Shadow of the Colossus FAQ/Walkthrough
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: : : : Shadow of the Colossus FAQ/Walkthrough

Shadow of the Colossus FAQ/Walkthrough

by Shotgunnova   Updated on
 Shadow of the Colossus FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova |                   |
_______________________________________________________|                   |_
¯¯¯¯¯¯\\//¯¯¯\\//¯¯¯\\//¯¯¯\\//¯¯¯\\//¯¯¯\\//¯¯¯\\//¯|                       |
       )/     )/     )/     )/     )/     )/     )/  |     .-~-~-~-~-~-.     |
      //     //     //     //     //     //     //   |     |           |     |
     //     //     //     //     //     //     //    |     | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |     |
    //     //     //     //     //     //     //     |     '-'-~-~-~-'-'     |
   //     //     //     //     //     //     //      |                       |
  //     //     //     //     //     //     //       | |¯¯¯¯|         |¯¯¯¯| |
 //     //     //     //     //     //     //        | |    |         |    | |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/      \¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/      \¯¯
 TABLE OF CONTENTS                                   /        \     /        \

   I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
  II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS

      Reminiscence Mode................................................. RTTM
      Lizards and Fruit................................................. LZFT
      Map .............................................................. MAPZ

 III. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

      Colossus 01 ...................................................... WK01
      Colossus 02 ...................................................... WK02
      Colossus 03 ...................................................... WK03
      Colossus 04 ...................................................... WK04
      Colossus 05 ...................................................... WK05
      Colossus 06 ...................................................... WK06
      Colossus 07 ...................................................... WK07
      Colossus 08 ...................................................... WK08
      Colossus 09 ...................................................... WK09
      Colossus 10 ...................................................... WK10
      Colossus 11 ...................................................... WK11
      Colossus 12 ...................................................... WK12
      Colossus 13 ...................................................... WK13
      Colossus 14 ...................................................... WK14
      Colossus 15 ...................................................... WK15
      Colossus 16 ...................................................... WK16

  IV. APPENDICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . APND

      Saveshrine Locations.............................................. SVPT
      Time Attack....................................................... TMAT

   V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
  VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
 VII. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
                     ____          |  |          ____
    L2 BUTTON -->   /____/\        |  |        /\____\   <-- R2 BUTTON
    L1 BUTTON -->  /____/\ \_______|  |_______/ /\____\  <-- R1 BUTTON
                  /  _    \________|__|________/    _  \
                 / _| |_                         _ /_\ _\  <-- TRIANGLE BUTTON
DIRECTIONAL --> | |_   _|   [SELECT]   [START]  [_]   (_)| <-- CIRCLE BUTTON
    PAD         |   |_|          [ANALOG]          (X)   | <-- X BUTTON
                /            ____        ____            \
               /            /    \  __  /    \            \
               \         /\ \____/ /  \ \____/ /\         /
                \       /  \______/    \______/  \       /
                 \_____/ LEFT ANALOG  RIGHT ANALOG\_____/
                            (L3)          (R3)

 Analog control is available for Fear Effect, but in reality, the d-pad is a
 much better use for movement due to its precision controls in dodging and
 moving -- there is no diagonal movement, after all. It's off by default, too.
 Buttons lacking function have been omitted.

 | Walk         | Tilt left analog slightly                                  |
 | Sprint       | Tilt left analog sharply                                   |
 | Crouch       | R1 button                                                  |
 | Roll         | R1 button + Triangle + Direction                           |
 | Jump         | Triangle                                                   |
 | Use Weapon   | Press/release square button                                |
 | View Map     | Start button                                               |
 | Change POV   | Right analog stick                                         |
 | Climbing     | Jump at ledge + Hold R1 button (+ Direction to shimmy)     |
 | Pull-Up      | Grab ledge + Hold triangle and release                     |
 | Sidegrab     | Grab ledge + Hold left analog L/R + Press/release Triangle |
 | Swimming     | Tilt left analog (Hold R1 to swim underwater)              |
 | Call Agro    | X-Button                                                   |
 | Saddle Up    | Press Triangle near Agro if level; hold R1 midjump to grab |
 | Spur Agro    | X-Button (while saddled)                                   |
 | Heel Agro    | Tilt left analog stick down sharply                        |
 | 180 Turn     | Heel Agro + Press X-Button while coming to stop            |
 | Saddle Stand | Riding Agro + R1 Button + Tilt left analog up              |
 | Saddle Hug   | Hold R1 (more aerodynamic?)                                |
 | Stab Colossi | Hold Triangle + Press/release square button                |
 | Midair Stab! | Square button (while in midair)                            |
 | Fast Recover | Spin left analog (after being knocked down by colossi)     |

II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]
Reminiscence Mode                  [RTTM]

 There are two special (optional) modes of play to do in SOTC. The first, a
 Reminiscence Mode, allows the main character Wander to replay previous
 showdowns with colossi. This cannot be done with the sixteenth colossus,
 however. This mode offers no extras besides reliving each boss' glory days
 against the hero. To start this mode, Wander must locate the fallen bodies
 of his enemies and pray there (O-button).

Lizards and Fruit                  [LZFT]

 There are no restaurants in this game, and the only way to get a meal is to
 forage with the local flora and fauna. White-tail lizards appear all through
 the game, including near saveshrines. Using the sword/arrow/Agro to knock 'em
 over, Wander can pick up the chow down with the O-button. Lizards increase
 max stamina.

 Fruit trees also grow around the land, and are usually found in places the
 hero may not bother to check (dead-end cliffs, seaside overlooks, etc.). Use
 an arrow to knock one down, pick it up with O-button, and have a nice salad.
 These will increase maximum health!

 Have trouble finding these? Maps that help with their whereabouts can be won
 in Time Trial Mode, both difficulties.

Map                                [MAPZ]
 Here's the map for the region with the colossi locations numbered in order of
 appearance. Basically, if you're reading the walkthrough, y'can check back
 here to see the spawnpoint.

                      (7                           15   )
                       \_/ /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|    11  |¯¯\______/
               /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ (         |        |   __   __
              /    /¯¯¯¯¯' \_____   |        |  (  (_)12)
             / (   \     , /¯¯\ 3\  |        _)__\ /¯¯¯¯
            (   ¯¯¯)¯¯¯¯¯ (    \ _\ |_      (    //¯¯¯¯¯\
             \ 14 / /¯¯¯¯\ \____\\____)      \  //     /
              \__/ (_____/               _/\  \//     (
                /     9 )         (¯¯¯¯||2  \   )      \
           /¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯           \___||    ¯¯))       )
           \                      _|¯¯¯| ¯¯¯¯¯¯/_______/
       ____/ /¯¯\/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯||____/ TEMPLE         \___/¯¯¯¯¯\
      |     /             _-~-'¯ _)                           5   \
       )|¯¯¯          .-~'                         (¯\  /¯¯|_______)
      |10\_______    /          |¯\          (¯¯¯¯¯\\ ¯¯
      |     _____\  /           |  \/¯¯|1|¯¯\ \   / 4¯¯¯)
       \   /     \\/     13     |       ¯    ) \_ ¯¯¯¯¯¯
        ¯¯¯       )             (           (    '~-._
               __(________ _     \           )  ___   '~-.______________
              \      ____//_\     \         /     8\                    /
               |    (    6  ))     \     (¯¯   \___/                 .-'
               '~-.  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/       '-~.__\                         /
                   ¯¯\¯¯¯¯¯¯                                     .-'
                      \¯\_                                      /
                       \   /       /¯¯\          __________.-~-'
                        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\__/16\ _____)

COLOSSUS 1 (Minotaurus Colossus)                                         [WK01]

 Got the hang of the controls? There is a small tutorial that displays all of
 the buttons after the opening cutscene. Using the sword-shining ability out
 in the sunlight, the rays' focal point will point due south from the Shrine
 of Worship (current temple). Mount Agro and gallop in that direction, to a
 small indentation in the cliff. The player will know s/he is in the right
 location 'cause the screen goes letterbox for a moment in a scene.

 The only part of the controls to master is the climbing, which has to be done
 first-hand (with R1 and Triangle). After getting a little ways up, a piece o'
 fallen debris blocks the way -- roll under it with R1 & Triangle. Next up, a
 large square pillar blocks the way to the path's top. Grab onto the external
 ledge, then shimmy behind it. To make the jump across, hold R1 and Triangle
 while pointing the left analog down (making Wander look backwards); then,
 release Triangle to make the leap and catch the ledge. From there...


 WEAKSPOT: Left leg (back)
         : Head (back)
         : Right arm (back - HARD MODE ONLY)

 RESTSPOT: Mounted platforms (mid-back)
         : Upper back (lower head)

 BEHAVIOR: This colossus will stomp around unassumingly, until Wander gives
           away his presence somehow. It's slow and lumbering, and seems to
           have a poor turn radius -- see how it has to back up slightly to
           face our hero?

