[edit] Background

Shadow of the Colossus is an action-adventure game from developer Team Ico which was published in 2005 by Sony; the game is a PlayStation 2 exclusive.

It follows Wander who has entered the Forbidden Land to defeat the massive Colossi which populate it; he entered the dangerous area with the body of Mono with the intention or trying to save her and when a mysterious entity named Dormin offers a way to return her soul, Wander immediately takes it. He sets out on a quest to defeat the sixteen different Colossus only to discover that he's unleashing something truly evil which is about to change the world forever.

[edit] Gameplay

Exploration plays an important role in the game and the player is able to use a horse as the main mode of transportation; the horse is also necessary for defeating some Colossi by getting close to them or moving around them quickly.

The game is relatively linear where the player is sent to kill a specific Colossus once they've returned to the central hub-like area; each Colossus has a different weakness the player needs to exploit so they can get close enough to climb the limited climbable zones on each of them. The player has a stamina gauge which decreases when they climb the Colossus, when the gauge reaches zero the player will fall and could take damage when they land.

There are no other enemies in the game other than the Colossi; while the player must climb them to deliver the final blow, they wield a sword and bow which are used to lower their health. Other weapons exist in the game and can be obtained by completing Time Attack trials throughout the game.

It's possible to increase the stamina gauge and maximum health bar by consuming certain types of meat from animals in the game or from fruit discovered in the Forbidden Land.

[edit] Features

Battle Colossi – Fight against massive beings and make the difficult climb to deliver the final blow

Time Attack Trials – Complete the different trials to gain new weapons and get the best time possible

Upgrade gauges – Gain some extra time to make the climb by hunting down specific animals

[edit] Players liked:

  • Unique combat mechanic for fighting the Collosi
  • Beautiful environment and atmosphere
  • Great soundtrack

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • A little bit too short
  • Lack of diverse content lowers the replay value slightly

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