NFL GameDay 2001 Cheats

Many cheat codes
989 SPORTS - Players named after 989 team.

ALL BOBO - All players will have the last name "Bobo."

BASKETBALL - Players will be named after NBA superstars.

BIG PIG - Make the football large.

CREDITS - Watch the game's creits.

ENDURANCE - Give your players more endurance.

EURO LEAGUE - Players will be named after NFL Europe stars.

FASHION SHOW - Cheerleaders' pictures will appear after the game.

FATIGUE - This will reduce your players' fatigue.

GRUDGE MATCH - This unlocks the GameDay stadium.

LINE BUSTER - This will improve your defensive line.

OVAL OFFICE - Players will be named after Presidents of the United States of America.

PENCILS - Makes all players thin and tall.

POP WARNER - Players float above the field.

SUPER FOOT - This makes your running back better.

TINY - Makes all players big and fat.