Shadow of the Colossus Tips

Just a little relaxation... a pond, cave, bridge, and beach!
Who says life on a lonely, forbidden land with your girlfriend dead and the fact that you have to perform a perilous and seemingly impossible task to get her back on your shoulders can't be a somewhat relaxing life? Ha. Well, there's a BIG pond in the south east corner of C3 on the map's grid. There are many things you can do here. You can dive in, jump in with Agro (he's so cute!), and swim with fish! To do this, simply swim under water close to one. There are plenty of them. Also, there are turtles. Sadly, they're indestructible, but messin' with them's fun! On the way, try to catch a bird, cuz you get the opportunity a lot. If you save at a temple, it will be shown on your map. If you're in the mood for a tour of the wondrous land, you can go to the snake colossus's cave through the nearest entrance to the pond. Go to the very back of the cave and turn left. Keep going along the wall until you find the first cave exit/entrance. Go through this passage. You'll come out in the light and the temple will be to the left. Go straight until you find a path that declines and follow it. Sorry this is long, by the way. Keep going, keep going... jumping off the side of the path will speed things up. Just keep going DOWN! Finally, the path should quit going down and be flat. You'll be in a trench. Get out of the trench to find a lovely plane. Not airplane, either. You see a fruit tree? Yeah, well go to it. By the way, I'm leading you to the white, sandy shores of the beach. You'll like it. After you have reached the tree, go to the very nearby ridge. *THIS PART IS OPTIONAL* Turn left and walk along the edge until you see it: the broken bridge. Don't worry! Agro can gracefully put this scary sight OUT of sight. Just trust your mount. After this, there is one more. Now that you're satisfied, turn around and do it again. Once you cross both, turn left. *If you DIDN'T do the previous step, go RIGHT on the ridge's edge.* Go along the edge for a minute and you'll find a down-going path. Follow this path to the bottom, and there you go! You're at the beach! I named it Agro Beach in honor of your brave and trusting friend. Sorry this was long, but I just wanted to make sure you got there. Hope you liked it!