           If Wander is within arm-range, the colossus will swing its club
           in a downward motion. Unlike its movements, this blow can actually
           arrive fast enough to knock the protagonist away. To evade, it's
           best to start running/rolling when it backs up and pivots, before
           it starts the swing. Since the downward motion shakes the ground
           in a small area of effect, rolling laterally with the movement's
           a good idea (to escape at least some of the damage).

           Its second attack is to simply stomp the ground in a forward
           motion, using the area of effect to inflict damage. This is very
           slow and easy to see coming, allowing for a quick dash behind the
           beastie. The colossus' can be easily mounted at this point.

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • Shakes leg front to back
           • Shakes upper torso side to side

 STRATEGY: Given how slow it moves and turns, baiting it into a frontal
           attack of any kind, then sprinting behind it as it follows through
           gives access to its furry back legs. Its left one has a trigger
           glyph on it, which when stabbed enough times, causes it to drop
           on one knee. This allows for better ascension by way of its back
           hair (or its face, which is close enough to the ground that Wander
           can climb it by running to the front).

           To get onto the large stone platform mounted on its back, shimmy
           on either side of it, jump-and-grab straight up to the ledge, and
           pull up. Refill stamina here or on the two mini-platforms above.

           From here, a vertical climb up the middle back region is a cinch.
           It can shake side-to-side attempting to dislodge Wander, but this
           spot also acts as a restspot when it's finished. The back of its
           head is the weakpoint, and there's really nothing it can do to
           stop the inevitable "brain drain". Three powerful thrusts will do
           the poor guy in.

COLOSSUS 2 (Taurus Magnus)                                               [WK02]

  "In the seaside moves slowly... Raise thy courage to defeat it."

 Before setting out, the voice from the temple says that altars similar to the
 one in front of the shrine will act as save/healing points. Thanks, bub!

 This next colossus is located across the bridge north of here; then, using a
 lowroad to get down to the riverbank. How do y'know it's the right way? Some
 growling in a cutscene right before will tip the player off. Approach the
 odd rectangular "seal" down there to kickstart the skirmish.

 WEAKSPOT: Paw (underside)
         : Head (back)
         : Leftside stomach (HARD MODE ONLY)

 RESTSPOT: Its back
         : Any small platform at the top of its appendages

 BEHAVIOR: This colossus is quite content to walk about, stomping the ground
           and causing tremors at a leisurely basis. Wander can get rattled
           if he's underfoot, but when on Agro, damage can be easily avoided.

           When provoked, it will turn towards its target and rear up on its
           hind legs, exposing the soft underside of its front paws. This can
           take awhile if Wander is riding around, and being a hard person to

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • Body is tremulant shortly (if attached to appendage)
           • Shakes side-to-side violently (if Wander is on top of back)
           • Shakes head side-to-side (apx 8 seconds)

 STRATEGY: Provoke the foe with an arrow, then sit still at mid-range, letting
           the colossus rear up on its hind legs. Fling an arrow into one of
           its paws, which will make it collapse on one side (whichever was
           hit with the arrow). This allows access to its furry back -- mount
           by running and grabbing, or jumping off Agro for increase distance.

           Once attached, start moving towards its far back as its shell has
           no place to grab towards its front legs (although it is possible
           to jump up with the motion of the colossus and land there). Resting
           is possible once at the top, near its external spine. Climb the
           vertebrae sticking out, making for its head, which is the easiest
           place to stab. The glyph there is worth about 3 full penetrations
           of cold steel.

           Lastly, the very back above the tail has a glyph. Since the shell
           provides good resting spots, as well as protection against falling
           off accidentally, the way backwards is just as easy as the way
           forwards. It has no defenses against punctures here, oddly 'nough.

COLOSSUS 3 (Terrestris Veritas)                                          [WK03]

"A giant canopy soars to the heavens. The anger of the sleeping giant shatters
                                   the earth."

 Like before, the swordlight directs the player back towards where the last
 colossus was fought. After crossing the northern bridge, this time, instead
 of taking the lowroad to the riverbank, take the highroad that leads to the
 dark plains beyond. Turn northwest into a misty, dim-lit gorge that spits
 Wander out near a lake. The "canopy" the temple voice spoke of obviously
 refers to the huge ruin raised above the water's surface. Swim out to the
 curvy walkway, moving higher... The ledged pillar sticking out to the side
 is the link to the flattop arena grounds; grab hold and jump 'cross the gap,
 finding a stairway up to the opponent.

 WEAKSPOT: Crest of head
         : Front torso
         : Left arm (back - HARD MODE ONLY)

 RESTSPOT: Where its arm connects to the sword (pre-armor break)
         : Nape of the neck
         : Stone ring around torso

 BEHAVIOR: Hey, who said colossi have to be all about animals!?

           This sword-wieldin' foe can inflict major damage on our pint-sized
           hero, and goes about doing it in a few ways. The first involves
           ramming the sword vertically into the ground, which happens if
           Wander is at mid-range. This creates a small area of effect to
           damage slowpoke heroes, but pre-empting the strike zone by rolling
           away will work also.

           When Wander is at long-range but within arm-range, it will slam
           its massive sword down, creating a huge area of effect. If Wander
           is underneath that slab of rock when it plummets, it's OHKO time!
           Rolling laterally can evade some of the damage, but the best way
           to do it is to run AWAY out of armlength, which also gives access
           for mounting the sword afterwards (since no knockback effect!)

           If at uber-close range, the beast stomps around like it's nothing.
           Since there are no places to grab hold on its bare-bones legs, 
           there's no reason to be in this predicament. Wander can really go
           flying here, however, if he gets stomped colossus-style.

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • Shakes/moves sword (if on arm)
           • "Headbangs" (if on head)
           • Twists body back and forth (if near torso)

 STRATEGY: "The anger of the sleeping giant shatters the earth". That clue is
           key to this guy's weakspots. As the player can see, it's armored
           enough that even if Wander manages to get onto its torso, there's
           nothing to do there.

           First step: break its armor. Instead of letting it "drill for oil"
           with its vertical, mid-range puncture attack, meander just inside
           of its sword range -- this baits in into slamming its sword down
           lengthwise. If Wander is standing on the white-marble platform on
           the field when the sword descends, a ripple effect will shorten
           the sword and blow some of the armor off as a result!

           Climbing the beast can still be tricky, however. The only access
           to its chest region lies with the sword. After baiting it into a
           "slam" attack as described above, there is 7-8 seconds where the
           hero can run up its length and cling to the fur at the blade's
           connection point. (This also serves as a restspot when the giant
           is lumbering about.) Ascend the furry forearm, up to the shoulder
           and bare upper back. Finding its shiny glyph forehead and doing a
           sword lobotomy will be payback to relish. Three attacks depletes.

           The last weakpoint is the front torso. A daring player may be able
           to jump from the forearm to the ledged "belt" around there, but
           for those of us who are slow-and-steady types, descending the back
           and shimmying to the front is the best bet. There's a walkable ring
           of stone there which can serve as a restspot, also! Three fullpower
           strikes will give this guy a military funeral.

COLOSSUS 4 (Equus Bellator Apex)                                         [WK04]

    "In the land of the vast green fields... Rows of guiding graves... It is
                      giant indeed but fearful, it is not."

 This one's a little easier to find. Trek southeast of the temple, locating a
 dark n' dusty ravine pathway. Traverse it to find an enclosed, mysterious
 glade down the way. Southeast of here is the awakenin' spot of a magnificent

 WEAKSPOT: Nape of neck (minor)
         : Back of head
         : Shoulder/base of neck (x2 - HARD MODE ONLY)

 RESTSPOT: Upper back

 BEHAVIOR: This stony stallion is content to walk around after Wander -- in
           fact, he doesn't lose sight of him until he goes into one of the
           four small bunkers nearby. His claw-like hooves are pointed, and
           make tremors while providing no cling-on spots.

           When Wander enters a bunker, the pony stomps around and will wait
           outside patiently for awhile to see if the teen emerges. Once the
           hero infuriates the colossus, it will stampede towards him (yes,
           there is an element of haste!) to get better access. Equus will
           bend down to find Wander inside the bunker, if he revels where he
           is at mid-range and where the colossus can see him.

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • Shakes body side to side (when on back)
           • Shakes body violently (when weakpoint stabbed)
           • Shakes head violently (when weakpoing stabbed)

 STRATEGY: This strategy takes a little more patience than those before it.
           Starting it off: lure the horse into the sunlit glade between the
           four bunkers. When the fight begins, this is accomplished by moving
           to the tiny hillock farthest away from the beast and waiting for it
           to draw close. At this point, get off Agro and jump into that cave.
           Quickly travel to the cave OPPOSITE the one y'just entered, which
           will have Wander emerge behind the beast.

