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Detroit Gets A Breakaway!

The good:

Controls are easy to learn
Exhibition and season modes
Create a player
All NHL teams from the 1999-2000 section as well as All Star and International teams
Challenging for pretty much all gamers
The strategic options

The bad:

Jargon busting


Even if you're not an Ice Hockey fan, it won't stop you having fun with this game. There's no arduous unlocking of teams and players, everything is there from the get go, you can even dive right into exhibition match playing as whoever you want.

One of the best things about the game is how it caters to all gamers. Even if you're a novice gamer, just one look at the controls and a couple of games later you'll be well on your way to being able to play. There are some more advanced moves that require more button presses, but on the whole the control system is easy to use and makes the game easy...


NHL 2000 Review


As far as PS1 sports games though, NHL 2000 is as good as it gets.

While the graphics may not be the greatest of all time, that is just a minor detail into the greatness of this game brought by the geniuses over at EA Sports. NHL 2000 takes all (at the time) 28 teams of the NHL plus teams representing various different countries and puts them all into a great game.

One thing that is enjoyable about this game is the commentary by Jim Houston and Bill Clement. Generally, the commentary in sports video games can be annoying, repetative, and just get on your nerves, but these two just seem to c...


NHL 2000

The good:

Hockey. Fights included. You, or me in the game.

The bad:

ummm... loading time...


Put your face in this game. Then pick a fight, and then bang on your gamepad/keyboard to punch like a madman so you win the fight. Horray to victory!

I like this game as a hockey game, AND a fighting game cuz it's me/you fighting! Buy this game. It's cheap now.

Cool options for seasons and international teams are included. Landmark game for hockey.

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