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NHL 2001 cheats, and Codes for PS2.

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NHL 2001 Cheats

You can taunt the opposing team by holding Triangle after scoring a goal, winning a fight, winning a game, or when they get a penalty.

Other players...
Use any of the following player names when creating a character to hear the announcers refer to them during a game:

Bruce Willis (called "The Dude")
Hammer (called "The Hammer")

Create Super Players
The game has many hidden stats for players that you can use to create your own players. The following is a list of players found for specific positions. To use this "cheat", enter the names of the player in the Create-A-Player screen. It should bring up the ratings of that player, which you can then edit as you wish. You can then edit the name of that player to any name of your choice.

Defensive Players
Sandis Ozolinsh
Chris Pronger

Hidden Forwards
Rob Blake
Pavel Bure
Peter Forsberg
Jaromir Jagr
Olaf Kolzig
Nicklas Lidstrom
Owen Nolan
Keith Tkachuk
Steve Yzerman

Hidden Super Goalies
Ed Belfour
Dominik Hasek
Patrick Roy

Don't forget to try some other names. Send them in if you find any!


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player's names
name a player's first name "Animal"
and the commentary call him so...

If you chose a common name for your created player..like paul,bob,etc. the game call
him with this first name.