           Equus will bend down to check the bunker when it gets close enough,
           providing a mounting point from its backside. Because differing
           heights can make this annoying, if Agro is nearby, he can become a
           stepping stone to jumping up (as opposed to whistling for him and
           alerting the colossus to Wander's location).

           Once mounted, climb this bronco's upper back to its neck. There's
           a glyph there that can be stabbed a few times for minimal damage.
           Its placement is done to make Equus bow its head, allowing Wander
           access over the obstructing collar and onto its noggin. 4-5 stabs
           will put this horse down for good.

COLOSSUS 5 (Avis Praeda)                                                 [WK05]

   "It casts a colossal shadow across a misty it soars through the
                     sky... To reach it is no easy task..."

 The large gorge north of the Shrine of Worship has many bridges, but to find
 the next colossus, go east and parallel to the formation. There is a winding
 path that leads right by the "Cliff Path" saveshrine. Further east through
 the misty mountain pass, the lake is spread out some bridge ruins. Swim out
 towards the top of a canal entrance, the very top part still showing, and
 swim underwater for a moment to get access through. A pillar in the shallows
 has grips that lead up to an outlook point -- the avian colossus is revealed
 here. Drop down through the pathway hole to fall into some water...

 WEAKSPOT: Wingtips (both sides, minor)
         : Upper Tail

 RESTSPOT: Anywhere on its body (save head) when it's gliding

 BEHAVIOR: This meadowlark starts the battle perched on a pillar far away from
           Wander, and doesn't move until provoked. It then swoops down to try
           and attack the hero, before turning around and attempting it again.
           After 2 strikes diving attacks, it circles the arena in a leisurely
           pace. If it sees the protagonist again, it makes no difference; he
           has to send another arrow up to draw its attention.

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • Irregular wing-flapping (if on wing)
           • Yaws left/right (if lower wing/body stabbed)
           • Barrel rolls (if wingtip weakpoint stabbed)

 STRATEGY: The many ruins here provide relatively poor access to climbing up
           to the bird; thus, making it come to Wander is the best choice.
           There are numerous "stepping stone" blocks -- mossy white marble --
           that usually appear in threes, remnants of old bridges connecting
           the once-dry location. These let Wander stand just above the water's
           edge and give a good trajectory. Send an arrow at the feathered
           friend to draw it's attention -- being a bird of prey, it'll dive
           for Wander.

           The two frontal sides of its wings are furry (near its head), and
           when it tries to catch Wander with its motion, the player has to
           make him leap into the path and catch. It has to be done near-
           perfectly lest Wander simply flounder about in the deep end.

           Once onboard, make for one of the wingtips -- the most unstable
           part of its flying motion. It's wings are slightly banded, meaning
           Wander can jump up and grab hold like a ledge when it's flying at
           an angle. Making this sucker's weakpoints bleed is a cue for it to
           barrel-roll and other long-lasting stamina-draining activities. Due
           to this, the player will most likely fall repeatedly!

           The last and easiest weakpoint is its upper tail. Because it's the
           farthest away from the wings and normal body, its movements are a
           lot less rattling, and easier to see coming to boot! Stabbing here
           2-3 times will bag this turkey. Taxidermist time!

COLOSSUS 6 (Belua Maximus)                                               [WK06]

   "A giant lurks underneath the temple... It lusts for destruction...but a
                                 fool, it is not."

 This one involves a large scenic tour! Southwest of the temple is a darkened
 wood; past it, an expansive, rocky plain known as the "Blasted Lands." This
 sunny, mist-swept land is perfect for spotting the swordshine's focal point:
 a temple carved into the side of a SW hill. At its base, a tunnel. As The
 Jam once said: we're goin' underground. A small cutscene plays down there,
 showing the player the ledged inner wall of the structure. At its bottom...

 WEAKSPOT: Back of head
         : Base of spine
         : Left hand (topside - HARD MODE ONLY)

 RESTSPOT: Upper back

 BEHAVIOR: If Wander is practically underfoot, the gargantuan will attempt to
           flatten him with his shoe. As a frontal attack, it can be avoided
           with a roll, even if its tremor knocks the hero down flat. Other
           than that, it only looks for the hero when he hides behind one of
           the pillars. Yeah, not much to this simple-minded freak.

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • Shakes appendage (if on arm)
           • Swings beard (if on face)
           • Shoulder shimmy (if frontal/back upper shoulders)
           • "Headbangs" (if on head)
           • Bend-back and shake (if on back)

 STRATEGY: As soon as the bearded behemoth is revealed behind the wall, don't
           dawdle -- head for the wall with ornamental goblets, climb up and
           over. Repeat this a few more times to find the white marble pillars
           of the far end. Meanwhile, the giant will be walking through the
           walls willy-nilly (or avoiding them). Shoot an arrow to get the
           foe's attention, then hide behind a pillar -- this causes the
           colossus to bend over for a look-see.

           At this point, attempt to climb onto its chest via the beard; just
           take note of how shaky and unstable the latter is, 'cause it ain't
           gonna be a very good vantage point to the other locations. Use the
           swaying motion as an advantage -- when it swings pendulum-like as
           the giant moves forward, leap off to one side and grab the frontal
           shoulders! Access to the top where Wander can refill stamina will
           well-earned once yer there.

           Like it's tremulant face, putting a dent in its head weakpoint can
           be difficult. The best way I've found is to stab is slightly once
           to calm the guy down, then use that as preparation for a supersized
           blade injection! It's final weakspot is down its back, left side,
           like an inflamed tattoo. Three big stabs apiece will give this guy
           a shave he'll never forget!

COLOSSUS 7 (Draco Marinus)                                               [WK07]

    "A ruin hidden in the lake... A ripple of thunder lurks underwater..."

 Ah, another water-lurker. Cross the northern landbridge and head parallel to
 the ornate, raised bridge connecting to the Shrine of Worship. At the very
 north, once in the desert region, head west parallel to the cliff. Along the
 path is a "Dried Marsh" saveshrine which'll landmark the path. At the watery
 ruins, a cutscene will notify the player this is indeed the correct location.
 Follow the small bridge to a spiral tower, going down with the flow instead
 of cresting it. Jump in the water and...

 WEAKSPOT: Base of each electrical spire (minor)
         : Top of head

 RESTSPOT: Back (anytime it surfaces)

 BEHAVIOR: Lazily swimming around a region where Wander is, it lurks beneath
           the calm water as it waits for the hero to be a sitting duck. If
           there's no one in the deep end, it simply circles endlessly in a
           slightly randomized loop.

           If Wander gets in the water, its attention can be gotten. It makes
           an upward-swimming trajectory for Wander's current spot (although
           he can move away) and attempts to electrocute him with the spires
           attached at intervals on the back. Only its tail may actually
           surface if the protagonist moves away, which is good -- that part
           has no defenses.

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • Dives deep, frenetic movements (if attached anywhere)
           • Surfaces & dives, various intervals (if attached anywhere)

 STRATEGY: As the battle starts, make for the half-sunken connection bridge
           nearby. Use this to view the circling path it swims, showing that
           doesn't surface when Wander simply bides his time on dry land. Get
           in the water near its swimming trajectory when it comes 'round.

           If it spots Wander, it will make a beeline straight for that spot.
           Its three large vertebrae are electric, and will shock the water
           and our hero if they happen to connect. Instead, when the dragon's
           attention is received, swim towards and over it; this way, when it
           surfaces and re-dives, its harmless tail can be grabbed onto! [If
           y'somehow fall off or it dives deep during the course of ascension
           up its back, one'll most likely have to restart from the back too!]

           Unfortunately, its furry parts only cover hard unpenetrable scales,
           so Wander's left to seek out the weakpoints straightaway, having no
           "damage to calm movements" outlet like the bearded giant before. As
           the snake spirals, oscillates, and slithers amidst the water, it
           also resurfaces for a few seconds. Use this time to refill air and
           stamina as Wander runs along the length toward each electrical

           At the base of each, on the same side, is a weakpoint. When the
           serpent dives the electrical field kicks in; when surfacing, there
           is nothing to fear. Strike quickly within the window of opportunity
           to both damage and deactivate the shocking defenses. Simply hitch a
           ride like a remora if health is critically low.

           Repeating this thrice gives access to the head's weakspot, which
           itself is worth three full stabs. This snake in the grass will be
           thrown off the mortal coil faster than a Lv1 Arbok. :p

COLOSSUS 8 (Parietinae Umbra)                                            [WK08]

 "A tail trapped within a pail deep within the forest... A shadow that crawls
                                    on walls."

 The 8th colossus is one of the more fun fights in the entire game. Find this
 lout by going southeast from the temple into a dark ravine entrance, and as
 the path forks around a mesa's base, go left (SE). When the air dust clears,
 a tunnel will be almost directly south -- take it to a small enclosed lake.
 The ruins on the opposite shore lead down into a dead-end room...or is it? A
 pillar is ridged, and Wander can jump at its peak onto the broken catwalk.
 From here, the enclosed "pail" reveals the...

