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NHL 2005

The good:

-Updated rosters
-In depth dynasty mode
-World cup of hockey mode
-European elite leagues
-Much improved hiting
-More strategizing (face off strategies)

The bad:

-No Create-a-Player (what were they thinking)
-Cannot see the league wide scoring leaders, only stats for teams individually


Overall the gameplay in this game is awesome, it has changed a bit from the past games, but is fairly easy to pick up again. There is a new feature called "Open Ice Control" which alows you to call for back up or take control of another player who doesn't have the puck to try and get open for a pass.

The Goaltending has improved, there is still more scoring than in real life, but you can adjust a lot of different settings to customize the different gameplay physics (such as accuracy, hitting, blocking shots, pass interception, fatigue, etc...)

The off ice general manager/coaching stuff in the...


My NHL 2005 Review

The good:

More create team logos, better graphics, you can compete in the world cup of hockey. You can select old team logos and jerseys for your created team. More updated rosters including most of the trades (except for a few newer trades over the summmer).
World cup of hockey included.
can be played online.

The bad:

You cant create a player of your own. You cant use created team in Dynasty Mode. soundtrack is not all that great exept for a few songs.


Over all the game is pretty good the graphics are great and the open ice conrtol really gives you a good chance to set up for a one timer. open ice support gives you a good chance to get to the net while your teammate blocks your oponents.
This is probably the best out of all the NHL titles for the PS2.
The goaltenders in this games have some new saves and actually lets goals in because they were screened.
the in-depth Dynasty mode really let's the player operate the team to his likeings.

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