NFL Fever 2003 Cheats

NFL Fever 2003 cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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All cheats: All stadiums,teams and players!!!!!!!!!!
Go into the option files and select the user/controller ( your name etc.) Type your name as Overtime (case sensitive) and you'll have all cheats enabled!!!!!
Chromides Team
To obtain the Chromides Team you need to enter in the following user profile:

85 Bears Team:Sausage
89 49ers Team:Empire
Commandos Stadium:Barracks
Crocs Team:Crykie
DaRulas Team:Tut
Eruption Team:Lava
Pansles Stadium:Flowery

you can unlock a few other stadiums by playing seasons in Dynasty Mode

Pyramid Stadium: 5 seasons
Samurai Stadium- 10 Seasons
Tumble Weed Stadium- 15 Seasons
this cheat code here is where you you go to create profile and type stickyfingers.once you go go to single game it will show your the middle it will say userprofile,then just switch your profile to stickyfingers.
This cheat code means that when you pass the football you all ways catch it