 WEAKSPOT: White-fur sections of legs (4)
         : Underbelly (2)

 RESTSPOT: Underbelly (tentative)

 BEHAVIOR: When provoked, the lizard-like colossus will "shadow walk" up the
           walls, searching for Wander. This can be done up/down, left-right.
           When it finds him, usually by looking through a window or gaping
           walkway hole, it shoots an electric pellet or two. This is easily
           avoidable with a roll, but the residual charge means that if it
           does hit Wander, the effect will constantly drain his life if he
           remains inert.

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • Damaging back spikes (if Wander is dumb enough to jump there)
           • Rolls side-to-side on back (if knocked off wall)

 STRATEGY: The shadow-walking lizard is a one-trick pony, basically. When its
           attention is gotten, it will scurry up a wall in an attempt to find
           its prey. The electrical pellets it shoots can be deadly if Wander
           is slow to evade, but the tiered layout of the structure -- with a
           number of pathway gaps and side-stairways -- means that it should
           not be a problem 'less y'forget to (and I've done that... >__> )

           Its weakspots are found on its legs, any four of them. These cannot
           be stabbed but are vital in opening a window to stab the main weak-
           -spot. As it climbs a wall, it is often very easily confused, and
           by switching to a window across/opposite the lizard, it gives good
           access to shooting the white fur locations of its appendages. But,
           its grip is great, meaning that 2 must be shot to dislodge and drop
           it onto its back. If only 1 is shot, then it just finds the spot
           and slings a few projectiles that way.

           When it's on its back, get down (or jump down) onto its softened
           underbelly, where there are two glyphs to exsanguinate. Like a
           turtle, it strains to flip itself off its spiky shell, and there is
           about 20 seconds of time to get in a few potshots. 'Fact, a quick
           player can take this sucker out in two stab sessions (3/per w'spot).

COLOSSUS 9 (Nimbus Recanto)                                              [WK09]

   "The land where trees nary grow... It sleeps in a dry lake bed... A rude

 The ninth colossus is a cinch to find -- simply cross the north bridge and
 turn west through the rocky plains. At some point in this excursion, as the
 swordlight guides the player, the land will become dry, barren, dark, and
 dusty. A cliff area here will show waterspouts on separated landmass...well,
 it looks separated but there's a small landbridge nearby that allows access.
 (The first time through, I jumped the canyon manually!). Locate the gigantic
 cave nearby to start the thing rollin'.

 WEAKSPOT: Pawlinks (sort of like cufflinks: a ring that protects ankles)
         : Head

 RESTSPOT: Outer ridge of shell
         : Upper shell

 BEHAVIOR: Not content to laze about when a stranger is stepping onto its
           turf, the tortoise goes to work immediately by shooting electrical
           pellets from its mouth. This frontal attack could suck like the
           previous boss' ability, except these have...well, homing functions.
           Agro's speed can get around this, however and the turtle will be
           rendered helpless damage-wise. Do not let Wander walk around on his
           own without reason!

           Its portly legs can provide much crushing power, and although Agro
           can weave in and out, Wander turns into a bloody pancake pretty
           easily. The creature may rear up on its hind legs for a supercrush
           attack, but rolling towards its rear can get out of harm's way.

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • "Segmented" shell slides around (when on back)
           • "Headbangs" (when stabbed in head)
           • Lateral headshake (when stabbed in head sometimes)

 STRATEGY: This mammoth tortoise has rock-solid defenses as well as absolutely
           no boarding points, unlike a few other colossi. So how to defeat
           this gargantuan? The landscape itself! Hot-water geysers are spread
           around the barrens, and are the key to getting a sight on that dang
           underside glyph.

           Quite frankly, this is an Agrocentric mission -- if you're not on
           Agro, this thing will rip Wander apart with its (near)homing pellet
           projectiles, four in a pack. Agro at least provides protection and
           speed, and is needed to lure the tortoise around the dusty lakebed.

           There is no "right" way to lure it onto a geyser, mostly because
           the waterspouts run on their own schedule, and it can be hard to
           sync the two up. To aid on this end, once the 'spout is underneath
           the colossus, start running in a circle around it to stall its

           When the spout activates, assuming it hits the underside square,
           the tortoise will tip two of its legs up in an attempt to get the
           scalding water away from its cushy bottom. The two legs it pivots
           on reveal glyphs on the paws' undersides, and when struck with an
           arrow (or sword if you're a goofball o_o) it tips the turtle onto
           its side.

           Still on Agro, round to the correct side to show its underbelly.
           Use it to climb onto its ridged shell, and, hopefully, keep hold
           as it flips rightside-up. The shell has a platform all around its
           waist and tail, meaning if y'fall off as it rights itself, landing
           there is a possibility. Use the trail up its back to get to its
           head, where six (6) stabs will make soup outta this fella.

COLOSSUS 10 (Harena Tigris)                                              [WK10]

 "An isolated sand dune...its tracks are well hidden... Shaking the earth, its
                              gaze is upon thee..."

 The "sand tiger" is hidden well indeed. Cross a northern bridge and go due
 west, following the lip of the massive canyon. At the far west, a mountain
 range will run perpendicular; follow that north a ways, until a pass opens
 for further exploration west. This opens up into a small clearing where a
 savepoint ("Lair of the West") is near a tunnel entrance. Follow it down to
 a sandy cavern, where nary a soul stirs. Or...

 WEAKSPOT: Upper back
         : Flattened tail-end

 RESTSPOT: Upper back (when inert)

 BEHAVIOR: This gigantic sandworm is quite a challenge if its trick isn't
           figured out. In normal play, it burrows beneath the earth and
           stays there, sensing for motion. If Wander is...wandering about,
           it pinpoints the location and barrels towards him. This can be
           seen a mile away but there's no way to combat it other than 
           getting out of the way or getting on Agro and evading somewhat.
           Even one hit from the speed-demon dragon can knock the hero's block
           clean off, no joke.

           It has no other attacks, and is content to simply use this cheapo
           technique. The only time its head comes out of the sand is when
           it's trailing Agro and can't catch him.

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • Spontaneous movements (after being shot in eye)
           • Squirms (after being stabbed in weakspot)

 STRATEGY: Like the previous battle, this is an Agrocentric spelunking trip.
           Wander alone can do no damage (EVER) to this freak, but as a tag-
           team, the two can combine their strengths. First, climb aboard the
           steed and start galloping around the arena. Take note of where the
           lengthiest part is, because that may help for the next part.

           When the burrowing serpent emerges and locks on to the Agro, flee
           from it and make it trail. At full speed Agro can hold his own and
           keep out of the dragon's maw; it's around this time that the
           colossus' ugly face emerges to get a better look.

           Now here's the second hard part. Use L2 to make Wander look in the
           serpent's direction, and with the bow/arrow out, aim with R2. This
           will make our hero turn around in the saddle and trade gazes with
           the reared head. The objective is to hit one of its beady red eyes,
           which requires a steady hand most definitely! As long as Agro is
           fleeing, that's the window of opportunity 'fore it catches up.

           When an eye is hit, it writhes around and burrows its head in the
           sand; the rest of its body, however, remains uncovered for a decent
           duration. Since it doesn't stop 'til it crashes into the interior
           wall, the tail portion is probably the easiest to leap onto and
           lacerate. Getting access to its front is probably easiest from the
           head region which, even though it doesn't have any hanging spots,
           can still be ascended in an awkward style of jumping (plus, it'll
           eliminate the need to climb up its overarching midsection).

11) COLOSSUS 11 (Ignis Excubitor)                                        [WK11]

 "An altar overlooks the lake... A guardian set loose... It keeps the flames

 The lake Dormin speaks of is actually a small oasis, far north of the Shrine.
 Cross a landbridge and keep parallel to the large connection bridge that runs
 due north. Past the "Northern Span" savepoint ruin, look for an earthen pit
 with a small oasis at the bottom. There's a zig-zag cliff route descending
 along there, although jumping off into the cool water is perfectly acceptable
 as a way down. East of there is a small overlook carved out of the bluff,
 with the northern side gaining entrance to the interior. Climb up to the
 platform overlooking a similar torch-lit one. Now it's just a leap of faith...
 WEAKSPOT: Bare back


 BEHAVIOR: This playful puppy starts out invincible with hide all armored.
           Since it's far smaller than the other colossi, it's more agile and
           quick to attack Wander. It will bumrush our hero and headbutt 'im
           but only if he's on a level playing field; otherwise, he sprints
           around the outlook point and can't do anything.

           The exception to this is when Wander climbs onto a torch pillar:
           the beast will headbutt that in an attempt to knock the hero down
           to him. If Wander gets too close with a lit torch, a paw "tap"
           will knock him back a ways.

