Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed review
NFS Porsche Unleashed, Unleash Yourself

The good:

extremely good graphics for it's capacity and gameplay is one of the best in the racing world. the scenery has very good options from very high to low. high allows you to see the world at it's best. you can get to see all the cars that Porsche has made until about year 2000. all the cars are advailable to drive as long as you can get them!

The bad:

keeps on freezing and you don't have the option of when to save, it does it automatically. in the licence department, the game doesn't give you the option of a demo to see how it's done. in the later tests this will stunt the progress and you will have to work a lot harder to win (except in the races!)


the game works best with a joystick or steering wheel. you will get the best feel when these are used. you should try to tune your moniter to its best as the game sometimes has blurred figures, making it hard to read and misjudgements very likely. there should be the function of adding newer models from later times though.

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