.M       MMMMM 7                  M                 ;MMMMX      XMMM7   7MM:   
 MMMM8      aMMMMMMS            ,MM                      MMMMMMM   MM     MMM  
   8MMMM        MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM@                           MMMMMMMM       MM 
     @Mi                                  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                iMM
   MMB                                   MM                .MM          MMMMMM 
San Marino
                                                        :MMMMMM      MMMMMMMMM 
                                                     MMMMM   8MMMMMMMZ       MM
                                                     MM                     MM 
                           .X..i                      ;MM;                 aMM 
                           XMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMW      MMMM                WMM  
                    MMMMMMMMM  0MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,   MMr                MMM   
                  MMM  @88W                     M8MMM  8MM              :M@;   
               MMMM                                  MMMM               MM;    
            MMMMMS                                                    0MM      
    2raBMMMMM08                                                      ;MMB      
 MMMMMMM                                                             MMM       
MMM                                                                 MMr        
 M2           WZZMMMMMMi     ZMMMMMMMMZZZZZM                       XMS         
  MMM    MMMMMMMMM   MMMMMMMMMM      2MMMMMMMMMW                   MM          
   iMMMMMMMMMZ        .MMMMMMMMMMMM         MMMMMMMM            MMMM           
                                  ; MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMB:           
              iMWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWM                             MMMM.  ... MM2  
         MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                             MM2      MMMM
     MMMMMMMMMM;                 MMMMMMM                           ;MM       MM
 XMMMMM0WM               S.MMM0.     MWMMM0,;                       aMMS     MM
XM   ;      MMMMM      .MMMM..MMMMMi    r.MMMMM                     aMM2   .0MM
MMMZ      MMM XMM       MM       MMMM        MMMMMM7               rMM    MMMMM
 MMMM    MMi  MMM     MMM           MMMM       .MMMMMMMMMM        MMM     M  MW
   @MMMMMZ  ;MM.     :MM@            MaMMMM7S     8ZZZZ2SMMMM7    MMM    M   M 
    ,   i XMM    MMMWMMM                . MMMMM          : MMMMMB MMM  WMM   M 
          MMMMMMMMMMMM                       MMMMM            MMMMMMM  MM  MMM 
            MMMMMM                              MMMMM            MM    MM  MMM 
                                                  S7ZMMMaM             MM MMM  
                                                       MMMMMM          XMMMZ   
                                                          MMMMMW      MMMM     
                                                             MMMMM, iMMMa      
                        MMM                 MMMM                               
        XMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                    iMMMX                             
       MM                                       iMM                            
     MMM                                          MMMMM                        
    7MM                                              BMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM  
   MMM                                                                     MMM 
 MMMM.    8MMMMMMMMr                                                         MM
MM       MM        MM                                        :MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 
MM     0MMiX7 MBBZ:SMM                         M@@@WW    BMMMMSXXXXXXXXXXXXX8  
BM   8MMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM                    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8                   
 MMMMM                XMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM7 ,       .  ;                      
                            .       MMMMMMMMr               ZMMMM7             
                       MMMMMMMMMMMMM       MM2           MMMM    MMMM          
                    iMMMMMMM            ;MMMMi         .MM          MM.        
                MMMMM ,         iMMMMMMMM           SMMM.            .MM       
              MMMMr            MMM          MMMMMMMMMMM                MMM     
         0WMMMX0         WBMMMMM       BMMMMMXXXXXXZ                     MM0   
      .MMMMB          MMMMMM       MMMMMM                                  MM  
     MMWM     ZXiMMMMMB8      rMMMMWBM                                    . MM 
   MMM       MMMMMW       MMMMMZ                      MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM    MMMM  
 SMM      iMMMM      27MMM@                         MMM            2MM.     MM 
MM                     MMMM:                                                   
MMM            MMMMMMMMMM0                                                     
 .MMMMMMMMMMMMMM      ;                                                        
Great Britain
             MM    aMMMMM                                                      
            7 MM0     M@@MMMM2a2                        2MMMZ                  
          MMMM              MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMX      MM  MMMMM               
  B2222MMM@M                    M@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@MM.   MM      MBMMM            
 MMMMMMM                                         MMM   MMMMM    M MMB          
MM                                                 MMX   MMr    M   MMW;       
 MMMM                                                MMMMr       MM   MMM      
  M@@MMMM22B                                          MM          BMM   MM2    
        aMMMMMMM;                                                   MM8   MM   
            M@@@MMMM22B                                              iMM7  MMZ 
                   aMMMMMM                                             0MMMMMMM
                       M@@MM         .Z2Z;                                   MM
                             MMMMMMMW     ZMMMM8:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i  
    @MMMMM7    .             MMM@                                              
MM              MMMMMMMMMMMM      MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.  WMM       MM,              
MMM                   :                         iMM   BMM      MMM0            
 MM.                                              MM@   MM8    M MMM@          
