NHL 2K3 review
Could have been better.

The good:

The realism is, well, very realistic, and it's Xbox Live compatible! Plus, the Franchise mode is very deep.

The bad:

It just isn't fun to play.


When I heard this game was Xbox Live compatible, I knew I had to get it. After playing it for a while, I can honestly say I was very disappointed.

The first thing I noticed was the neat, ESPN interface. A very cool addition to this game. Unfortunately, that is about as good as it gets in terms of appearance. The graphics are horrible, and are embarrassing in comparison to the other Sega sports games out there.

When trying to go online, I was often disconnected from the game because it had lost network synchronization. I had never experienced this problem in any other game I have played, so I was very surprised when it happened almost every time I started a game in this one. Not many people own this game either, so finding a game can be extremely difficult. The rosters are never updated, and it shows.

I could have put all of this aside if the game was fun. Unfortunately, it's not. Scoring is impossible, and at times I thought it was too realistic. I bought this game because I wanted to get away from the EA sports "style," but now I just want it back. A 2.4 is generous for this game, and I don't think I can recommend it to anyone unless they really like hockey games and have a personal vendetta against EA.

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