NFL GameDay 2001 Cheats

Players Faster - BOOSTER
Players are - 2D TWO D
Receivers catch better - STICKEM
Long Passes - SHOOTERS
Tackles are Harder - CRUNCH
Giant Players - GIANTS
Defense better - LINE BUSTER
Super running back - SUPER FOOT
Big ball - BIG PIG
More hits - JACKHAMMER
Injuries frequent - HAM INJURY
Opponent kicks are bad - AIR CPU
Get GameDay Field - GD FIELD
Faster fatigue - FATIGUE
Tall and skinny players - STICK MEN
Turbo mode - COFFEE BREAK
Last season players - OLD SCHOOL
Basketball players - BASKETBALL
European league stars - EURO LEAGUE
Programmer players - RED ZONE
Get cheerlears after game - FASHION SHOW
Easy Mode - CHEATERS
Super special moves - SPECIAL MOVE
All players the same stats - ALL EVEN
Players don't fatigue - ENDURANCE
Hardest mode - SMARTER CPU
U.S. President players - OVAL OFFICE
Tiny players - FLEA CIRCUS or TINY GUYS
Small, fast players - POP WARNER
Unbeatable team - UNBEATABLE
View game credits - CREDITS
989 Studios players - 989 SPORTS
Get Bobo teams - ALL BOBO
Ball carrier has speed bursts - ROCKETMAN