Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit (PSX) Cheats

Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit cheats, and Codes for PSX.


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All tracks and el nino car
To get all of the tracks and the el nino car, go into options then users and type in spoilt. there should be a ding when you are done with it and that lets you know that you have unlocked all the tracks
Auto Cross Canyon Track
Enter the password: XCNTRY to get the Auto Cross Canyon track.
Caverns Empire City Bonus Track
Enter the password: MCITYZ to get the Caverns Empire City Bonus track.
Caverns Underground Track
Enter the password: XCAV8 to get the Caverns Underground track.
El Niño Supercar
Enter the password: ROCKET to get the El Niño supercar.
Flip cars
Hold Start, Select, L2, R1 right before the loading screen appears until the loading screen disappears. Use the horn near a car to flip them.
Gameshark Codes
Ferrari 550 and Diablo - 800439300101
Jaguar XJR-15 and Mercedes CLK-GTR - 800439320101
Version 2.0 for Diablo - 800439300100
Start on Lap 2 (Knockout) - D011DD300000
Start on Lap 4 (Tournament) - D011DD300000
All Regular Levels and Cars - 80125F10FFFF
Nazda C2 - 8004392E0101
Empire City and El Nino - 800FA9E0003D
Jaguar XJR-15
Enter the password: 1JAGX to get the Jaguar XJR-15.
Jaguar/Mercades Benz
Jaguar- to unlock the Jaguar car, go to options, select the option User name and type in-1JAGX. a small screen should come up saying Bonus Car Jaguar.

Mercades Benz- to unlock the mercedes benz, go to the options, and slect the option User name and type in-AMGMRC and a bonus scren should come up saying Bonus Car Mercades Benz.
Mercedes Benz CLK
Enter the password: AMGMRC to get the Mercedes Benz CLK.
Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit
caverns underground: type xcav8 as a username.

Empire City Bonus Track: MCITYZ

Do all the following codes right before the loading screen, hold buttons until loading screen disappears.

Gum Ball Police

Pick the Redrock Ridge track. Hold Down, R1, L2.

Crown Victoria

Select the Rocky Pass track. Hold Right, R1, L2. To do this code on The Summit track, hold Down, R1, L2.

Horsepower Boost

Hold Left, Square, Circle.

Crash other cars

Hold Start, Select, R1, L2. During Gameplay Honk at the cars and watch them flip for joy.

Heavy car

Hold Select, Square, X.

Police with new accent

Hold Up, R1, L2.

Spanish police

Hold Down, R2, L1.

German police

Hold Up, R2, L1.

Italian police

Hold Left, R2, L1.

French police

Hold Right, R2, L1.

Slow motion mode

Hold Up, X, Triangle.

Scorpio-7 Underwater Ttrack
Enter the password: GLDFSH to get the Scorpio-7Underwater track.
Space Race Space Station Track
Enter the password: MNBEAM to get the Space Race Space station track.
Toy Room Car Track
Enter the password: PLAYTM to get the Toy Room Car track.