           After falling off the outlook and losing his back plating, he'll
           start acting like a mad dog! This means more fleet-footed, crazier
           actions like headbutting and tackling. Throughout this whole fight,
           he doesn't leave the hero alone for a second! Haha... -___-

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • Sprints around field quickly w/ little time to stop (if on back)

 STRATEGY: As said, this overgrown cujo will start out invincible -- thick
           plating'll do that! The first stretch of the fight is fought on a
           lake outlook, and calls for use of the torch pillars around the
           mini-platform. Climb one to its top and bait the headstrong doggie
           into running into it (done naturally); this knocks a stick down
           from the kindling. Pick it up with the O-button and climb back up
           to the fire. "Attack" as if the stick's a sword, setting it ablaze.
           Jump down and start swinging the handheld torch at the dog, who'll
           be afraid of it and back away slowly. Using this technique, make
           it fall off the outlook's far ledge. This will break its full-plate
           back armor, revealing a weakspot. [NOTE: The torch snuffs out on
           its own, so there is an element of haste in shooing it off a cliff.]

           The second stretch of the fight involves getting clearance to jump
           onto its back. Without the added weight, the pooch is now faster
           and more dexterous; and, the lower scenery offers little in the
           way of height advantages. The two best places to get high ground
           are (1) near where Wander climbed up near the torch-lit platform
           (2) the dead-end, stone-carved area near the lake, in the southern
           area of what would be the second floor.

           Since the beast has trouble turning in tight spots, either would
           be suitable (although the former can be slightly more unforgiving
           as that tight spot allows the colossus to repeatedly attack and
           impede Wander if he screws up). Once on his back, it's high gear
           to hold on! He'll run all over the place trying to get the hero
           off, and the times he does stop, it's very short.

           Overall it takes about 3-4 full stabs to kill it. Gonna be hard,
           but don't forget y'can drain health with arrows too! Only about a
           fourth bar, but better than nothing right?

COLOSSUS 12 (Permagnus Pistrix)                                          [WK12]
 "Paradise floats upon the lake... A silent being wields thunder... A moving
                       bridge to cross to higher ground."

 Take the bridge north of the starting temple, then turn east, looking for a
 2nd bridge that extends northeast (it's near the Half-moon Canyon savepoint).
 It leads into a sheltered glade, with its only exit beckoning Wander along a
 cliffpath that abruptly ends at the top of Misty Falls -- a saveshrine of the
 same name can be found here as Agro's left behind. Shimmy around the pillar
 near the path obstruction to get on the other side, progress north as far as
 possible, and jump in. The current is practically nonexistant, so just keep
 swimming upstream. Past the ancient bridge, look for a stone formation just
 barely above the surface. Step on it and...


 RESTSPOT: Upper shell
         : Upper head

 BEHAVIOR: This sleeping giant uses its horns to shoot electrical projectiles
           not unlike some colossi previously seen. These come from its dual
           horns, so obviously it's a frontal-only attack. As a waterdweller
           its turn radius isn't quite as slow as some land bosses.

           If Wander makes it to high ground and hides, the colossus will put
           its two front hooves on the structure for stability and fire its
           thunderbolts when our hero's head sticks out. Its weakspot on the
           chest is also exposed here -- making it come out of the water of
           its own volition is the only way to get this to show!

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • Thrashes in place (if on back)
           • Bows head, squirms (if on head)
           • Bends head back (if on head)

 STRATEGY: Figuring out this one's trick can throw the player for a loop if
           s/he's not careful. Like always, the first task is mounting. This
           foe's a good swimmer and trying to circle behind in a roundabout
           way ain't gonna work; instead, swim underwater between its limbs
           and body, which is quicker and may also get a free push from its

           Its seaweedy back is easy to climb, and there's little it can do
           to stop an advance towards its head region. But...what's this? It
           has no weakspot to stab like the others! To get its true weakspot
           (on chest) to show, the three teeth-shaped stones on its head're
           the key.

           As Dormin said, this colossus can be used to get to higher ground,
           namely the couple of ancient structures dwarfed by this giant. Use
           the sword to hit the stones on its head, which is wires it to go
           in a certain direction (middle = forward, left/right...duh?) as
           well as making it completely complacent tempoarily. Make tracks to
           the nearest pavilion.

           When it gets in the vicinity of a building, leap off and use the
           central cylinder to obscure any good projectile shots. The beast
           will raise its front hooves onto the structure to get its bearings,
           revealing its meaty chest weakpoint in the meantime. Leap onto its
           fur and cut into the still-beatin' heart. Six incisions'll do the
           trick, doctor. Note that the structures the colossus leans on can
           break, so no dilly-dallying!

COLOSSUS 13 (Aeris Velivolus)                                            [WK13]

  "The vast desert lands... A giant trail drifts through the sky... Thou art
                                  not alone..."

 The most majestic of the collosi can be found en route to where the third's
 location is: the Blasted Lands. Southeast of the temple is the dark wood to
 use as an outlet into the sun-blasted valley. Continue heading south -- the
 green plain will fade to beige sand. Use the swordlight to find a brokedown
 building foundation, which is where Mr. Dragonfins emerges. No, that's not
 its real name. >__>

 WEAKSPOT: Underside of fins (3)

 RESTSPOT: Body (in flight)

 BEHAVIOR: This is a truly noble creature, in that it never attacks Wander
           while simply turning the other cheek as he puts swords and arrows
           into its beautiful body. It's so...sad ;____;

           It's normal behavior is easy to spot: it flies around endlessly.
           When the three "air sacs" on its underbelly are punctured, they
           will lose their luster and deflate; when all three are down, the
           serpent will lose altitude and skim the ground with its four
           frontal...err, glider fins. Eventually the sacs will reflate (but
           this takes more time than one would think) and it repeats the 
           cycle again.

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • Squirms (when weakpoint stabbed)
           • Barrel-rolls (when weakpoint stabbed)
           • Dives into sand (after Wander has been on for 'x' amount of time)

 STRATEGY: Agro, once again, is the key to beating this battle. Break out the
           bow and arrow and start following the paths it weaves in the sky.
           The underside has three "air sacs" along its length that are just
           begging for an arrow. When all 3 are punctured, the creature will
           lose enough air that its front four fins will skim the sand for a

           These fins are ridged and thus the entryway to its upper body. The
           ol' "trail and grab" Agro-catapult strategy will have to be done
           for a decent chance at boarding -- basically aim a good trajectory
           that leads the target and jump off at full speed with R1 held. If
           things go well, Wander rides Mr. Dragonfins airlines. ^___^

           Grabbing hold expedites the time it takes for the sacs to recover,
           and its fins will go horizontal after a li'l while. Jump off onto
           its back and start looking for weakpoints -- they're found under
           the three raised scales. These scales will CLOSE when the dragon
           is ready to dive into the sand, however, and this occurs after
           Wander has taken his time steel into the skin. It may take a few
           tries, but with such a beaut doing the pacifist thing, it's a
           hollow victory...

COLOSSUS 14 (Clades Candor)                                              [WK14]

  "A guardian set loose... A closed off city beyond the channel... It lusts
                               for destruction..."

 Ride 'cross the northern bridge then turn west/NW to find the intertwining
 canyon area. Maintain an northeasterly course, and locate the corner -- a
 large grassy trail wrapping 'round itself, filled with rocky crags n' other
 debris. Towards the hill's summit, there is a path marked with ancient steel
 poles on either side -- follow this through an indoor pond, then to the city

 Drop down from the entrance, squeeze into the northern gate opening. The old
 canal bed has a broken "stepping stone" pillar up to the grassy area again.
 The large Aztec-like temple shown in the cutscene can be approached. Do so

 WEAKSPOT: Bare back

 RESTSPOT: Back (only when stunned, although this is useless given its size)

 BEHAVIOR: This armored lioness can be quite hassle with its single-minded
           attack strategy: headbutt anything including buildings. Truly, it
           craves destruction as Dormin stated. When standing at level ground
           the cat will rush headlong into Wander, with little maneuvering
           room for its target. If its prey is at higher ground, it bumps
           into the support pillars/building base to shake 'im down. This is
           repeated incessantly, even if there's no headway.

           Sometimes when Wander is on higher ground the beast will stroll
           around aimlessly, like his rage has evaporated. Throw an arrow at
           his hide to remind him who he's up against! This has to be done a
           few times when pillar-climbing is involved, no doubt. Hold R1 to
           kneel and avoid being dropped like a loose coconut.

           Other than reckless destruction, the beast has no projectiles or
           climbing capabilities -- where he's at, he stays there. However,
           its attacks can still pack a punch, and Cenobia has the upper hand
           in speed. Avoid open spaces that can result in a huge beating, or
           roll into a canal to temporarily avoid. The scenery itself proves
           to be a huge help in these cases.

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • Repeated body shaking (when on back)
           • Rushes around like a rabid animal (when on back)

 STRATEGY: We've already fought an armored beastie; so how to get this one to
           cough up its plating? Use the scenery against him! But it won't be
           as simple as last time. This ancient city is filled with ruins, a
           veritable climbing course.

