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NHL Hitz


Here it is, Midway's second attempt at a hockey version of their extreamly popular, not to mention watered down, basketball game NBA Jam. Not many people have heard of NHL Open Ice Hockey, which was realeased in 1994 for the Arcade and SNES, but the gaming market was already starting to get tired of the genre of no rules sports. Midway not being able to take hints when necessary (Mortal Kambat, NBA Jam, NBA Hoopz, NBA Showtime, NFL Blitz...) put out another game in their never ending series of run down series.

Now, I am not saying NHL Hitz is a bad game, because it is not. It is actually quite fun to play, and I would recomend just that to anybody, playing it. However, buying it would most likely be a mistake. It will be fun for the first few times that you play it, but eventually you will find out the tricks that get you increadibly easy vicotries at the hardest levels and destroy any sense of challenge that was once brought into the game. Also, who really wants to have another 5 year series like they have done with so many other ones before? Not I, says me.

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