Shadow of the Colossus Tips

Normal Time attack secret items
To get secret items all you have to do is complete the time attack rounds. Every two rounds you will be given one of these items
Whistling arrow- turns collossus away.
Cloak of Strength- better damage to collossus
Mask of Power-Better damage to collossus.
Lizard seeking stone- detects lizards when within certain range.
Fruit tree map- lists locations of all fruit trees.
Cloak of deception- makes you invisible and collossus cannot see you.
Mask of strength- better damage to collossus.
Flash arrows- arrows that explode. can do damage to collossus of shot at vital but cannot be used to finish off a vital.
Also when you get the last item you will be able to change the color of your horse by holding square when selecting a load game from the title.