           Use the fallen pillar near where Wander starts to get onto the
           flat bridge, then the disused wall segment nearby. The debris here
           practically gives the correct way forward by its placement. When a
           snag in the pattern is reached it's mostly due to the still-erect
           pillars. Climb to the top and let the maddog headrush into them.
           after two strikes it will fall in a planned direction. Climbing
           walls/pillars with large foundations is _not_ the way to go unless
           they're in the pathway initially! Also, the architectural attacks'
           shakes can be avoided by jumping pre-emptively.

           Toward the end of the platforming course that would put Mario to
           shame, the last pillar will be bumped into a wall, destroying it
           and putting Wander back near the town entrance. Locate a "ladder"
           of ledges on one side of the unstable platform and climb on top.
           Stay as close to the wall away from the noticeable crack, 'cause
           when kittie smacks into the pillar support here, the thing comes
           crashing down, ripping his back shielding clean off.

           From here, it's the same as the similar dog colossus from the
           desert: look for a place to dive onto his back. When it rushes at
           any object, it is momentarily stunned and gives easy clearance to
           board. It still sprints around like a crazed marathon runner
           though, so hanging on for a few stabs that way is going to lead
           nowhere. 3-4 good jabs will rend this colossus into kibble.

COLOSSUS 15 (Praesidium Vigilo)                                          [WK15]

   "A giant has fallen into the valley... It acts as a sentry to a destroyed

 Cross the northern bridge one last time, this time making east toward the
 "Desert Fortress" saveshrine. The colosseum there is easily found, accessible
 from the southern side. A giant pillar has fallen over in the inner walkway,
 but using the ledge as a workaround...well, works. In the large arena, take
 a trip to the far edge of the cliff where--

 WEAKSPOT: Top of head
         : Palm of sword hand (once sword is dropped)
         : Right upper chest (HARD MODE ONLY)

 RESTSPOT: Upper back

 BEHAVIOR: At close-range, the beast will use its giant hooves to try and
           stomp the hero. This attack can hurt, but is necessary to getting
           to the 2F arena. Avoiding is easy (roll away laterally) and can be
           seen coming from a mile away; just look for it to squat down on its
           haunches a little.

           Mid-range is sword attackin'. This attack is completely useless to
           the player at level ground, but needed to get onto the 3F arena. It
           is the typical "roll out of range parallel" evading type seen far
           back as the third colossus. At the top of the arena, this attack is
           capable of destroying the overarching bridges, so don't stand in
           the middle like a goofus, eh?

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • "Headbangs" (if on head)
           • Shoulder-shake (if on back region)

 STRATEGY: This is a multi-part fight like the last, although this one's far
           more annoying for those who still haven't gotten the controls down
           pat. First: getting off the lowest part of the colosseum. Each side
           of the arena has rectangular tiles on it -- these stick out over
           the edge of the foundation. The player must find the location where
           one of these is immediately below the lowest part of the wall (2 on
           each side). Bait the colossus into stomping the tile which slants
           it enough to grab hold to the 2F area.

           Each of the 2F parts is a dead-end corridor with debris in it. The
           fragile ceiling has block segments that can fall if the colossus is
           baited into a sword attack. Make it attack a section near a fatter
           ceiling block, which allows Wander to climb to the 3F (both by
           the way of finding grooves and climbing up onto the intact blocks).
           A stairway on one side will be accessible from there, leading up to
           the 4F. From here, it's just jumping onto the colossus when it is
           near enough. DO NOT STAND IN MIDDLE OF BRIDGE! Only jump after its

           Since the head is right under the bridge, that's the easiest spot
           to drain. However, even after 3-4 good hits, there's still one to
           get: the palm of the sword-hand. Descend down the back and get on
           Argus' right forearm to find a triggerspot -- when stabbed, he'll
           drop his weapon. Climb towards the armpit and drop-and-catch to
           where his palm is. It's hairy and can be caught, but make sure it
           is relatively safe or it's time to climb all the way back up n'
           stuff. One stab should take it out if the head was picked clean.
           Also, its "sword slam" attack can be done bare-handed, for an easy
           opportunity at getting to its palm.

COLOSSUS 16 (Grandis Supernus)                                           [WK16]

    "Finally, the last colossus... The ritual is nearly over... Thy wish is
   nearly granted... But someone now stands to get in thy way... Make haste,
                              for time is short..."

 The southern tip of the continent is the final colossus' location. The best
 way to arrive is going southeast from the temple near the gigantic mesa, and
 southwest from there (don't go through the Blasted Lands for gawd sake...).
 At the spot the sword shines, there is a massive gate with a prism in the
 middle. Shine the focused swordlight through to open it, finding the "Broken
 Seal" savepoint nearby. Make sure to use it! Ride Agro up the nearby stair
 to the mountain completedly surrounded by the ridge. Jump the bridge with
 Agro and...well, watch what happens. Time to climb!

 A rim runs all along this path segment; ascend and locate the "stumbling"
 blocks on end that vault the hero to a mossy wall. From the top, the manmade
 stairwell leads up to a dead end. Or is it? Use the ledged statues to get
 even closer to the summit. After dismounting...

 WEAKSPOT: Forehead

 RESTSPOT: Anywhere on its lower, ledged body

 BEHAVIOR: Straight up out of some Stephen King novel, the immobile sixteenth
           colossus is truly evil. As it can't move, it simply looks at the
           hero and fires lightning-quick concussive charges, enough to knock
           Wander backwards or off a cliff ledge. This is its only form of
           attack, and spams it as long as Wander is approaching at a distance.

           Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

           • Shaking head (if on head)
           • Shouldershake (if on upper back)

 STRATEGY: This guy can be downright tough n' annoying. Its projectile blasts
           are used with pinpoint accuracy, so using the sheltering pillars
           and debris is the only course. Roll toward the first one near the
           entrance stairs and dive into the tunnel. Emerge down the path, a
           little closer to the target, near some shields. They look flimsy,
           but hold up pretty well. Roll to each and the 2nd tunnel which'll
           lead to the mountain exterior. Shimmy closer (pay attention to
           the boss' placement now) and immediately roll inward toward the
           raised part of the cliff, using it as a shield from the projectile.

           This third tunnel's opening is almost near the base, and there are
           still shields to use as protection. Getting from the 1st to the
           2nd can be hard, but getting to the 3rd is even harder! Apparently
           the boss' vision is obscured when dust is raised, so bait a blast
           toward the 2nd shield and when it lands bolt-and-roll for the 3rd.
           The last tunnel can be accessed from there, leading to the base of


           Ascending the immobile frame of this titan is easy -- nothing is
           standing in the way except the player's own missteps. Climb up the
           backside until some hairy skin with a triggermark is shown; stab
           it to make the boss' left hand reach back. Climb it to its topside,
           stab it to make it quit moving, then climb up the gauntlet toward a
           2nd triggerpoint near the electrical bracelet (player = avoid!).
           Stab it and the right hand will draw near.

           Jump backwards onto the hairy flesh and climb to the TOP of the
           hand for "STAB"ilizing. This will make the hand stay flat and give
           a rest spot (if you stabbed on the underside of the hand it will
           lay flat and make Wander hang until he falls!). The swordlight can
           reveal a weakspot in the upper-left shoulder, so toss an arrow to
           make its hand hold the wound. Jump aboard and climb to its head,
           which, surprisingly, does not flail around as much as y'think. Five
           puncture wounds will demolish this building boss.

 Afterwards, there will be some scenes in the Shrine of Worship involving a
 few scripted fights. WANDER CANNOT WIN EITHER OF THE SCENES, so I'm not gonna
 bother revealing too much story spoilers. Enjoy the magnificent ending!

