Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed review
need for speed 5 - porsche unleashed

The good:

excellent gameplay on this item! much better than the much anticipated nfs6 - hot pursuit 2... don't waste your hard earned money on that one

The bad:

can't change or add new music to the audio list, and doesn't like to cooperate with the n-vidia geforce driver cards.


with all the available addon cars, revamping (reconfiguring) tools, and saved plays out there, a person would be hard pressed to lose interest in this game any time soon. i just bought nfs6 yesterday and was ashamed when i witnessed the sluggish gameplay and 'boxy' graphics, although the cars ARE very nice looking. the controls are very erratic as well, even with my microsoft sidewinder wheel with force-feedback (which i LOVE!) this wheel REWLZ with nfs5, and about every other game i've used it on (with exception of nfs4 - high stakes). i have a radeon 7500 card with DDR, so as to avoid the hang-ups i got with my n-vidia card a few months back, and the radeon works flawlessly!
in nfs6, the game almost acts as if the card doesn't exist, even when i drop the rendering and graphics to 800x @ 16 bits. that BLOWS! very 'frames-per-second'-ish, and i had to go into a sub-category of my wheel device to augment the default keyboard functions to accomodate for the accuracy of gameplay. also, when i let off the gas, it automatically acts as a brake and sends me FLYING blindly in reverse if i don't apply the brake or gas-on again in a fair amount of time.
sorry for my rant, but i just thought the nfs6 game would supercede nfs5 - it doesn't, by any means. nfs5 is still the standard for pc driveability gaming, and most likely shall be, in my office, for some time to come. peace and happy motoring! -fatshaft-

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