NFL Blitz 2000 review
Good effort, but looks rushed

The good:

Features all teams & players from Arcade version (Blitz 99). Extra modes like Season and Create A Play. Compatible with Arcade version.

The bad:

Poor graphics & choppy frame rate. Saving & Loading data using Controller Pak is too complicated.


Although the game's title is "2000", it's more a port of 99 with some of 2000's features. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Blitz is no-rules smash mouth football where Pass Interference & late hits are OK and encouraged. This game boasts considerable improvements over it's predecessor including 4-player compatibility, "On Fire", Season Mode, and improved stat tracking.
Controls are customizable & responsive-you only have to use 3 different buttons. Sound is arcade-perfect, but graphics have some major issues. Players appear to be a little pixelated and have rough edges, and the frame rate is choppy-nowhere as smooth as the arcade version's. Also, you can save data to a Controller pak, but saving & loading is extremely complicated, especially when multiple players are loading & saving their own data.
Although this game is great, what it really comes down to is what kind of NFL experience do you want? If you like arcade-style, fast-paced, "pick up & play" gaming, then this is your title. But if you prefer realism and more serious simulation-style gameplay, then go with the Madden series instead.

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