SAVESHRINE LOCATIONS                                                     [SVPT]

                      (       15                 14     )
                       \_/ /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|        |¯¯\______/
               /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ (         |        |   __   __
              /    /¯¯¯¯¯' \_____   |  13    |  (  (_)12)
             / (17 \ 16  , /¯¯\  \  |        _)__\ /¯¯¯¯
            (   ¯¯¯)¯¯¯¯¯ (    \ _\ |_      (    //¯¯¯¯¯\
             \    / /¯¯¯¯\ \____\\____)      \  //     /
              \__/ (_____/      21       _/\_ \//     (
                /       )  20     (¯¯¯¯||    |11)      \
           /¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯           \___||     ¯))       )
           \     18           19  _|¯¯¯| ¯¯¯¯¯¯/_______/
       ____/ /¯¯\/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯||____/   1            \___/¯¯¯¯¯\
      |  22 /             _-~-'¯ _)                               \
       )|¯¯¯          .-~'      2                  (¯\10/¯¯|_______)
      |24\_______    /  3       |¯\          (¯¯¯¯¯)\ ¯¯
      |     _____\  /           |  \/¯¯| |¯¯\ \   /  ¯¯¯)
       \23 /     \\/ 4          |       ¯    ) \_ ¯¯¯¯¯¯
        ¯¯¯       )             (           (    '~-._
               __(________ _     \           ) 9___   '~-.______________
              \      ____//_\     \         /      \                  8 /
               |    (       ))     \     (¯¯   \___/                 .-'
               '~-.  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/       '-~.__\                         /
                   ¯¯\¯¯¯¯¯¯                                     .-'
                      \¯\_               6                 7    /
                       \5  /       /¯¯\          __________.-~-'
                        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\__/25\ _____)

             01 - Shrine of Worship     13 - Northern Span
             02 - Autumn Forest         14 - Desert Fortress
             03 - Blasted Lands         15 - Dried Marsh
             04 - Arch Bridge Plain     16 - Stone Arch Gorge
             05 - Southwestern Cape     17 - Umbral Glade
             06 - Southern Plain        18 - Western Plain
             07 - Green Cape            19 - Stone Bridge Cliff
             08 - Eastern Bluff         20 - Round Stone Hill
             09 - Valley Plain          21 - Ravine Entrance
             10 - Cliff Path            22 - Lair to the West
             11 - Half-moon Canyon      23 - Western Cape
             12 - Misty Falls           24 - Lair on the Mesa

 Savepoint shrines are scattered throughout the Forbidden Land, and allow our
 friend Wander to...well, save his game. All except the 25th (The Broken Seal)
 are available from the get-go, although there's little reason to go out of
 one's way to find them. Once they're approached, they'll appear on the map
 for the rest of the game.

 The Fruit/Lizard maps obtained from Time Trial Mode can help locate the
 respective items, but 'til I get an ASCII map up, make sure to use this good

TIME ATTACK                                                              [TMAT]

 Time Trial Mode is unlocked once the game has been completed. By praying at
 the corresponding statue in the Shrine of Worship, each colossus can be 
 fought with a time limit. Completing the fight within the objective will earn
 Wander new items -- these will appear in the Shrine of Worship's back pool.
 Normal and Hard Mode both have their own time trial items, and these don't
 carry over each other. Pick 'em out of the new "Item" menu by pressing start

 | NORMAL | 02 | Whistling Arrow        | Noises can distract colossi        |
 |        | 04 | Cloak of Force         | Damage inflicted++                 |
 |        | 06 | Mask of Strength       | Damage inflicted++                 |
 |        | 08 | Lizard Detection Stone | Display nearby lizards             |
 |        | 10 | Fruit Tree Map         | Displays world's fruit trees       |
 |        | 12 | Mask of Strength       | Damage inflicted++                 |
 |        | 14 | Cloak of Deception     | Wander becomes invisible to bosses |
 |        | 16 | Flash Arrow            | Explosive arrow. Damage++          |
 | HARD   | 02 | Harpoon of Thunder     | Arm projectile. Damage inflicted++ |
 |        | 04 | Sword of the Sun       | Can use swordlight in darkness too |
 |        | 06 | Fruit Tree Map         | Display world's fruit trees        |
 |        | 08 | Shaman's Cloak         | Decreases damage incurred          |
 |        | 10 | Lizard Detection Stone | Display nearby lizards             |
 |        | 12 | Shaman's Mask          | Decreases damage incurred          |
 |        | 14 | Cloth of Desperation   | When falling, R1 to safely glide!  |
 |        | 16 | Queen's Sword          | Full stab depletes colossi weakpt. |

 Since this mode can't be unlocked unless the game is beaten, I'm not going
 to go over all the same in-depth strategies and weakspot stuff -- it should
 be absorbed by the player already! Just take note of which mode yer using
 in to know which weakspots are in play. My best time in Normal are in


 • COLOSSUS 1 (Minotaur) 

   Hard    - 2:50
   Normal  - 2:30 [1:03:xx]

   First and easiest...if done correctly. Whistle for Agro (who can't get up)
   to make the boss quit advancing away, and ambush the triggerspot on its
   back left leg until the cutscene shows it kneeling down. At this point
   climb up its back like normal and ascend to the weakspot on its head. If
   the player is trying for the quickest time, when it first kneels down,
   hitch a ride on its beard and get to the weakpoint from that vantage.
   Find it hard to get on the beard? Remember: Wander can move during the
   kneeling cutscene! It's just a matter of location and luck.

 • COLOSSUS 2 (Bull)

   Hard   - 4:30
   Normal - 4:00 [2:12:xx]

   Instead of waiting for it to rear up on its hind legs, someone aiming for
   the quickest time will want to go to close-range and stick an arrow in its
   paw when it's lifting it up to move/side-step. Make sure it's one of its
   front paws, which gives easier access to the head portion. After a thorough
   stabbing, make the way to its tail for the easier spot.

 • COLOSSUS 3 (Knight)

   Hard   - 5:00
   Normal - 6:00 [3:36:xx]

   First things first: get that armor broken! This can be especially peeving
   as the guy likes to hit just out of range. Solving this uses a simple
   tactic though. At the start, run towards the thing to the marble ring 
   in-between the two fighters. The colossus should back up to put Wander in
   range for its sword-slam technique; move in a bit to force it for another
   step back. Bait it into its technique and RUN AWAY FROM THE ONCOMING BLOW.
   If all goes well, Wander will end out of attack range as it breaks its own
   plating. Climb up its forearm like normal, rest fully on its shoulders and
   try to take out its head glyph (3 full stabs) with minimal accidents. Save
   the front torso one for last, by dropping down the bare back and landing
   on the stone ring "belt" that serves as a stamina recover point.

 • COLOSSUS 4 (Horse)

   Hard   - 5:00
   Normal - 5:30 [3:22:xx]

   Knowing how annoying this one can be to board, make sure baiting it into
   kneeling on the bunker hillock is done immediately. The best way to do
   so, like before, is to draw its attention, stand on the hilltop, and
   jump off into the tunnel when it starts approaching. Exit at the OPPOSITE
   tunnel entrance and jump on via the ladder-like tail. If all goes well,
   this should take about 1:45. (To be honest, I don't know why it sometimes
   screws the first "bait procedure" up sometimes. I ran to the far hillock,
   did not shoot provoke it, and it all went a lot smoother. Try it if y'need
   help doing this, I guess.) Once on its saddle, stab its nape triggerspot
   to make its head lower and reveal the sweet spot. I should also note that
   it shakes its noggin' pretty often, so slicin' with small thrusts may save
   time in the long run!

 • COLOSSUS 5 (Bird)

   Hard   - 5:30
   Normal - 5:30 [3:49:xx]

   Some people have complained about how getting on the bird is hard, but the
   obvious way to do it is make the bird come to the player, not some highwire
   act...right? As the battle starts, jump down into the water and swim to the
   middle marble "stepping stone" platform top (apx 0:40). Sling an arrow
   to make it divebomb Wander, and board the furry part of its wings. When the
   condor-like colossus glides, use that time to move and refill stamina -- it
   is VERY easy to lose it and fall off. For this reason, instead of doing
   both wings, think about doing wing-tail-wing or tail-wing-wing.

   Basically, if Wander falls off at any point he lands far away from those
   stone platforms, and it runs up the clock to the end...just restart. And
   make sure to swim underwater to move faster, too.

 • COLOSSUS 6 (Bearded Giant)

   Hard   - 6:30
   Normal - 3:30 [3:27:xx]

   Yeah, this time limit can be hard to work with. Immediately head to the
   other side of the room with the pillars, jumping over the barricade walls
   like they're snakepits. This takes about 0:45 at best. Hide behind a column
   to lure the giant into a crouching position, and board his beard. Remember
   how unstable the beard is? Use its pendulum motion to get onto its frontal
   shoulders quicker, and then onto the crown of its head for stabbity time.
   Falling down its back to the spine's base should be last up, of course.

 • COLOSSUS 7 (Sea Serpent)

   Hard   - 8:00
   Normal - 12:00 [6:21:xx]

   This battle takes a long time for a reason. Once in the water, do not get
   on dry land; this wastes the clock. Wait for the dragon to spot its prey
   and beeline towards Wander; head toward and over the colossus and grab the
   tail when it briefly surfaces. As the creature's snakish occilations give
   small room for error, make sure to advance as much as possible each time
   the opportunity arises. The electrical spires will damage Wander only in
   the water; stab at any strength the glyph at the base of deactivate. The
   4th and final mark is at the beastie's head. Obviously, for such a lengthy
   colossus, this is more of an endurance test than anything. In fact, there
   doesn't seem to be a way to defeat this one WITHOUT falling at some point
   due to low breath/stamina. =/

 • COLOSSUS 8 (Lizard)

   Hard   - 7:30
   Normal - 8:00 [2:56:xx]

   Before this could be done at a fun leisurely pace, but the player will have
   to put his back into this one. For starters, whistle immediately to draw
   the attention (this can be done at any height) and locate the baddie. Shoot
   its paws like normal and JUMP FROM WHATEVER HEIGHT WANDER IS AT -- this'll
   save a lot of time. A quick player can take off 60% of the health just in
   the first 1:30 if s/he's a speed demon. Whistle again, run up to the 2F of
   the building, stay out of sight, and let repeat as necessary. This strategy
   calls for Wander to self-inflict damage by being stupid, so there's not a
   lot of room for error on the electrical pulse/dust attacks. My time can be
   beaten at about 2:20, I bet!