  MMM                                              ;MM7   MM   M  iMMM         
 MM                                                  SMM  MM   MM   ,MMM       
 MMB                                                   MMMMr    0MM   WMM      
   MMM                                                            MMM   MMM    
     MMM.7                                                          MMr   MM:  
      . MMMMX                                                        ,MMMMMMMM 
          MMMMM                                                        MMMMMaMM
             ;.MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                                              MM
                  ZMMMMMMZ    MMMMM                                       :MMM 
                       XMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMB           a:MMMMMM                  
               MMMMMMMMMM                MM          MM,   :@MMM               
             MMM                         rMMM          MM  ZM  8MM             
             7MM                           MMMMMMM00@    MM  MM  MMZ           
              ,MM                                 MMMMMM  MMa rMM  MM          
             ZMM                                     . MMMMM    MM2  MM        
     0a00000MM                                                Z7  MMMMMM@      
    MMMMMMMM7                                               rMMMMM      MM;    
   MM                               8MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM  MMM     iMM   
 M        MMMMa                                                      MM      MM
MMZ   MMMMMX                                                          2MMMMMWMM
 XMMMM@8                                                                S7aaXX 
                   MMM    MM,                                                  
                   MW      SM                                                  
                 MM2        MM:                                                
    MMMMM0      MMX        MMa                                                 
   MM  MMM       MM        MM                                                  
 MMS SM7         iMM7      2MM                                                 
MM   MMMM          MM        MMMM    ;MMMMMMMMM     MMMM                       
MMMM    MMMMM     iMM           MMMMMM        MMMMMMM MMM         M.           
 MMMMS     MMMM  MM;                             MMM   iMMMMMMMMMMM7MMMMMMMMMM;
    MMM        MM                                           MM       ZMM     MM
     XMMMMMM,      .;                                        MMMBBW@07  XMMMMM 
   SMMMZ     MMM                                                               
   8MM         MMM                                                             
   SMM          MMM7                                                           
   MMM            BMM                                                          
     MMB            MMM                                                        
    @MM              XMM8                                                      
   aM                  aMM                                                     
  MMM                    MMMM   aMMMMM                                         
BM,                                                                        2MM@
MM                                             iMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM        MM
MM                                           iMM                    MMMi    7MM
       MMMMMMM     MMMMM                                                       
             MMMMMMMMMMW                    MMMMMMMM    7MMMMMM.               
          XMMMMMMMMMMMMMMr                7MMMMM:           MMMMMMr            
         MM             MM                MM                    ZMM            
       @MM        :   MMMM                MMMMB                   MM           
     :MM       MMMMMMMM        MMMM          MMMMMMMM             7MMMMMM2     
    MM0     MMMMMMM         MMMMMMMMMMM          MMMMMMMM           MMMMMMM    
  MMM      MM          MMMMMZ      ,  MMMMMMM          @MMM               MMM  
 MM         MMMMMMMMMMMMM                  MMMMMMM       MM                 MM 
MM            ;::::::;   BMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMi    WMMMMMMMMM;                  MM
 MM                     MM                 MMM                              MMM
                                      MMMM       MMX              MM ... MM;   
                                  MMMMMM          MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM       MMM  
                    iMMMi       aMMWMMM   0MMMMMM   MMMMMMMMMMMMM.          MMi
                    MMMMM        MM     rMMrrrrrrMM                    BZW    M
                   MM .MM        MM    MMZ        MMM     MMMMMM     MMMMMM8 MM
                   MM .MM        MM    MM7          MM MMMMMMMMMMM  MM.   aMMMM
                   MM   MM       MM    MMS          MMMMM7M    8MMMMW       WM 
                   MM    MM      MM    MMS           :             i           
  MMMMM7           MM     MMMM   MM    MMS                                     
 MMMBMMMMM ......MMMM       M8M2,MM    MMS                                     
MM,     MMMMMMMMMM 7          MMMM     MM2                                     
MM                       MMMMMMMMMM   MMMM                                     
MM              MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM  MMMMMMM                                       
                 MMMMM                                MMM                      
              MMMMM                                  MM                        
          S8MMMW.                                  SMM                         
       MMMMM                                       :MM           MMMMMM        
    @MMMM                                          ;MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM       
aaMMMr8                                              Z;.              i;MMMBM  
MM                                                       MMMMMMMMMMMMM    7MMMM
XMM8   X.i                                         i.. MM8          ;MM      MM
     MM    MM             MM              MMMMMMMM                             
            MMM         ZMMMMX         MMM888888@                              
              MMZ      MMi  ZMM      MMM                                       
               iMM   MMM      MM@   MM                                         
                 ;MMMM          MMMM.                                          
5. - D I S C L A I M E R
This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted ゥ 2007 to Frank Grochowski. International  
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