NFL GameDay 2001 Cheats

Various Cheats
From the options screen, highlight and pick the ''Easter Eggs'' option. On this screen, you can enter any of the following codes, (they, must be in all caps) for the results shown below:

Brainy Computer: SMART CPU

Speedy Players: ROCKET MAN

Max Injuries: HAM INJURY

Slower Movement: STROBE LIGHT

Balanced Abilities: ALL EVEN

BasketBall Star Names: BASKETBALL

Flat Football Players: TWO D

Big Football: BIG PIG

Huge Players: GIANTS

Tiny, Quick Players: POP WARNER

Fast Movement: BOOSTER

Programmer Names: RED ZONE

Bobo Teams: ALL BOBO

European League Names: ERUO LEAUGE

United States President OVAL OFFICE

Increased Endurance: ENDURANCE

Bigger Hits: CRUNCH

Better Defense: LINE BUSTER

Skilled Runner Back: SUPER FOOT

Easier Catches: STICKEM

Better Passes: SHOOTERS

Cheerleader Pics After Game (Cycle With X): FASHION SHOW