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NHL 2000 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Easy way to score goals
This usually only works on lower difficulties, but if you skate behind the goal and come back up the other side, then cut in front of the goalkeeper at 90 degrees and shoot, you'll more often than not score.

Take into account if your player is left or right handed. If they're right handed then skate behind the goal from the right, if they're left handed then do the same from the left.
Get advantage in the game
If you have penalties turned on, if one of your players gets into a fight, press triangle once to throw down your gloves but don't do anything else and let the opponent knock you out. Once the fight is over you'll get a 2 minute penalty for roughing but the computer player will get a 5 minute penalty for fighting, giving you a 3 minute Powerplay when your guy comes out of the box.


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"99" Jersey
Go to Create Player and enter Wayne Gretzky then go to jersey # and you can get the #99, fill out the stats you want then save. If you want to put your name go to edit player and enter your name, once you do it will say #98, dont worry about that.
"the dude"
put bruce willis as the name of a created player
Golden Balls plays hockey
put david beckham as name in created player, jersey#7 and country england. When he scores first goal in season, he's stats shoot up to 30 goals!!!
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