Need For Speed Cheats

Need For Speed cheats, and Codes for PSX.


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All Tracks and Warrior Car
Enter the following as your password for one player tournament mode:


Arcade Mode
At the "Race Location" screen, go down to the number of laps and press and hold L1 and R1 simultaneously. It will change to "Arcade Mode."
Blurred Graphics
Hold the following button combo after you choose opponent:

Lost Vegas and Rally track
Enter TSYBNS as your password. Then, Lost Vegas will appear as an option on the track selection menu. Press L1 + R1 while this track is highlighted in two player mode to change it to Lost Rally
Lost Vegas Track
Go into "Tournament" and enter the following password: TSYBNS and press Start. When you cycle through the tracks at the "Race Location Screen," there will be a new track called "Lost Vegas." Note: The "Lost Vegas" track code must be entered for the following tricks to work.
Lunar Springs Track
Start a new game, and at the "Game Mode" screen, select "One Player."
Then, at the "Race Type" screen, select "Tournament," and enter the
following password: MQKZCL and press Start. At the "Race Location"
screen, press Square. This takes you back to the "Race Type" screen.
At this screen, enter "Single Race." At the "Race Location" screen,
highlight the "Rusty Springs" track and press and hold L1, R1 and
Triangle simultaneously. A hidden track "Lunar Springs" appears.
Machine-gun Code
Start a game in the "Head to Head" mods, pick your car, and then your oppopnent's car. Then press and hold Up-Left on the control pad, L1, Circle, and Square. Keep these held through the "Loading" screen. When the race starts, instead of a horn ( usually activated by pressing Up ), you have a machine gun. Use this to topple opponents and clear anything out of your way.
No Mercy Mode
At the "Race Type" screen, press L1 and R1 simultaneously, and "Head to Head" will change to "No Mercy."
Rally Mode
After entering the Lost Vegas code, get out of "Tournament" mode and enter "Time Trial," "Head to Head," or "Single Race." Press and hold L1 and R1 simultaneously at any track at the "Race Location" screen, and the name changes to "Rally."
Track 14 Password
Enter the following code at the Password screen:


Warrior Car
Get out of "Tournament" mode and enter "Time Trial," "Head to Head," or "Single Race." At the "Car Select" screen, press and hold L1, L2, R1, and R2 simultaneously. A new car, the Warrior, will appear. This is the best car in the game!