ESPN NHL Hockey (Xbox) Cheats

ESPN NHL Hockey cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Easier rewards
To unlock more rewards on a higher difficulty level, go to GENERAL OPTIONS and pick the desired difficulty. Then, go to "Advanced Options" and turn down the CPU skills while turning up the human skills.
Easier scoring
To get a goal easier, do a wrap round. Go to the other side of the goalie and shoot.

Note: This does not always work.


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Every task completed
Press R(2), L, Left(2), Down, Y, R, Y, L, Up, Right, Y, Down, Left(2), Y, R, Down, Up at the game modes screen. Exit that screen then enter the cheat menu from the main menu. All tasks should now be marked as completed. All cheats can now unlocked individually by selecting them. After doing so, you can go to the team selection screen to choose any previously locked team, select the previously locked jerseys, and play the air hockey, mini rink, pond hockey, and speed hockey mini-games.
Unlock Everything.
At the game modes screen press R, R, L, Left, Left, Down, Y, R, Y, L, Up, Right, Y, Down, Left, Left, Y, R, Down, Up Unlock everything (access cheat menu)