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Nick Bounty: A Case of the Crabs Walkthrough

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Nick Bounty: A Case of the Crabs
Pinhead Games - PC/MAC/Linux/Browser 2004
Version 1.0


Nick Bounty: A Case of the Crabs is an adventure game you can download for PC and Mac or play online on: http://www.otterarchives.com/bountygame.html

The walkthrough will be published on:

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  • Version 1.0 - 29th april 2010: Writing of the guide and publication


Nick Bounty is a private investigator who is currently having a dead client in his office. So, the only thing he can do - because calling the police isn't the way Nick does in these cases - is to investigate the murder by looking first at the clues Arthur, the corpse, might have with him...


Don't hesitate to look around you or to try to get everything or to shoot, you may never know!

Nick's Office (1)

Arthur Griffen has been just murdered and well, unless you want to spend your next years in jail, you should begin to find who did that mess.

Grab the crab walking towards you then grab the white book in your shelf. It's
about fingerprints, so if you feel like playing CSI, you can take it... Wait
a second, you HAVE TO take it, it's part of the story...

Take also the library card on your desk, the knife on Arthur's back and look at
the crate he was holding. You may get a clue to your next destination.

Before checking the docks out, try to read the book but well, Nick is someone
who seems to be bored when it comes to reading. Use the knife on it for getting
the five steps for getting fingerprints. Anyway, read the first step then look
at Arthur's hand. Read the paper again for getting the second step.

Now, you can get out.

Shiny Barnacle Shipping Docks (1)

Try to talk to Bill but he's ignoring you. So if he doesn't way the sweet way, he'll get the hard way: put the crab in his bucket. Now that you have his attention, ask him everything. When you're done, click on "I've heard enough" to get the crab back.

Now what can we do?

Perhaps we can make the inkpad. For that, grab a sponge on the right crate then
use the crab on the squid. Clearly afraid, our ink-maker spurts a lot at Nick's
feet. Use the sponge on the ink for getting your inkpad.

Arthur was also carrying with him a crate similar to those in the left. Use the
knife on them for opening the top one. Look at the crab for discovering they're
counterfeit! Take the false crab with you.

Get out of the docks and choose your next destination: Blue Crab Cafe.

Blue Crab Cafe (1)

Try to enter it by going to the door but it seems that you have to own a ID Card for being able to take dinner there. I'm pretty sure that Nick doesn't have his entry there but that Arthur had one. So, you understand, you need his fingerprints. Remember the paper about your five steps? Time to read the third one! Go back to your office.

Nick's Office (2)

Use your inkpad on Arthur's hand then read step four. Use your library card on the hand for getting the fingerprint. Now, read step five and return to the Blue Crab Café.

Blue Crab Cafe (2)

Use your new ID card on the doorlock... Yep, failure again... However, you know that you're missing only a picture. And well, you don't need to take Arthur's. Any picture will be good... Get out of the door screen to come back to the street view. See the poster on your right? Use your knife on it then use the pic on the card. Now, you can use it on the doorlock and enter the building.

Inside Blue Crab Cafe (1)

Sandy, the waitress, will talk to you. Just ask her everything. When you're done with her, click on the last sentence about your diet and go right. You will enter the kitchen.

Grab the cheese then try to grab the listening music device. The cook doesn't
let you. So speak to him. When you're done, say that it's too depressing. I must
say that apart "I know" or "I don't know", the cook isn't really talktative.

Leave the room by the backdoor on your right.

Uh, oh, who is this guy wanting you to meet the Boss?

Outside the Boss's Office (1)

Look by the windows. The Boss is speaking through phone, however, you doesn't have anything to listen unless you found two cans linked by a wire... and if you need evidence, you have to record the conversation.

You can already get the sliced cans by searching into the garbage in the right.

Go back to the Blue Crab Cafe.

Blue Crab Cafe Alley (1)

Instead of enter the building, go in the alley (the gate is opened now). Use the crab on the fusebox then take the wires. Enter the cafe by behind.

Inside Blue Crab Cafe (2)

Take the listening device now that the electricity ran out. You just need Wilbur to be out of your way now. Go back to the alley

Blue Crab Cafe Alley (2)

Move the left box then grab the business card. Read it. Now, it's time to pay a visit to Jim from Jim's Shack O'Crabs.

Jim's Shack O'Crabs (1)

Try to talk the guy surrounded by the rat. But he won't unless you get rid of the animal. For that, just use the cheese on the false crab then use your trap on the rat.

Now you can speak to Jim. Ask him everything then give him the business card.

Surprise, it appears that Wilbur IS the man that can get every job done. So,
it means that you can barge into the Boss's office when you want. Go back there.

Outside the Boss's Office (2)

Use the cans with the wire and use them on the window. Then use them on the listening device for making a spy device. Use it on the window then enter the building.

The Boss's Office (1)

Well done, Nick, not only now, you're without evidence but the Boss is threatening you with a gun. So how to get out of this mess?

Just use the crab on the Boss and you'll see the hilarious ending.


  • Author: Vinciane Amorini (vamorini(@)gmail.com - cleo_rabb(@)hotmail.com)
  • Country: Belgium
  • Version: 1.0
  • Date: 29th april 2010

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