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Nick Bounty: The Goat in the Grey Fedora FAQ/Walkthrough

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Nick Bounty: The Goat in the Grey Fedora
Pinhead Games - PC/MAC/Browser 2005
Version 1.0


Nick Bounty: The Goat in the Grey Fedora is an adventure game you can download for PC and Mac or play online on: http://www.otterarchives.com/bounty2/index.html

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  • Version 1.0 - 04th may 2010: Writing of the guide and publication


Nick Bounty is a private investigator who is contacted by a beautiful young woman who is seeking his help for getting a statue she's attached to. Her uncle died but as she's not a lawyer or a direct member of the family, she can't take it. Nick began his investigation without knowing that his life may be in danger.


Don't hesitate to look around you or to try every action, Nick Bounty is special in his way.

Nick's Office (1)

After Kitty's leave, take your ruler on the desk and the spy kit on your bookshelf. Then get out of your office. Choose to go on the Business District.

Business District (1)

Show the goat picture to the secretary. She tells that if the statue isn't in the office, it must be at a pawn shop in Chinatown. But anyway, you have to check if it's still in.

Talk to the secretary. You have to convince her to let you enter the office.
Saying the truth isn't impressing her, so, you understand, you'll have to lie.
Saying you were the gardener is useless because the office was cleaned.
Saying you're here for the Feng Shui will earn you the same answer as the
garderner lie.

So tell her you're a lawyer searching for an office. She's tough to convince
though. So tell her the latin expressions you can find in the law:

  • habeas corpus
  • ex post facto
  • modus operandi

She'll let you enter the office, so do it.

Take the tape on the dest and check the safe. It's locked and I don't think that
some C4 will open it... Don't look at me like at that, I've tested it.

Use also the copy machine for making a copy of your face. It will be useful
later. Go to Chinatown.

Chinatown (1)

Before going to the Pawn Shop, I'll suggest you to take a look at the news seller. Do you see what I see? Yes, a magazine about modern sculpture. Try to buy it but the girl behind the counter doesn't let you. Talk to her to discover that her partner left and that she can't finish the show alone. So, you can't buy anything. You can be in the show if you have a stick with your face on.

So, just use the ruler with your picture and fix your puppet with tape. Now you
can be in the show and buy that magazine. Just use the puppet on the girl.

Get out of there and go to the Chinese Shop (the restaurant is closed). Show to
the old man the picture of the goat and talk to him. Then buy the black bulb and
the abstract blob. Get out of there. 

What? You don't find the shop? It's the last one in the street...

Now that you've payed a visit to the old man, enter the Pawn Shop. Show the
picture of the statue to the owner and talk with him. Try to get the Rolodex or
try to take a picture but well, it's total failure, so, just ask to be on his
mailing list. For going straight to the point instead of doing a first try, use
the blob with the card then give it to the owner. He can't read your name, so,
tell him you're Nick Tronty. Ask him then to get the card back and read the
back of the card. You can go to Mr Trosser's house.

Private Hills (1)

Go the room at your left and try to examine the goats. You can't recognize them. It's now that reading the magazine can be useful. It was a good thing to buy the black bulb earlier. Turn off the light on your right then unscrew the bulb and place your black one on the lamp. Turn on the light and just turn off the other lamp. Then inspect the goats again.

Get out of the room. Mr Trosser needs you to speak to a cop named Sam at Rick's.
You know where it is. It was the closed restaurant. So go there...

Chinatown (2)

Speak to Sam, he'll give you matches. You can try to convince him to help Trosser but it's no use. Get out of the restaurant.

Industrial Park (1)

Great. No stuff. These two thugs took everything. However, it's just near you. Above you exactly. Kick the corndog into the cannon for having a little blow. The fusebox will crack up and you'll get your things... in the dark. Try to use your cutter on the ropes but... what were you expecting after the camera? So, use the matches Sam gave you. Open the big crate, get the bomb and use the scoop tractor for... good lord, gladiator monkeys, unknown civilisation and a giant Kraken. Just put the bomb on the monster and well, then you can get out by the tunnel.

Did I forget to mention that you will be in the dark during this time?

Residential Area (1)

Enter Kitty's house. You can explore everything or watch TV or discover that Kitty is a feminist. Try to get into the next room but the thugs appear and break your goat. Well, it's not a falcon, so they weren't after you after all.

Examine the broken goat for discovering that a key was hidden... Ohhhhh, the
safe will be mine now. Get back to the Business District.

Business District (2)

Use the key on the safe. Uhmmm, so Kitty, what were you thinking? You need a new goat... Try to go the Private Hills but well, you can't. So go to Chinatown.

Chinatown (3)

Go the Chinese Shop and talk to the old man. He'll give you a new statue. Go back to Kitty's house.

Business District (3)

The cutscene is showing Kitty trying to get the briefs in her uncle's office. And she's not happy to see Nick there. Guess what? She has a gun. And you? Apart ducking behind the desk, you seem... a little trapped.

She needs to run out of bullets because well, Kitty is right, you can't hide
forever. So use the puppet stick three times. She shot you anyway but you're
not a common man, you're Nick Bounty.

Did I mention that it's better to eat everything you can: pretzels, peanuts,
potato chips (eer well it was scripted) or the candy? Nick has done a good
job to have a slow body process...

That's the end of your case also. Look the ending...


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  • Country: Belgium
  • Version: 1.0
  • Date: 04th may 2010

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