 • COLOSSUS 9 (Tortoise)

   Hard   - 5:30
   Normal - 7:30 [3:56:xx]

   This battle already takes a long time, but with a time limit...frustration
   city! Mount Agro, aggrivate the colossus with arrows, and get to the geyser
   nearby. God willing, it'll be baited into the hot steam and lift its legs
   up. Fire an arrow into one of the "pawlinks" showed by its slanted hooves,
   knocking it over. Remember: whichever side is carrying the weight in that
   vulnerable state, that's the side the shell will be facing when it falls
   over...meaning, try to shoot the arrows from Agro for a better result. The
   boarding part should take around 2:10-30 if all goes well (Wander's gotta
   get to Agro at the start, after all!). Making it to the head should be an
   easy feat, since the shell is a straightforward path flanked by pillars to
   keep Wander up. :p

 • COLOSSUS 10 (Sand Serpent)

   Hard   - 5:00
   Normal - 6:00 [2:54:xx]

   This fight should be a cinch for those who've got the controls down. Start
   the skirmish by mounting Agro and immediately clopping around the place.
   When the sand is kicked up and the colossus rears its head, after trailing
   a ways, shoot it in the eye and move perpendicular away for a moment before
   turning parallel WITH it. When it hits a wall/pillar, pick a spot on its
   upper/lower back and stab it like it's a porterhouse. There are a few ways
   to make this battle over quicker: (1) jump off Agro onto its squirming back
   if possible (2) run up its stuck-in-sand head to get to upper back, instead
   of going from back to front (3) don't stay in front of the colossus when
   it's been shot in the eye, if y'don't want to get bucked off.

 • COLOSSUS 11 (Dog)

   Hard   - 5:30
   Normal - 5:30 [1:56:xx -- about :30 of wasted time]

   As it starts, quickly move toward the gap near a pillar. Instead of making
   for the top, save time by letting the beast headbutt (by hanging on side) it
   to make the torch fall. Grab it, ignite it on a torch, and wave it to make
   the colossus take a spill down the cliffside. For time's sake, jumping down
   to its stunned person and performing a dive-stab is recommended. If it
   somehow runs back to the torch-lit part of the temple, the only way to
   mount it will be to let it ram into the torch structure and do it that way.
   The latter is not one the player should aim for, but it can allow at least
   one big stab. Should only take 3 full-stamina punctures to neutralize this
   guy, but since it's so fast, consider doing mini-ones as it stops/starts on
   the trail.

 • COLOSSUS 12 (Sea Bull)

   Hard   - 10:00
   Normal - 9:30 [4:20:xx]

   This one's relatively simple like before. Swim underwater 'neath its arms,
   eventually getting onto its back plating. Once arriving at its head, use
   the sword on the three teeth-shaped rocks which act as a rudimentary
   "steering wheel" of sorts. Direct it towards one of the pavilion buildings
   and jump on when close enough. If Wander hides behind its center cylinder,
   the bull puts its legs onto the platform, revealing its fleshy weakpoint
   on the stomach. Repeat twice as needed. When it destroys a platform, its
   ledged helmet is in near the water; if the camera angles don't completely
   screw it up, it's possible to catch a ride immediately back up its face!
   This can save about 0:45 at worst.

 • COLOSSUS 13 (Sky Dragon)

   Hard   - 13:00
   Normal - 12:00 [6:01:xx]

   Immediately get on Agro and use L2 to locate where the boss is. The best
   time to puncture its "air sacs" lining the underbelly is when it's coming
   out of the ground, actually. When all 3 are ripped and its front fins are
   skimming the sandy surface, leap off Agro onto the ridged wings and climb
   as high as possible before they become horizontal. The three (3) weakspots
   are underneath the lifted scales on its back, 2 full attacks worth each.
   3-5 attacks per ride is about the normal consistancy, so this battle can
   really be drawn out if the player isn't fast BOTH times. My time isn't
   that good, and even then I could only achieve it after near-perfect
   everything! :p

   Even so, this is definitely the hardest "get a good time" colossus.

 • COLOSSUS 14 (Cat)

   Hard   - 9:00
   Normal - 9:00 [6:37]

   Remember this meower? It's the one Wander has to repeatedly avoid by
   climbing the architecture and letting the colossus knock the pillars
   over. As before, after the last pillar is toppled, it breaks the wall near
   the town entrance. Climb the ladder wall nearby and bait the beastie into
   breaking its back plating with the falling platform. It also has a 3-stab
   mark underneath (like the armored dog) but has a trick to letting Wander
   get in potshots: if it headbutts anything, it's stunned momentarily. Jump
   on, stab once or twice, leap off onto a piece of ruins, rinse and repeat.
   It takes about 4-5 minutes simply for a chance to put this sucker down...
   Other time-saving tips:

   - During the first pillar-fall-over scene, Wander can jump onto bridge

   - Avoid open spaces (where boss can bat hero around like a mousie toy).

   - By holding R1 down as the pillars fall, Wander can often jump onto next
     instead of falling off or reclimbing.

   - The boss dawdles around frequently, with a short attention span. After
     the 1st headbutt on a pillar, fire an arrow at the colossus to make it
     act quicker. After it's time to make the platform fall on it, the boss
     can start out simply wandering around. Fire another arrow at it from
     afar to make it remember who's the boss.

 • COLOSSUS 15 (Sentry)

   Hard   - 11:30
   Normal - 10:00 [6:57 - fell off!]

   Killing the sword-wielding gorilla is tough enough in regular play (even
   harder with extra weakpoint in hard mode), but timing it...whew! Bait it
   into stomping the tiles to get to 2F, then swinging its sword to get access
   to 3F and 4F. Make it break the bridge finally -- this should take between
   2:20-3:00. The head spot should be first, then the backside of the sword
   arm which will make him drop his sword and reveal the palm weakpoint. It's
   all like before. The headpoint can actually take awhile, given that each
   step shakes it and disrupts Wander's thrust. Thus, mini-stab the head once
   to shut the colossus up and use that time to make a bigger incision.

 • COLOSSUS 16 (Gigas)

   Hard   - 13:00
   Normal -  9:30 [6:59:xx]

   These times include both the approach (and evasion of projectiles) to the
   mountainous ascent to its peak. This part should take, at speediest, apx.
   2:30. Climbing its shell is the easiest stretch, and should take around 90
   seconds to the small of the back. Stab, make its left armor near there and
   back-jump to it. Vault up its gauntlet to the next stab point by the
   electrical ring, and back-jump to its right arm when it stretches over.
   Make sure to get onto the upper part of the hand immediately and stab,
   which will make it stop and move flat. The triggerspot on its shoulder is
   hidden but the swordlight doesn't need to be used; just sling an arrow and
   jump off onto the shoulder at the right time. Stab its forehead repeatedly

V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                            [FAQZ]

[Q] - I want to get to the Secret Garden on top of the Shrine of Worship plz!!
[A] - Demo-only, son. =(

[Q] - When the colossus, what sprays out? Blood?
[A] - It's the essence of Dormin breaking free.

[Q] - What are the real names of the colossi?
[A] - They're not found in-game but have been leaked officially through the
      internet. Names are:

      01 - Valus
      02 - Quardratus
      03 - Gaius
      04 - Phaedra
      05 - Avion
      06 - Barba
      07 - Hydrus
      08 - Kuromori
      09 - Basaran
      10 - Dirge
      11 - Celosia
      12 - Pelagia
      13 - Phalanx
      14 - Cenobia
      15 - Argus
      16 - Malus

[Q] - Is there anyway to beat the humans in the Shrine of Worship
[A] - Is there anyway to prevent getting sucked into the void as Wander?
[A] - Nope, these are scripted and must be lost eventually...sadly.

[Q] - How do I get a brown/white Agro?
[A] - After beating Normal Time Attack mode, hold [] at the title screen while
      making a selection from the menu; the white color is obtained in the
      same way, except it's Hard Time Attack mode.

VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS                                              [UPDT]

 03-06-08 ----------------------------+ Added to GameFAQs


 - Sailor/Ceej, for continuously hosting my crap
 - The SOTC messageboard, for being a wellspring of information
 - The other writers who blew the game wide open: Reyn, Hayes, DomZ, Alex, etc.


 - I accept all (useful) alternate strategies and hints.

 - If anyone can make a smaller ASCII world map without it being unrefined,
   I'd sure be lend an ear about cutting down whatever overlap I've got. ^__^

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