NHL Hitz 20-02 (PS2) Cheats

NHL Hitz 20-02 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Cheats From Fans
If you look into the stands while there is a replay or introduction they will hold up signs that are actual cheats that you can enter.
Easy Wins
I have found an easy way to win a game. I am always winning like 3-0 or 5-0 after the first period during franchise mode. I have foudn a way to stall. I have my guys down the rink and one guy in the middle with the puck. Have the guy in the middle go around in circles. Not real big circles or real small ones. I have gone a full quarter without being touched. That way i dont have to run up the score.


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Match-up screen codes
Legend: 0=Midway Logo, 1=Blackbox Logo, 2=''N'', 3=''H'', 4=''L''

3-2-3 Left : First to 7 wins
1-2-1 Left : Snow
2-0-2 Left : Win fights for goals
3-2-1 Up : Huge Puck
0-1-0 Down : Ignore last code
2-2-0 Left : Big Head Team
4-2-3 Right: Pinball Mode
1-2-1 Up : Big Puck
3-0-0 Right: Huge Head Player
0-1-2 Right: Domino Effect
2-0-0 Right: Big Head Player
2-3-4 Down : Always Big hits
4-1-3 Right: Infinite Turbo
2-1-0 Right: No Crowd
1-1-1 Down : No Puck Out
3-3-3 Right: More Codes
2-2-2 Down : Skills Versus
3-3-0 Left : Huge head team
1-4-1 Left : Rain
1-3-2 Down : Tennis ball
4-2-4 Down : No Fake shots
2-1-3 Left : No One-Timers
2-0-1 Up : Show Hotspot
1-0-1 Up : Show Shot speed
3-2-1 Down : Late hits
2-1-2 Left : Bulldozer puck