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One of the better hockey games on the market...

The good:

The graphics, the gameplay, the several different stadiums, the multi-player...

The bad:



I found this to be one of the better hockey games out right now. Its a new look at hockey games and its definitely worth some of you're time...and money. There are several multi-player modes that make the game even funner too. Its a blast with 3 or 4 people.

Overall Outcome: Buy It!


Perhaps the Worst Hocky Game EVER

The good:

Good fighting, techniques, graphics

The bad:

BAD hockey, controls, goalies, annoying announcers, annoying trivia questions, tiny teams, etc. (I could go on and on)


It all says it in the title-- NHL Hitz is the worst hockey game I have ever played. I'm still recovering from the shock of how HORRIBLE this game is. I mean, who in their right mind would take such an exciting sport and turn it into a fighting game?!? The announcers get on your case, yelling out your very hard; the controls are very difficult to master; there are only teams of THREE players; the goalies are worse than ME; and the trivia questions are hard and annoying. Ho hum.
People, the only reason I ever gave this game a 1.0 is because the fights get intense and a bit...fun. But belive ...



The good:


The bad:



I love the create your team, hockey shop and the exhibition mode. The create a team is very cool because you can edit the head,thighs, and much more! The exhibition mode is very good for practicing. I love the hockey shop because you can getnew teams, jerseys and rinks. My favorite team is the snowmen because I like snow and creations.


Fast and Furious

The good:

Really fast, lots of fun to play with another friend or friends. Not quite as good alone. The details are great, could have been better, but graphics don't really matter. The audio was great. I liked the arcade thing, it is a great game! I also liked the controls.

The bad:

1 thing i dislike is how it seemed small scale. The rink wasn't big at all, and 4 players at once gets old.


Great game. Go buy this mothascratcha. If you want a full on war game that'll throw you down then kick your ass, buy it. If you want a flower picking game that will fluff your pillow and say good-job, then buy the game and put it on easy.



NHL Hitz 2002


Overall- 2.8/5
NHL Hitz 2002 is an ok game. It has its ups and downs. Overall, if you LOVE hockey, then this game will bring a new, exciting perspective to the game. If hockey isn't your thing, neither is this game for you.

1. Graphics- Simply Amazing. Detal to the shoelace and mesh in the jersey. The Xbox detail is 10X better then Gamecube's detail for the game.
2. No rules and no penalties.
3. Rip your own music into the game.
4. An overall fun gaming experience, you won't get frustrated.
5. You earn money and buy old jerseys and arenas, which make the game much more exciting.



NHL Hitz


Here it is, Midway's second attempt at a hockey version of their extreamly popular, not to mention watered down, basketball game NBA Jam. Not many people have heard of NHL Open Ice Hockey, which was realeased in 1994 for the Arcade and SNES, but the gaming market was already starting to get tired of the genre of no rules sports. Midway not being able to take hints when necessary (Mortal Kambat, NBA Jam, NBA Hoopz, NBA Showtime, NFL Blitz...) put out another game in their never ending series of run down series.

Now, I am not saying NHL Hitz is a bad game, because it is not. It is actually qu...

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